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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Tony C Member

  2. I signed as well. Thanks for pointing this website out. I will be passing this site out to friends and family and hope that all who see this do the same

    Etehad Mardom (Unity of the people)
  3. Im sorry

    I would sign that site but I dont support any intrusion from the US in this.
    Good luck the people from Iran. I am in the Pacific watching your plight and wishing you well.
  4. gittins fri

    Signed, DONE!!!! you have my support!!!
  5. A petition saying we disagree with the Ayatola is HARDLy an intrusion. An intrusion would be us saying stop or else! That would be an intrusion.

    Besides why such the problem with the US having an opinion? havent you heard that the Ayatolla hates the UK more now? Go tell THEM not to intrude. No don't tell anyone not to intrude. Let people handle them selves and you do the same? Deal? Deal.
  6. Signing petitions has nothing to do with the US government

    When the regime supporters were shouting "Death to Israel!" "Death to the United States!" it made it clear it would be a very dumb idea for the United States to officially support an outcome in the election. Rafsanjani is the chairman of the Assembly of Experts that appoints the Supreme Leader and he doesn't need to look like a traitor while trying to get the votes to change Ali Khamenei's authority.

    However, I think it doesn't weaken the United States attempt to not to look like a meddler as in the past if the US citizens sign petitions or even if they help spread information from Iran such as by running Internet proxies.
  7. You are right. We can't use our military force because this is Iran's own problem. all we can do is help them diplomatically and try and use our political pressure.
  8. aaron-IRAN Member

    The Supreme Leader is not going to see that letter. But it is important to show Iranians online and others out there that we care.

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