Centralized summer raid

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by EpicYeastTrap, Dec 23, 2008.


Centralized raid in July or August

Poll closed May 12, 2009.
Yes 407 vote(s) 75.8%
No 39 vote(s) 7.3%
Maybe (why?) 91 vote(s) 16.9%
  1. 8895 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Screw it, I haven't been raped today...guess I'll ask...

    Why does this really have to be "hosted"?
    Can we not all just pick a friggin' city and just descend upon it? If you need lodging get a cheap ass hotel with a bunch of floor sleeping anons or bring a tent and find a park. Or sleep in your friggin' car.

    I just don't see why hosting should have to be more than just notifying the local authorities that the internet is on its way to town, and maybe busting out some megaphones to help guide and control the braindead masses who attend.

    Honestly, wtf are police gonna do if tons of masked protesters show up and peacefully hold a protest all day? Nothing, that's what. No friggin way they'll even try to disperse us all, let alone threaten arrests...not as long as there are huge numbers...and if there aren't then there won't be enough people to matter, it'll just be a big raid.

    There. I asked.

    Now please be gentle and use lots of lube when applying your answers.
  2. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Permits. Most of us don't need permits because of the small numbers. You get several hundred coming down, the city will shut us down.

    And that's just for starters. To use Clearwater as an example, the permit that we would need also requires we get a very expensive insurance policy for the city. AND we'd need to rent cops at about $40/hr per cop.
  3. Re: Centralized summer raid

    Lol, i know it sounds simple, but i can imagine that a permit for a huge megaraid will cost a pretty penny. Also, you'll also need to make shure that all of of those anons have a place to stay. AND you need to make shure that the public transportation services can accommodate all those anons. In short, it takes a group of motivated individuals to sign all the paperwork and manage the fundraiser, ect ect. So anyone who volinteers for this better expect an ass load of work. But its all worth it, as having that many anons meet up is just loads of fun and lulz.
  4. pwnon Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    North Carolina will do this under the following conditions:
    1- It's hosted elsewhere (Did I read that Clearwater was willing?)
    2- Someone else pays for it
    3- I get a golden statue of a pig. Don't ask.
    4- ????
    5- PROTEST
  5. juche Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    So far, Nashville seems to be the only place willing to do any sort of centralised madness. Unfortunately, we've had people in this thread tell us that it's too early or Nashville is too lame or no one gives a fuck about Nashville, so we've moved onto our own thread >|.
  6. Re: Centralized summer raid

    Really, whats so bad about it? If you guys are willing, lets do it!
  7. 8895 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Yeah, that's what I heard too, they're just jumping at the chance.
    Clearwater it is.


    Seriously, yeah, I guess the off duty police are one thing I didn't think of that we'd want. Permits too, if there aren't like many thousands of us, enough to not care.

    But as for lodging and mass transit, I say every anon for themselves...we're mostly resourceful types, and anyone who can get across the country to a new city but can't get around in said city and find a place to crash with some people (seriously, meet other anons and stack 10 deep in a shady hotel room)...well they deserve the fail they get.

    I've been to almost every major city in the U.S. at least once, as a teenager, alone with only the pack on my back and some cash in my hands, and I made it through just fine.

    That being said.....SOMEONE FRIGGIN HOST THIS THING!!!
    LA, I'm looking at you!!!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I think Nashville is a good idea...they're obviously willing and they're opening an ideal org there...with lots of mysterious activity this week-end....

    Enturbulate the hell out of nashville...go for it...(I don't live in Nashville...btw)
  9. juche Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    What can I say? We have that good ol' Southern hospitality.
  10. LeakLicker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Why not Nashville?

    Because this thread is planning a SUMMER raid.

    For the 80th time.

    Seriously, anybody who wants to go to Nashville, AWESOME. I totally can't wait to see the postgame on the event you guys have planned.

    But it almost seems like you're suggesting that this event act as our centralized summer raid. But it can't.
    Because it's not in the summer.

