CCHR's Brighton/September stop - cancelled!

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by rasputin, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. rasputin Member

    CCHR's Brighton/September stop - cancelled!

    As has been discussed here several times the Citizens Commission on Human Rights' travelling exhibit is making its way around the UK this year. It was billed at appearing at the annual conference of the "British Sociology Group" in Brighton in September, which seems to be a reference to the British Sociological Association. I got in touch with them letting them know the situation. While I can't go into specifics, I received a response today, and sure enough the Brighton date is now off their schedule (link to $cilon site.)
  2. vegnej Member

    Re: CCHR's Brighton/September stop - cancelled!

    Hi Sunderland fag here, i see cchr are in Sunderland next month which conference are they hoping to peddle their goods???
  3. narCONon Member

    Re: CCHR's Brighton/September stop - cancelled!

    thankoo rasputin. That saves us brightonfags the trouble of protesting it

    well done sir!

  4. pseudonym Member

    Re: CCHR's Brighton/September stop - cancelled!

    good work
  5. timthephoto Member

  6. vegnej Member

    Re: CCHR's Brighton/September stop - cancelled!

    Contacted the CCHR in East Grinstead about their great uk tour. Where are you in the north of england i asked?.. don't know he replied. I then told him that they were in Sunderland next month, he replied which website did you get that information from, i retorted your website, which website is that can you get the address. I said ok and then hung up seems like the psilons don't know themselves or it could be a ploy not to give out advanced information lol !!

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