Centralized summer raid

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by EpicYeastTrap, Dec 23, 2008.


Centralized raid in July or August

Poll closed May 12, 2009.
Yes 407 vote(s) 75.8%
No 39 vote(s) 7.3%
Maybe (why?) 91 vote(s) 16.9%
  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Do what?
  2. Re: Centralized summer raid

  3. Re: Centralized summer raid

    The thought of being able to have ppl at Hemet, Blue and Celeb CentRE all at the same tine....Lots of win potential... West Coast $ci's are the craziest, I want moar vids of whiny broads getting "troll" chanted in their faces while the shin kick protesters w/out mercy!! AND I want moar little kid oppression... where fast food joints have signs that say "Kids not welcome, Co$ lady says so" as they get denied delicious cold cut combo's and have to drink their salty tears instead of Mountain Dew... moar!
  4. Re: Centralized summer raid

    Okay, if LA continues to be teasefags, here's something.

    If you all show up in DC at some point and you let us know ahead of time, we'll make sure there's a permit so you don't get your asses V& and we'll probably come party with you. Other than that, all the planning and the work is on you.
  5. none given Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Better yet, When they get here take up a collection, rent a bus and send them all to L.A.
  6. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    If LA falls through, interest is growing among COanon for hosting in Denver. There may be an IRL meeting on the subject soon.
  7. Herro Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I think that there should be a big regional raid in Gary, Indiana.
  8. Re: Centralized summer raid

    Did you know L. Ron Hubbard graduated from the Gary Conservatory in the Gold-Medal Class of Aught-Five?

  9. never Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I'd be very interested if this happened in Denver, I fucking love Denver.
  10. Re: Centralized summer raid

    How about we show up here...

    Good idea?
    Bad idea?
  11. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Also, namefagging and facefagging is retarded.
  14. LeakLicker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I concur. That or DC.
    In fact, let's do both.
    Clearwater, find places for us to stay. NAO.
    DC, start planning shit. NAO.
  15. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    ya rly. =p

    James Randi is awesome. He trolls psychics and I hear he doesn't afraid of anything. He's also a weekly guest of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, who's hosts openly and proudly mock the $ci, haz a special place in their hearts for (talking shit about) Tom Cruise and officially support Chanology on the air and welcome updates from Anonymous. So yeah, I am of the opinion that anyone that can make it to TAM7, should.
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    We've got this local hotel in downtown Clearwater. Owners are kinda creepy and there's still a few bloodstains on the carpet, but it's newly renovated. Oh and it has a pool. I'll book your reservations.
  17. Haruhi Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    So, uh, when you guys wanted to do this in LA, did you actually ask anyone in LA about making it happen?

    My advice:

    Pick a date.

    Use the Internet to plan your trip.

    Show up.
  18. King Nerd Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I think we should have it on the moon.
  19. Re: Centralized summer raid

    i lol'd
  20. Neiteio Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Alright. If anything is going down in my general location, I'll be there.

    Here's a breakdown of my travel schedule.

    Now - June: The Netherlands
    June - Early July: London
    Early July - Mid-July: Back in The Netherlands
    Mid-July Onwards: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States
  21. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Redundant anon is redundant.
  22. Re: Centralized summer raid

    Like I said, our ideal org is set to open June 9th (though I can't promise it since they've been saying that for two years.) /b/lackup is welcome.
  23. AnonJoker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I would certainly be willing to join in on a centralized raid. There is a center in NYC on 86th st that we can hit. I do not know if someone has already mentioned or propposed this but I would be there if we can set up a date.
    Does anyone know where I can find information on permits and such for NYC?
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    ...the NYPD?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Have you tried Anonymous <3 NYC?
  26. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    This anon speaks the truth. Anyway, if you still want to pursue the idea, there should be a specific precinct you have to contact about it and I'm sure someone there could help you with that. (Or you could probably google it, I found some info just now.)

    As for the center, it's just the celebrity center. It has potential for win (last few times we tried protesting there they actually let us get a sound permit and wear masks) but is in general a quiet area. TS is a great area to protest in general because of all the foot traffic and stuff, but uptown we're really just disturbing the neighbor's of scilons.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Wait, masks aren't okay in NYC? I thought I've seen pics with them.
  28. AnonJoker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Yeah, just recently registered there. Got a miniraid going on the 2nd to the uptown scilons. I'll see what I can do about finding the precincts and info. Definitely need to know, though, if and when we're doing the centralized raid.
  29. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    There are a few posed pictures, and in the very beginning police were a little more lenient. However there is a law preventing more than three of us wearing a mask in a crowd, but police have been very strict and even ask us to remove it from our head it hinders our faces in anyway (so no one is wearing a mask nowadays), we usually just wear them on our arms or back of our heads.
  30. AnonJoker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    So we can't just show up and wear masks but if we got a permit for it, then it might be okay? Definitely need to check that out. You said you found info on google about it, what did you put it? I try putting permits and everything and it keeps sending me to lawyers and shit.
  31. Re: Centralized summer raid

    D: I didn't realize they got so strict. Do they make you file permits for everything now too, even when you flashraid?!
  32. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I said you have to call up the specific police precinct and talk to them about it. Google NYC precincts. If you want more info on specifics I would ask on NYCanon or some of the NYC anons going with you on the 2nd.

    No, masks will not be ok if you "got a permit". I was just saying uptown the cops were more lenient about the law concerning them when we last went up there, there's really nothing we can do about it (or nothing that I know of). We don't usually get permits, we just call the police and tell them we're going to be showing up. No, flash raids do not require permits. We usually get permits for stuff like specific spots (other than the usual TS cage) or for sound permits.
  33. Re: Centralized summer raid

    Sounds like a good idea, just don't think I'd be able to make it.

    maybe if we did a series of regional raids for places like NA, where the transit system isn't quite as good, and people are more spread out?

    NY, NY
    Raleigh, NC
    Washington DC
    Orlando/Jacksonville/Tampa, FL
    St. Luis MS
    Austin, TX
    Kansas City, KA
    San Fransisco/Los Angeles/Sacremento, CA

  34. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    You would have a VERY hard time raiding Orlando, Jacksonville, AND Tampa. Tampa/Clearwater/maybe Orlando, possibly. But you'd be talking a week-long event just for O/J/TPA. And there would be issues in getting in touch with local anons for planning.

    On a tangent, I can't remember what Jacksonville has. I think it's a Narconon as opposed to an org.
    /must look up to satisfy curiosity
  35. SpartanSlap Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!
  36. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    there it goes people... wait wait, I mean, Anonymous... weren't they supposed to have no leaders... just wondering!! i knew it, they do.

    "Look only at your footsteps and srtive towards the same goal"
  37. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid


    weird quote to necro this thread with.
  38. Re: Centralized summer raid

    I will help co-ordinate this to run in Washington and Oregon in da USA. more specifically Vancouver and Portland.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    we already had this
    it was in nashville
    it was fun, if you don't ask the nashanon >.>
  40. Re: Centralized summer raid

    doh. oh wellz. i need to figure out when next raid is so i can help get it going in my area.

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