Casey Kasem Family Feud - Scientology Related?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by ChurchOfCylontology, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. incog712 Member

    This is so messed up. The guy's been carting around an army of lolyers for decades. You'd think maybe, just maybe somewhere along the line one of them just might have touched on the idea of "btw, have you considered filling out an Advance Directive?, A living will? A simple freaking DNR order? You know, something that just might save your ass from becoming a football to be tossed around by your batshit fundy wife and that even more batshit scilon daughter of yours while you're too brain damaged to do anything about it? It won't cost you jack and only take about 5 minutes to get the job done but nooooooooo.

    Fucking idiots. The whole damn lot of them.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    He'll soon be in the hands of a court-appointed adult.
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  3. Los Angeles Times: Kasem's family still at odds as judge says host must be fed, hydrated

    'Court ruling
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    That makes sense. Martha Patterson to handle actual elder law, and Troy Martin to look after CoS's interests.
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  5. Missfit Member

    I'm not going to pretend to know the entire situation but being that I just went through a similar situation with my father I can tell you that sometimes it's not that easy.

    My father and mother both ignored my father's dementia for 5 years, calling it "old age". My mother was my father's medical proxy but he didn't have a DNR or any other kind of orders in place. He was 89 when he died and had a quad bypass 15 years before he would think he would have something in place.

    If I could only explain to you what the last year of my father's life was like, the war the ensued between my mother and I over my father.....She refused to believe he was ill, I was fighting like hell to get him help....the physical violence and emotional turmoil....8 months after my father's death and we have still yet to recover.

    Never did I ever believe this is how things would happen. But they did. Can't always plan or know what's coming. Obviously that's why you have things this in place but it's also very hard to deal with the reality of your fate and people will put it off until it's too late.

    you're damn fucking right, EVERYONE should have their wishes in writing so this type of insanity doesn't need to happen.

    As for Keri taking her father off support.....I'm so fucking torn. I was able to ( at the very end) convince my mother to pull support for my father. Why? Dementia is fatal. You will never recover. I'm not being a dick here, it's the honest truth. Even the Dr.'s tried to give false hope, saying he would grow stronger if he ate. I knew my father and I knew he wouldn't want to be kept alive by tubes. My mother knew that deep down too. Within 4 days, he had passed. I feel, in my heart, that Keri has the right intentions taking him off life support. You will never know the struggle of watching someone you love slowly wither away in a bed, unable to communicate until you're in it and that kind of helplessness eats away at your soul.

    My heart breaks for the entire family. I cannot even begin to deal with the idea of $cientology being behind Keri's motives. I shared my story with her when my father was dying, I supported Kasem Cares ( her foundation dedicated to helping families in these situations) and I'm not sure I'm emotionally ready to believe she has ulterior motives. Rationally, I know better though.

    So if you've learned anything, get your wishes in writing before it's too late. And fuck $cientology for possibly making a horrific situation even fucking worse than it could already be.

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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The accusation that the daughter was a member of Scientology was left standing as a strong negative about the daughter. the CNN reporter didn't have to document that Scientology is bad.
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  8. tippytoe Member

    Anonymous delivers!

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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Casey Kasem -- Daughters To Pull Life Support | TMZ

    Legendary DJ Casey Kasem will live out his final days this week surrounded by his children, who have made the decision to withhold medication, food and fluids.

    The judge in Casey's conservatorship case just reversed a ruling which required doctors to keep him alive with nourishment and meds.

    The 82-year-old is currently in a Washington hospice facility.

    Casey's kids tell TMZ their dad told them, "If the extension of my life would result in mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration."

    Casey's wife Jean was in court and furious over the judge's decision, storming out and screaming that the kids will have Casey's blood on their hands.

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  10. anonysamvines Member

    From reading other reports it seems Casey DID set up a form of living will, and
    Is what he said in it.
    I haven't seen the actual documents tho.

    Either his bro is an eejit or it isn't just about Co$ getting their hands on his money.
    (I trust that some anon with better skills than I has checked all possible Co$ links other than Kerri. And would have exposed them. Not forgetting Jean's lawyer.)

    Tho I do believe Co$ will get their hands on Kerri's share

    A sad situation.
    But profit can be taken from recognising that an accusation of being involved with $ciLOONtology is enough to damn your motives!
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  11. lostatsea Member

    Bullshit. The man had end-stage dementia, and the hospital reported that he was in critical condition. People have to and do make this sort of decision everyday for their loved ones. Scientology has nothing to do with those people, and quite frankly, I don't think it had to do with Kerri's and her siblings' decision in this case, either.

