Cash Withdrawal advice when travelling abroad

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    Cash Withdrawal advice when travelling abroad

    This is for anyone travelling to Raids worldwide and Europe.

    2 good links to remind that drawing cash on your ATM cards will get you the best rates rather than rip off outfits.

    Mastercard cirrus converter
    Get the latest Mastercard exchange rate at Freedom. Try our Mastercard® exchange rate converter today!

    Visa rates
    Exchange Rates – Visa Corporate

    in the UK you can get USD or EUR before you leave or go "airside" at a few ATMS

    Also when withdrawing cash check the facia of an ATM by trying to move it with your hands if it is firm and you can see no signs of tampering go ahead. Card swiping/cloning is quite popular now.

    run by travelex or ICE
    Locations are very low atm 3-6 in london

    £5 charge for anything under 500 eur or 500gbp etc.

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