CCHR at Concordia translation, CBC/Radio-Canada report

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    CCHR at Concordia translation, CBC/Radio-Canada report

    feel free to spell check and stuff.

    related video


    I want to thank the member of the public who tipped us on this next story.

    0 :08 The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is not a United Nation’s organization but a group linked to the church of scientology and its presence at Concordia university is disturbing. A report by Emilie Dubreuil.

    0 :21 They accuse psychiatrists of inspiring Hitler to plan mass killings. They are actively against the use of anti depressants and Ritalin.

    0 :31 For the CCHR, psychiatry is the enemy.

    0 :37 The CCHR was founded by the church of scientology in 1969.

    0 :43 For a week now, CCHR is present at the Concordia university campus to deliver its message.

    0 :51 And it works.

    0 : 56 This student is interested in a documentary. But do they know what is the origin of these informations?

    1 :10 This organization apparently a commission for human rights.

    1 :17 Anonymous, a group opposed to scientology, is questioning the presence of this exhibit on university campus.

    1 :22 People at Concordia university are tricked by an organization trying to sell the scientology philosophy through the back door if you will.

    1 :30 The director of this organization denies trying to convert students.

    1 :38 Does it work with students? Are you able to recruit people?

    1 :39 We don’t recruit people. We are here to informe people about mental health and the abuses of psychiatry and medication.

    1 :53 Concordia U. is open to any point of view.

    1 :57 It’s not for us to decide if the contents are convienient for us or not.

    2 :03 If we can’t discuss all view points at our university, we’re not doing our work.

    Scientology is considered a cult in many countries. Here it’s a legitimate religious movement.

    Radio-Canada in Montreal.
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    Re: CCHR at Concordia translation, CBC/Radio-Canada report

    Yeh, they WISH they were considered a legitimate religion, too many people know they are not even remotely so, this complacent attitude will be changing soon I hope with a little eye-opening information from our friends.
    As they always have, as soon as they get any sort of tax-exempt status, they automatically draw a 'symbiotic' line in the sand connecting that with 'religious' status.

    The winds of change are blowing across the barren deserts of Scilon philosophy,
    They lay to waste the wee towers of power that try to reach the sky's clouds.
    The very basic foudations were rotten,
    The castle's shiney facade, in fact,
    Hides dark and shabby interiors,
    Endless tunnels through which,
    The inhabitants, cloned and conned,
    Walk blindly seeing light where none exists.
    The Kings hide in fear for their own immortality,
    More than willing to throw the devout
    Under the carrige wheels to buy them time,
    Time to escape.

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