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Discussion in 'Victims' started by Lynx, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. the media

    The media do report casualties, its just that iran has banned the reporters from getting their stories.
    All we currently hear in the news ( over here in the uk ) is of the stories of the reported dead on sites like these, so keep going everyone, you really are making a difference.
  2. From Anti-Mullah Blog

    The confirmed number of dead in the past 3 days
    until the midnight of Tuesday 16th June in Iran.

    Tehran 23, Shiraz 11, Isfehan 7, Qum 4, Arak 2,
    Mash'had 9, Saary 5, Baabol 3, Bushehr 1,
    Ahvaz 6, Khorramshahr 4, Tabriz 11, Rezaiyeeh 13,
    Maraagheh 2, Kermanshaah 7, Sanandaj 26, Saghez 6,
    Baaneh 3, Mahaabaad 12, Karaj 7, Saghez 5, Hamadan 6,
    Rasht 4, Bandar Pahlavi 7, Shush & Haft Tappeh 12,
    Loristan Province 25, Sistan & Baluchistan province 29
    people. The above numbers were released by the Iranian
    Students solidarity Movement in Iran, one of the largest
    in Iran with over 6000 members.
  3. is there anything more recent? in britan we are hearing manly abot the rios in tehran and unconfermed deaths. things are becoming more dificlit as diffrent people are saying diffrnet things and now that Linsy Hilsum of chanal 4 news has been forced to retern home
  4. Split this thread: one for statistics, one for actual NAMES

    Statistics are nice, but I want to know if my friends died!

    That means names, preferably in both farsi and transliterated

    Post videos somewhere else. I want just names. Not one post of names, and 18 posts of random talk.
  5. Yes! and a photo, if possible. Many people have the same name. Nobody wants to come on here and see the name of someone they love and they have to spend the night wondering, "oh God, is that my friend from Esfahan? was he in Tehran today? Oh God why doesn't he pick up the damn phone?"
  6. Jaymax Moderator

    See the parent forum, where there is a thread for each name so far - but more info is not forthcoming so far - we rely on all of you, especially those with connections to Iran, to help collate and add info in a sensitive way. Having the names in Farsi (in the individual threads please) would be greatly appreciated.
  7. New

    Hamid hosein Bieg Araghi (18 Y. old ) he was murdered on saturday in Tehran Abuzar St.
  8. total casualties in iran

    Roughly how many people have been killed in the Green Movement protests since june?
  9. lillylou Member
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  10. Anonymous Member

    how are these people dying??? all i've heard of is detaining?
  11. the media will hide these things its nothing new if you look past the biased media
  12. lulzgasm Member

    Many of the ones kidnapped, er uh, "detained", usually end up dead eventually. What happens to them in between capture and really really don't want to know.

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