  11. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Have we not discussed enough why summer is a fucking bad idea?
  12. RightOn Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Do they allow masks in Nashville?
  13. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Judging by the guy in the Nixon mask....yes?
  14. Re: Centralized summer raid

  15. RightOn Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Hmmmmm... may be able to do Nashville
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid


    And we'll have unlimited Cuntry & Westurn music on tape everywhere.

    I'm sold. Where do i sign?
  17. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

  18. RightOn Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Last time I went to TN with my friend, YEARS ago....we got in a whole bunch of mischeif.
    We were drinking in a dry county and didn't know it. Of course this was a LONG time ago and I don't think that county is even dry any more.

    There are like 5 dry counties still in TN.
    Oddly enough the Jack Daniles Distillery is in a dry county! LOL!

    So for all you Anons who think candy is dandy and liquor is quicker... if going to TN, don't stay in these counties:
    Putnam, Campbell, Cumberland, Hancock, Sevier, Lynhcburg and Moore County and White are all dry counties.
  19. grokitt Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I think juche is talking about doing the centralized here in addition to the May Day, just to be clear.

    Enterbing the new ideal with >9000 anons would be fucking hilarious. My peeps would be willing to commit some serious time and effort to this. Plus floor space for some crashing Anons.

    Possible Benefits of Nashville:

    1.) We have a ginormous hospitality industry. Plenty of hotels here and in surrounding areas. Quite a few are cheap.
    2.)New Ideal CC is a prime target.
    3.)We can anticipate a good reception. Most of the nasvegans I've talked to about the Scilons DO NOT WANT.
    4.)We have a number of namefagged to apply for permits and other shite.
    5.)It would be BIG for recruitment. This area has a lot of colleges: Vanderbilt, MTSU, UT, and Belmont among others.
    6.)Masks are A-OK.

    1.)Not a hulluvalot of anons here, judging by the protests I've attended, so there may not be enough of us to do the footwork required. If we do a big event here, I think I can bring in some peeps who will help plan, but I dunno how many.
    2.)Landlocked state..if you want a beach party, aint happen'n here. (Tho there's shitloads of other entertainment, and plenty of music that isn't country. Promise.)
    3.)As big a hospitality industry as we have, the public transport sucks ass outside of downtown Nashville. If we do it here, rental cars and taxis are going to be a must.

    edit: coz I looked into it

    1. Permit application fee would be 30$.
    2. Probably need to close a sidewalk at least, which is another 55$/day.
    3. Sanitation deposit of $500.
    4.Must have general liability insurance for the event, w/ minimum coverage of 1 mill. There are some places that offer cheap GL insurance, but would still cost between $600-$2,000/day. (Guessing based on their price lists.)
    5. PD visits the location, and determines if they have additional requirements. Don't know what this could entail. Could mean hiring some offduty PD or licensed security. If we can go with licensed security, I can probably get us a deal. If the security doesn't need to be licensed, then we can do it ourselves.
    6. Other permits/fees will likely be required.
  20. RightOn Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Well, 16 hour drive for me. If I go, I would split the drive into 2 days to get there, because I am OLD.
    (And If my other half can go.)

    Would have to know when way in advance. Like soon.
    AND if there will be enough people worth the drive. Dont wanna go for if there is only going to be like 20-30 people there.
  21. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I'll introduce the hosting idea to COanon but I expect the same reaction I had at the idea; ROFL.

    In theory, Denver/Englewood would make a good summer centralized raid location. Good weather, not too hot, Anon-friendly police, incompetent scilon staff would shit bricks, middle of the country, lots of hotels/motels, it's an easy (if long) drive from teh coasts and their high population of chanologists, airport is a hub (cheaper tickets), prolly a couple anons willing to house travelers, the city is frakin beautiful in summer, moar hot young singles and places to meet them than in any other city in America.

