CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by N. Ron Rubber, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. lothar Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Did any journalists get the leaked emails or show interest? A much bigger story then the Exhibit aspect is the coordinated effort of Quebec CCHR trying to outwardly attack the medical mart (whatever it is called).

    Did that ever go through? What is the current status of the pharam business venture?
  2. Scythe Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Yeah, journalists are aware of that, and Neurocite too. Welcome to 6 months ago ;)

    Nobody seemed to care at the time. I also sent the leaks again to the CBC reporter but they wont touch it.
  3. puck35 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Scilon organizer: "They never proved any mental illness to exist scientifically"

    ROFL at Scientology invoking proving a hypothesis using science!!!! Oh, the delicious irony!
  4. Anon1720 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Welcome aboard and glad to have you.
  5. puck35 Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    It's coming to youtube soon, both reports.
  7. Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    blogged here. comments still open.

    Fagstein Anti-psychiatry Scientologists push envelope on academic freedom

    and don't forget to tell the well intentioned staff at Concordia how you feel.

  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    But while you organize for that, the CCHR is moving across Canuckland with their traveling roadshow of deceit and ulterior motive.
    Has got schedule yet? Preparing harpoons for inoculations?
    I really think that an effective counter measure is to find out their targets, and 'poon around them as well, ie. supporting businesses, patrons, local politicians who may not be aware of them.
    Find out who the hosts are, find out who the hosts friends are, Buildings? oh who owns them? do they know they're hosting a vicious cult bent on world domination? Orly? find out who's writing the publicity, find out who their affiliates are, 'poon the lot of 'em with simple honest truth.
    I'm sortta lookin' at it this way> Scilons gain acceptance from politician 'A', find 'A's contacts and associates, 'poons away! Low level bureaucrats? Who's the boss?
    'Poons away! Inoculate surround potential support structures around infection sites. Launch away!
    Maybe too many cocktails tonight but this has been bugging me fer a bit, and I'm workin' to express it better.
    I think the basics are tho, keep looking around the various scenes, beyond just the people involved in what ever ass-hattery at-the-moment/du-jour.
    Fer dogs sake, anyone find a schedules of further road shows do be lettin' everyone know in big letters at all sites available!
    These are some of the bestest leaks imho, liek 'lets head 'em off at the pass' type stuffs.

    Kk, blathered enough, I go nao.

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Right you are. But also note that like the Westboro Baptist Church, the CCHR doesn't always turn up on schedule to their trollfests, so keep that in mind. Send harpoons, and prepare protests.
  10. puck35 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    A Concordia student vlogs on the controversy.

    [ame=]YouTube - Scientology at my University[/ame]
  11. Anon1720 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Nice. Posted two comments but they aren't showing up?????
  12. Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)
    Well said,Puck35 "Scientology: Fuck you!" Excellent response to cchr's phonyass scientlogy recruitment seminar.
  13. PresidentShaw Member

  14. puck35 Member

    A better link, perhaps.

    It is well-said, but that's not me. :)
  15. peterstorm Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)


    Come here my dear and let me explain to you what scientology is...
  16. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    So I took a tour of the place again today. It was open at 7:00 today.
    Like the day the first video was filmed, the next day when I scouted it, and today when I went in again... there was no security. The only time they had security was when we raided it. Strange huh?

    Anyhow, I got some booklets from them and I've uploaded them here:

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    These things are just filled with ridiculous propaganda. I imagine this stuff will come in useful at some point. Here's some samples:

    "Psychiatry - Wasting the courts time"

    "Youngsters used to shoot each other in the body. Then in the head. Now they shoot each other in the face."

    After noting the crime to police officer ratio has increased and a general crime increase:
    "It is a game police feel they cannot win and, as noted, their morale has suffered.

    Divorce rates among police are twice as high as in other occupations. And more police kill themselves than are killed by criminals."

    "Long hours of working on a case, arresting the guilty party, preparing for court and testifying before a jury can all too easily be undone by a paid "expert" who rationalizes to the court why the accused did what he did and secures an acquittal or a light sentence."

    "When Africans were torn from their families and homes and sold into slavery in the United States, science stood ready to define any disobedience or insubordination by them as a "Mental illness.""

    And there's more... a lot more. I'm sure these 2 books are filled with other 'gems'.
  17. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    ^^^ That cut off before the end.
  19. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Working on this atm cuz of shitty ripping programs, there are not tons that can rip flash video, please bare with me! :p
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. TinyDancer Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    CCHR is well and truly Pucked.
  22. grokitt Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Extremely useful: On pages 16-19 of the second doc, the CCHR blame apartheid in South Africa on psychiatrists.

    There are a fair number of dox in which Hubbard expressed his support for the "grand apartheid" government of South Africa in the 60's, and praised "resettlement" efforts.
  23. PresidentShaw Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Windows Media Audio 9 Standard, Mono, 44,100 kHz
    Windows Media Video 9 Standard, 416 x 312,
  25. SomeRandGuy Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Like I said, filled with gems ^_^ Hopefully we can use this stuff to discredit them. It's one thing to say 'this is what they believe', it's another to point to the material they print.
  26. TinyDancer Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Welcome dear Sir/Madam.