    True, Scientology may get their hands on Kerri's share, via her inheritance. But they would have, either way, sooner or later. The financial aspect of things is not changed by who makes the medical decisions.
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  12. anonysamvines Member

    I agree with most of what you say
    Please tell me that you are NOT saying that financial motives NEVER influence medical decisions
  13. rickybobby Member

    Sometimes it's very, very difficult for a loved one to let go, and, in the experience of their own grief, they can't see that shoving a feeding tube or breathing tube down someone's throat or shocking them with electricity and breaking their ribs with CPR is just torturing a dying person and prolonging the inevitable. This is the kind of decision that is made every single day in hospital ICUs, and it is not easy to make the decision to let nature take it's course and allow a semblance of a natural, dignified death.

    And I hate to tell you guys, but in most states it doesn't matter if you put it in writing or not. In practice, if you are unable to speak for yourself, and your family puts up a fuss, you get the tubes, whether you wanted them or not. Then someone has to make the decision to cut off the life support you did not want.
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  14. lostatsea Member

    I'm not saying that medical decisions are never influenced by financial motives. What I am saying is that for a person who can no longer speak, walk, eat, or drink, and due to their condition, is not going to recover those make a decision to prolong their life with medical interventions is usually (not always, but usually) completely fucking selfish, no matter what financial matters are at play outside of that.
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  15. anonysamvines Member

    And the hardest thing for said family members to face is that THEY are inflicting said torture in order to not feel bad themselves. Trying to put off the inevitable hurt and grief of losing a loved one
    In these cases it has nothing to do with what is good for the respecting the wishes and sanctity of life of the one who has made the decision on how they want to NOT live.
    The family member is not yet ready to say goodbye/sayonara.
    So fuck the torture they are putting their loved ones thru
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  16. lostatsea Member

    100% truth. Sadly.

    Choose your decision maker wisely.
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  17. anonysamvines Member

    That is what I thought you were saying
    But your wording wasn't clear
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  18. anonysamvines Member

    And I guess that is exactly what Casey thought he had done when he appointed Kerri in that role.
    Circumstances have proved it isn't all that simple
  19. DeathHamster Member

    He never appointed Kerri in that role.

    Originally (2007?) it was the other sister and her husband who have medical care backgrounds.
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  20. anonysamvines Member

    Thank you for that correction
    I suck cocks!
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Casey Kasem In Hospice Care -- Family Playing 'Top 40' | TMZ

    Casey Kasem is living out the final days of his life by listening to the best days. His family has been playing old recordings his "American Top 40" show while he lays dying in hospice.

    Casey is currently in a Washington hospice with his family by his side, including his daughters, son, and brother. Family sources tell us the family is playing old broadcasts of Kasem's legendary radio show, the crowning achievement of his career.

    Now that the family has stopped giving him medication, food, and water, they're just trying to make him as comfortable as possible, and they believe the broadcasts will give him great enjoyment.

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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Rehash, from today:

    Casey Kasem's Daughter Denies Stepmother's Porn, Scientology Accusations | The Hollywood Reporter

    The DJ's wife accuses Kerri Kasem of being a porn star plotting to give his fortune away.

    Jean Kasem, the wife of ailing DJ Casey Kasem, filed a declaration in court June 9 accusing Casey Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem of working in porn and scheming to give her father's fortune (estimated at $80 million) to Scientology.

    Continued at
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  23. nevarmore Member

    I do feel sorry for Jean. Not at all for Kerri. She's a Scilopath. As for Casey, I hope he is totally unaware of what's going on.
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  24. rickybobby Member

    One thing I can say for certain: Jean is not handling this situation in a graceful manner.
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  25. Agreed. Jean has every right to be angry and protective of her husband but she isn't helping her own case by throwing temper tantrums and raw beef. She could really use the Scientology angle to gain public support if implemented smartly and correctly. Throwing the sacred cow at Scientology's new cash cow is a bad idea.

    I thought there was a California court order to keep him on feeding machines and life I need flow charts to follow this one.
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  26. casey-meat-throwing-png.230966.png


    Of course you can........
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    More proof of Kerri Kasem’s Scientology involvement

    We told you previously that we don’t envy the judges presiding over the sordid mess surrounding American Top 40 deejay Casey Kasem, 82, as he slips away into dementia.

    Kasem’s wife of 34 years, Jean, and his daughter from a previous marriage, Kerri, are locked in a bitter fight over how to care for him in his final days. Kerri has convinced a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that the best thing for her father is to withhold food and drink as he slips away. There may be a very good medical reason for this, and we’d rather not second-guess a judge in a tough spot.

