CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

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    CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    No proof that 'schizophrenia' exists
    Jul 6 2009 Birmingham Post

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    Dear Editor, Media reports on the latest research into so-called “schizophrenia”, is just another attempt to shroud a psychiatric label in medical legitimacy.

    After a century of research, there is a complete absence of objective proof that “schizophrenia” exists as a physical brain abnormality. The first patients to be diagnosed with “schizophrenia” were later found to have been suffering from a virus that caused inflammation of the brain resulting in bizarre behaviour.

    In practice, there is abundant evidence that real physical illness, with real pathology, can seriously affect an individual’s mental state and behaviour. Yet psychiatry completely ignores this weight of scientific evidence, preferring to assign all blame to illnesses and supposed “chemical imbalances” in the brain that have never been proven to exist, and limits all practice to brutal treatments that have done nothing but permanently damage the brain and the individual.

    Rather than returning the patient to good health, the drugs used to treat “schizophrenia” cause damage to the body’s nervous system and result in permanent impairment and even death. Completely ignorant of what they are dealing with, psychiatrists simply prefer the expedient approach of “throwing a hand grenade into a switchboard to fix it”.

    Ty C Colbert, author of Blaming Our Genes, says, “Diagnosing someone as schizophrenic may appear scientific on the surface, especially when biopsychiatry keeps claiming that a genetic brain disease is involved. But when you step back and observe from a distance … you wonder how they can justify their work. This is not science.”

    And Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Thomas Szasz states: “Schizophrenia is defined so vaguely that, in actuality, it is a term often applied to almost any kind of behaviour of which the speaker disapproves.”

    He further states: “If schizophrenia, for example, turns out to have a biochemical cause and cure, schizophrenia would no longer be one of the diseases for which a person would be involuntarily committed. In fact, it would then be treated by neurologists, and psychiatrists would then have no more to do with it.”

    Psychiatric researchers have dissected, labelled and analysed the brain, while assailing the public with the latest theory of what is wrong with it. What is lacking, as with all psychiatric theory, is scientific proof.

    Brian Daniels,
    National Spokesperson,
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights (United Kingdom).

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    outoforder wrote:
    I find the comments of Mr Brian Daniels amusing to say the least, considering he is the spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a front group for The "CHURCH" of Scientology and "DIANETICS - the Modern Science of mental Health."

    Scientology was founded by a sci-fi writer L.Ron Hubbard, who had criminal convictions for petty theft and fraud and was found to have traces of the drug hydroxyzine ( brand name Vistaril )when he died.

    Mr Daniels, since you seem to be big on proof and scientific evidence I would like to know what independent evidence is there that Xenu, was the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of his people to Earth in DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes and killed them using hydrogen bombs. Scientology holds that the essences of these many people remained, and that they form around people in modern times, causing them spiritual harm.
    13/7/2009 18:26 BST on
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    I just came across this. If anyone wants the add comments the link is Birmingham Post - Blogs & Comment - Letters To The Editor - No proof that 'schizophrenia' exists
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    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    Brain (and I oh so very heartily recommend calling him that) composes proper English sentences well, especially for a retart. I should think psychiatrists would be at least amused and perhaps even provoked by this letter, in particular this assertion:

    His "Completely ignorant of what they are dealing with" allegation is simply beyond price.
  3. Relyt Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    Not a very good comment to leave, imo. Telling them about OTIII doesn't exactly debunk their claims against psychiatry, and probably only empowers them and makes you look like a jerk.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    I hope my tl;dr reply gets printed :)

  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    It seems that "instant responses" are appearing :)

    Oh, by the way, misspelling "claims" in the first paragraph was no accident...
  6. outoforder Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    I like your comment.
  7. 13Heathens Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    I'm not going to register there just to post... however here's some reading material if you want to counter with more than standard anon rhetoric.

    What follows is a list of pages which discuss varied genetic, biological and neurological factors involved in schizophrenia. The information in these pages was derived from pier reviewed studies.

    The following links are peer reviewed articles which show the validity of CCHR (and the church of scientology's) stance on this issue;

    404: Link no links found!
  8. Herro Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    Stuff like this shows why basic understanding of the scientific process is so important. He's right, there is no proof that schizophrenia exists- and that's why research continues. Everything we have "proven" about our biology and physiology was at one point only hypothesized. It is also extremely dishonest to not point out that any competent psychiatrist will seek to rule out common pathologies that can cause schizophrenia like effects before making a diagnosis and beginning treatment. Not to mention the fact that you can actually "see" the visual and auditory processing centers of a schizophrenic's brain light up on an MRI when they have hallucinations. Then again that's just probably them restimulating past upsets, right?
  9. Relyt Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    Herro, that's actually a better way of looking at it. Psychiatry is a science that continues to develop and improve. Even if we may be a long shot away from truly "curing" mental disabilities, treatments continue to improve over the years.

    Scientology, however, cannot truly improve because it's not allowed to. Constant brainwashing of its members makes them believe that everything about it works, and to change it would be criminal. It's kind of like taking a huge step backwards to the dark ages when no one was allowed to make observations or theories contradictory to the church.
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    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    To be completely honest, I'm finding it funnier that there's so little traffic to the editorial itself! only 2 comments and supposedly it was written on the 6th?

    I think they're starting to give up
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    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

    Good luck trying to explain the basic principles of falsifiability and parsimony to the kind of people whose rationale ultimately boils down to: "Anyone who disagrees with LRH is somehow connected to evil psychiatrists from outer space".
  12. FUCK Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels

  13. Sponge Member

    Re: CCHR UK Spokesperson Brian Daniels - Daily and Sunday Express | £132m scandal of child drugs | 21st Nov 2010

  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Hello Brian Daniels,

    there are some interesting posts in the Scotsman and the Sunderland Echo in response to your letter and mostly in favour of the comments in your letter.

    What do you think of the comment made by Blowback_2 in the S/land Echo re: how people have actually been driven mad (as an adverse effect to anti-depressants).
    Euan tipe
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    The article was very interesting, thank you for sharing.

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