    However I'm pretty sure that all COanons are all too broke and busy to wanna screw with this. Of course I could be wrong. I'll ask. Are we expecting the same numbers as last year in DC?

    EDIT - also, descending upon Denver w/o permits would be your doom. DPD loves nothing more than launching gas attacks on large assemblies that haz no permit and then moving in with the clubs and cuffs. See: Bronco Championship celebrations, the hemp rally that had no permit, damn near every Columbus Day protest and the DNC '08 - EDIT
  22. RightOn Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Well if its in Co, I am out. Too far for me. If I can't drive to it.... I aint flying.

    DC .....
    although very cool being at the Lincoln was crazy hot.
    Glad its not there this year again.
  23. LeakLicker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Apparently not. All I can think of is heat. And that didn't stop the DC raid from being made of win.

    What else makes summer a worse idea than another time? I honestly can't think of any way in which a centralized raid would work out better in a time that wasn't summer.
  24. RightOn Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I can't take the heat, and I not a spring chicken, and out of shape, but I would still be willling to sweat a bit for the cause, if I can go..
    Summer is fine with me.

    Shit if I did DC, I can do anywhere within reason.
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Damn it, way to hold a couple riots and ruin it for the rest of us.

    Wait no, I saw videos of the Broncos ones, I no longer want to global in Denver. D= Someone might set my rental car on fire.
  26. LeakLicker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I have heard that LA is willing to host a large raid in early August if people are able to start organizing it.

    Can we get confirmation on this from anybody from LA?
  27. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    rumblings of interest in Denver. Nothing to get one's hopes up about yet.

    re: heat determining host - I'd like to point out that >9000 Anons died of heat stroke in DC and we still had a blast. Also, if it was in Clearwater we could rent the pirate ship and have an anon booze cruise off shore and within eyeshot of the Sandcastle while non-drinkers hang out on CW Beach during the day and move to protest on the land accessible sides of the building.. No other city can offer ANYTHING like that. Sorry CW, I'm just delivering teh trufax. =P So yeah, if CW could be convinced, that would be epic awesome. =D
  28. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Captain Memo is the shit, I will grant you.

    EDIT: ...fucking damn it, Spidey, now you've got me researching prices. How the fuck did you do that?
  29. get_tha_cans Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Fuck it, INT raid. They can't "citizen's arrest" us all.
    Also that will make apparent the lack of constitutionality of recent county level legislation.
  30. Rickglass Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    LA, start talking, you have a lot of people interested now. Personally, I want to see Gold base with my own eyes.
  31. LeakLicker Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

  32. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Doing this at Gold really would make DM and company shit bricks. Big ones. The kind you need to tell your doctor and /b/ about.
  33. anonymous612 Member

  34. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    That sounds so incredibly stupid. A namefag raid. They're talking about.... a namefag raid.=/
  35. King Nerd Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Stupid idea.

    I thought this shit was going to happen in Vegas.
    Where else can I get wasted and buy a hooker?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    I suggest in Kind Nerd's thong underpants. What do you think you will find under there?

    Underwear? Eaten away by the rot, so guess again.

  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

  38. pwnon Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    Stupid? Yes
    Retarded? Yes

    But, it's different. If you don't have any interest in it, then that's fine. But it's a chance for anons to get out to other cities. And since North Carolina b& our masks (unfairly, but I'm not gonna rant on that in here too), we can't draw in every anon. But if there are some namefagged anons that are interested, it wouldn't hurt to throw it out there.
  39. Rickglass Member

    Re: Centralized summer raid

    hate to break it to you but we do this at every miniraid up here if we want it to be effective beyond 15 minutes.
  40. Re: Centralized summer raid

    I think the point of the NC raid proposal is for those people who have already been namefagged -- hence, there's no more risk for them.

    But whatever; discuss it in that thread.

    If this shit's going to go down in LA (which seems to be the volun-told city of choice, now) those of us on the East Coast are going to need to know sooner rather than later so we can start getting pennies out from the couch cushions to afford it.

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