CCHR mental health video on Facebook is Scientology propaganda

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    This Viral Facebook Video About Mental Health Is Scientology Propaganda

    By Andy Cush, Gawker, April 16, 2015

    Has this magnificently corny PSA graced your Facebook newsfeed lately? Inspirational rock music. Dejected kids pulling stickers from their shirts, revealing words like "revolutionary" and "healer" underneath. A title card: "Stop psychiatric labeling of kids." You've got the Church of Scientology to thank.

    As of today, the video — posted by an organization called the Citizens Commision for Human Rights on April 3 — has accrued 6,989,912 views on Facebook. Two weeks after its publication, it's still getting shared roughly once every minute. I haven't seen any of my friends post it, but a tipster who alerted us to the video's existence gave an emphatic "jesus GOD yes" when I emailed to ask whether it was being shared into her feed often. (It's blowing up on Facebook now, but technically it isn't new; the group uploaded an identical PSA to YouTube in 2010.)

    So who is behind CCHR — a self-described "an international mental health watchdog" — and why are they so intent on informing you of the specter of "bogus mental disorders"? You won't find the word "Scientology" anywhere on CCHR's Facebook page, but it's right there in the "About" section of the organization's official website:


    Next time you see the video, feel free to let your friend know that they're doing unwitting PR work for an organization that used slave labor to build motorcycles for Tom Cruise. Or, you know, just mute them.

    The full article with open comments is here:

    Scientologists slam psychiatry via bogus viral Facebook video

    By Jamie Peck, Death and Taxes

    Have you seen that viral Facebook video about the evils of psychiatry? I hadn’t until I read about it on Gawker because I’m not friends with idiots, but apparently it is a thing going around.

    The video, which purports to speak to the evils of psychiatry (especially when applied to children), depicts sad-looking teens cowering in the shadows and wearing labels like “ADHD” and “BIPOLAR DISORDER” (all caps = more menacing).

    Then, as Creed-like inspirational rock music plays and golden light shines down on them, they rip off those labels to reveal newer, better words like “Humanitarian,” “Leader” and “Activist.” (Reminds me of Elizabeth Olsen’s cult-addled character yelling “I’m a teacher and a leader!” in Martha Marcy May Marlene.)

    At first glance, this video seems to be about removing the stigma from mental illness, like: “Sure, I have ADHD, but I am so much more than that! Look at my art!” But it’s actually a video created by people who want to add so much stigma to mental illness that we stop diagnosing and treating it altogether. What could possibly go wrong?

    Continued with open comments here:

    Before You Share This Viral Video, Know It Is Scientology Propaganda | RYOT
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  2. anon8109 Member

    CCHR is so corrosive because it diminishes the value of legitimate criticism of the mental health profession by watering it down with nonsense.

    Now that the mainstream media has been doing a fantastic job exposing the cult, perhaps it will start tackling its front groups, like CCHR and YFHR.
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  3. nightfire Member

    I've seen that a few times on facebook.

    I've always responded by telling them who CCHR really is, and without exception they have taken the video down and were horrified to find out they had spread Scientology propaganda.

    With each of my comments being liked by many of their friends... I love how toxic the Scientology name is!
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  4. RightOn Member

  5. GibbousWaxing Member

    It's times like this I really wish I had a "Like" button. I thoroughly understand and sympathize with the people who really need their meds to function, and those who found that a kind, diligent therapist helped them sort out the emotional effects of some horrific experience, but remember, this is the profession that gave us an epidemic of "dissociative identity disorder" about twenty years ago (thanks largely to hypnosis. See Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan).

    Mental health professionals are susceptible to all the same hardwired irrationalities that plague the rest of us, like confirmation bias and ego tripping (is that a "clinical" term yet?), and sometimes they can and do cause real harm.

    I want to be able to call bullshit whenever necessary without being seen as a supporter of Scientology!
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  6. Missfit Member

    I posted a reminder to my friends that CCHR is not only a front group for Scientology but they believe psychiatry and psychology caused the holocaust. Considering most of my friends are in the mental health field, they will pass it on.

    I've been to the museum, the ex brought me there to try and prove his point about psychology. It was the most hilarious experience I've had. I think that's when I knew this shit was bonkers.
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  7. sallysock Member

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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    A dispatch from the front: Protesting Scientology’s anti-psych quackery | The Underground Bunker


    There’s always been strong interest in Scientology’s controversies from concerned Canadians. We’ve written at length about some of them, and we’ve noticed an uptick in Canadian activism at Facebook in recent months. One of our longtime readers, M.C. Mayo, who goes by EmmaDaoust here at the Bunker, sent us an interesting dispatch from her adventures this weekend after she learned that Scientology’s unhinged anti-psychiatry front group, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), was opening a display at a public library in Toronto. We thought you’d want to see her account.

    Mark Lawson found the event posted on the CCHR Canada Facebook page. Some of the Facebook group Canada Against Scientology posted comments there, which were of course eventually deleted. Mark put out a call for protesters and a few of us signed up.

    There were no notices about the event posted in the library proper – until the day of the opening – and it wasn’t listed on the library website.


    We had some good responses from the public passing by. Many thumbs up. We had probably 30 people stop and talk for a few minutes and ask questions. Many didn’t know anything about Scientology. Some asked the usual about Cruise or Travolta. Several said they had a friend who’d been burned. A young couple stopped and the fellow said his friend had been the head of the Toronto org in the ’70s and was scapegoated by Scientology when the Canadian “Snow White’ went down, and he spent years in court. Didn’t get his name. There was a large rush of people as the library closed at 5 pm (the exhibit was open until 9 pm – only to Scientologists though, as the building proper was closed).

    A cluster of library staff came out and stopped when they saw us. They said they had no idea at all that this was going on in their workplace. I told them I’d spoken to their boss. One of the women said she and her husband watch Leah’s show, and that if he had known, he would have been protesting with us.


    CCHR is doing a protest march (at the corner of Yonge & Queen’s Quay West) on Saturday, September 29 at 10 am, against the Canadian Psychiatric Association conference at the Westin Harbour Castle hotel.

    More at

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