    I guess that means your activism is a VFP (Valuable Final Product) of the CCHR exhibit at Concordia.

    I trust they'll count that in their stats. Lol.
  27. Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Companion (Doctor Who) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  28. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Thank you good sir
  29. TinyDancer Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    We won't win the freedom of speech angle - and nor should we. But we can rightly ask Concordia:
    • On what basis was the CCHR display chosen over alternative subject matter that could have been selected for student consumption; and
    • What has Concordia done, or what will it do, to help students evaluate the CCHR material and to protect those students who might be mislead and, conceivably, whose mental health might be adversely impacted by acting upon the representations made by the CCHR?

    In short, free speech is fine - but Concordia owes a duty of care to students and staff when it allows its facilities - and thereby its name - to be used to promote potentially dangerous views. Because do not doubt but that CCHR will represent that Concordia University welcomed the CCHR into its bosom.


    Oh, look, I already did it.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Be careful about saying dangerous views, dangerous views are ok. I think I know what you're saying, it's dangerous to allow what is effectively deliberate medical misinformation to have the gloss of scientific respectability or be allowed near students. Unless you really mean dangerous views, in which case you'd be anti-free speech, you shouldn't say that.

    Also point out that it's the willful intellectual dishonesty and blatant lies which are inappropriate for an academic forum.
  31. TinyDancer Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    I've edited the previous post, not in response to your post, which I've only just seen. :)
  32. moarxenu Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    Campus Debate lol. What Campus Debate? Let's have real campus debate with Jean Dubreuil and the Psychiatry Dept of Concordia vs the scilons.
  33. charlie Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    crimes of blaa blaa MAYHEM!!! WTF
  34. lothar Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    In a weird bit of news, an Italian blog ECplanet Quotidiano Scientifico has a press release like blurb about the Concordia CCHR exhibit. It's not really for or against, but it is odd. They do however have the YT clip from Radio Canada.
    Translated version of
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    I'm not sure how wise it is to harp on Holocaust & Hilter stuff. It's is well known that Psychiatry at the time did lots of bad things. The early psychiatry programs used on the mentally ill were the models used to exterminate Jews, so technically there is a link. The 9/11 stuff is probably better because CCHR lies about who was a Dr.
  37. puck35 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    LOVE IT.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    You're right - especially for unsophisticated audiences. But academics are able to distinguish much more subtle errors of logic and emphasis. For what that's worth.
  39. puck35 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    SRC report (in French) with English translation.

    ANCHOR: I’d like to thank a viewer for alterting us to the subject of our next report. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights isn’t a UN organization—it’s a group affiliated with the Church of Scientology, and its presence at Concordia University is troubling.

    REPORTER: They accuse psychiatrists of inspiring Adolf Hitler in his murderous rampage. They denounce the use of antidepressants and Ritalin. In short, for the CCHR, psychiatry is the enemy.

    CCHR GOON: The CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology. [ED. NOTE: This is clearly a set-up to give the impression that the CCHR is openly and wilfully disclosing its Scientology affiliation.]

    REPORTER: For a week now, this group tied to the Church of Scientology has been on the campus of Concordia University to deliver its message—and it’s working.

    STUDENT [IN ENGLISH]: If you read some of this, it’s really interesting.

    REPORTER: It’s interesting, says this student, while this other student is fascinated by a documentary. But do they really know the source of this information? [IN ENGLISH] Do you know who organized this exhibit?


    STUDENT: This organization is apparently a human rights commission.

    REPORTER: Anonymous, a group that opposes Scientology, questions the presence of such an organization on campus.

    ANONYMOUS: The people at Concordia are being fooled into adopting a Scientology philosophy that they’re trying to slip them through the back door, if you will.

    REPORTER: The director of this organization tied to Scientology defends himself for prostheletyzing to students. [to RICHER DUMAIS] Is it clicking with students? Are you recruiting people?

    RICHER DUMAIS, CCHR: We’re not recruiting people [something something]. We’re here to inform people about what’s happening in the mental health field, we’re here to inform on the abuses caused by the field of psychiatry, on the abuses of medications.

    REPORTER: And at Concordia, they’re open to all points of view.

    CHRIS MOTA, CONCORDIA: It’s not up to us to decide whether the content suits us or not. [ED. NOTE: Then who is it up to?] If we can’t discuss all points of view in a university, we’re not doing our job. [ED. NOTE: How about your job of maintaining standards of academic integrity?]

    REPORTER: Scientology is considered a cult in many countries. Here, it’s a legitimate religious movement. [ED. NOTE: From what I’ve heard, this is false.] Émilie Dubreuil, Radio-Canada, Montréal.
  40. puck35 Member

    Re: CCHR at Concordia University (Montreal)

    English CTV Montreal report: FULL VERSION

    Rip and repost, in case it gets taken down.

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