Casting Ex-Scientologists & Scientologists Contemplating Leaving

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by officepa, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. officepa Member

    Did you grow up in the Church of Scientology and end up leaving the church? Are you currently apart of the church and interested in leaving? If so, please send us your story and a photo of yourself to We’re currently casting a television show in this space.

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  2. RightOn Member

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  3. BlooAnon Member

    Yeah, that doesn't sound fishy at all.....
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  4. amaX Member

    it's a trap.
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  5. officepa Member

    Hello, everyone --

    I work for a TV production company (Pink Sneakers Productions), we are 100% legitimately casting for a reality show and we are seeking talent who would be willing to share their story either leaving the CoS or the struggle in making the decision to leave or not (for those who may have not yet left.) Please send all requested info to the address listed; we're looking forward to hearing from you all. (You can check out if you're not convinced of the legitimacy--this is not a trap!)
  6. RightOn Member

    " Are you currently apart of the church and interested in leaving? If so, please send us your story "
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  7. officepa Member

    We're seeking to help by exposing truths and the stories behind those who have left Scientology, or are considering leaving. We have several networks interested in the concept, so if interested in being selected or cast, please send your info. If not, we wish you the best!
  8. RightOn Member

    you may try over on Ex Scientology Message Board too
  9. officepa Member

    Thank you!
  10. anon8109 Member

    Any client of the Scientology corporation who publicly contemplates leaving will immediately be declared a "Suppressive Person". Nobody in the cult will be allowed to see or speak with them, including their own parents/children/spouse/siblings, or else they too will be declared a Suppressive Person.

    Thus you will only find ex-members, no current member will be permitted to be on this show and remain a current member.
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  11. Can someone crosspost this to esmb. Plox
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  13. Thank you. Cross-posted as follows:
    Also added to OP on ESMB.
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  14. RightOn Member

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  15. RightOn Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    I took a look around via posts #18, #17, #16, #14 and the pink sneakers site.

    I didn't find any cult connections but the outfit looks like another clusterfuck of bottom feeders.

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  17. sallysock Member

    Agree. The email address in the o p is different from the casting links. Maybe its one of many. Idk.
  18. CarterUSP Member

    The idiocy of requesting someone who is current member but thinking of leaving shows a lack of research and understanding of the subject matter. If it is legit, then it's crap.
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  19. amaX Member

    Agreed. It's a trap one way or another.
  20. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^^ This! If they'd done even 10 minutes of research they would have realized what a silly request (for members in) that was, as it stands it smells of a phishing-boat thing imho.
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  21. RightOn Member

    now wait a minute... maybe if this IS on the up and up, maybe some ex's exposing the cult in a reality show can be lulzy as hell.
    Yes they are stupid for assuming they can talk to anyone that wants to leave who is currently still in. :confused: Obv. they didn't do their homework.
    But just think, you can turn on the TV and tune into Karen and J Swift, or the Mike and Marty show.
    Maybe a bunch can get together like BFG, Tizziano (I can watch him all day if he is by the pool :p ), and others and really give DM a heart attack.
    I think DM would hemorrhage, and for one that reason, an ex cult member reality show may be way up there on the lulz scale.
    You never know.
  22. With my luck I'd tune in and see Karen 1 and JS by the pool.

    I'd sure hope that floating object was just a baby ruth bar in it.
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  23. RightOn Member

    LOL!!!!! thanks for the chuckle today
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