    But we’re still learning more about Kerri’s involvement in Scientology, which Jean has raised as an issue in the matter. Last time, we told you that Kerri’s friendship with Scientology clown prince Grant Cardone and a report from one of our inside sources suggested that Kerri’s involvement was more extensive than she’s been letting on.

    And now, we have an on-the-record account from one of our most trusted sources.

    “I was friends with Kerri Kasem,” says Tiziano Lugli, who left Scientology in 2010 and has become one of the more visible ex-members of the church. A music producer in Los Angeles, he’s put out numerous videos about Scientology.

    Tiziano says that when he decided to ditch Scientology, he talked to Kerri about his reasons for leaving.

    “I briefed her all about David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, and what happens on the Bridge,” he says, referring to Scientology’s embattled leader (Miscavige), a top former official who had started speaking out about abuses in the church (Rathbun), and secrets of the upper levels of Scientology that newer members are prevented from knowing (the Bridge). “She listened to everything, and she agreed with everything I had to say.”

    Even though she seemed to sympathize with him, Tiziano says, she explained that she really couldn’t leave Scientology herself because of the good deal she was getting.

    “They were giving her some quick, free program to get Clear. It was kind of unheard of at the time,” Tiziano says. “She said, ‘I just want to finish the program and get to Clear. Then we’ll be friends again’.”

    Continued at
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  28. Missfit Member

    In the immortal words of Tommy Davis:

    I'm angry, REAL angry.
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  29. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    ^^ This. It's hard to say goodbye.
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  30. meep meep Member

    Kasem is not in California, hes in Washingon State. My family is right now doing the same thing. All the fractures in the family are coming out. All feuds and hates are coming out. Its hard.
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  31. nevarmore Member

    now Kerri wants to sue Jean for elder abuse. It's just getting sicker and sicker.... I hate Scientology. Everyone and everything it touches, it leaves a taint you can never clean off.
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    Starting the final Casey Countdown.

    The question will be will Kerri Kasem be satisfied with the $2M insurance/4 kids, or will she make a play for the $80M estate either by contesting the will or a wrongful death civil suit?

    If she's going to do it, it'll be when public opinion and pressure on Jean Kasem (who already desperately needs a time-out) are highest.

    I wonder what odds the boys in Vegas are giving?
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  33. DeathHamster Member

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  34. nevarmore Member

  35. Quentinanon Member

    “She said, ‘I just want to finish the program and get to Clear. Then we’ll be friends again’.”

    Message to Kerri Casem: You Will Be Sorely Disappointed. By "Clear", L. Ron really meant, scientology will clear money out of your bank accounts.
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Casey Kasem's wife Jean 'investigated for elder abuse' after removing 82-year-old DJ from nursing home and taking him on a four-state journey | Mail Online

    From Facebook:

    Kerri Kasem

    For people who do not understand the natural dying process:

    Giving food and water to a dying body creates pain and further suffering. The body does not want or require food or water anymore in the dying process.

    My father can no longer digest foods and fluids fill his lungs up and will suffocate him. My Dad IS on pain meds.
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  37. DeathHamster Member

    Still sourced to TMZ.
  38. Missfit Member

    From what Kerri is saying, it sounds like Casey is in end stage dementia. I think she is carefully wording her statements to make it sound as if this decline in his health is due to insufficient care at the hands of Jean.

    Moving a person with dementia can cause a complete breakdown both physically and emotionally. Relating back to my situation, three changes in location ( hospital, nursing home, hospital) caused my father's decline and within 2 weeks from his first admittance to the hospital, he died.

    Does that mean that Jean was negligent in moving Casey multiple times? Did she cause a progression in his illness? Nobody can say for sure. What I do know is that Casey Kasem was going to die from dementia in one form or another. Whether he got pneumonia from aspirating food and water or just died in his sleep, his dementia is fatal.

    Kerri sounds like she is really just trying to stick it to Jean over the fact that her father is dying. As if Kerri would have had the magical treatment for Casey to make him better or kept him more comfortable. It's deluded thinking and quite typical of people who are going through something like this. It's also quite typical of someone trying to make a power grab at the very end to control to finances. I'm still trying not to jump to conclusions about the money, even though that's what this thread is about.

    I really fucking wish Kerri would just shut the fuck up and spend the last days around her father in peace. Nothing is going to change it, nothing is going to keep Casey alive. But then again, maybe none of this has to do with his welfare at all....

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  39. My most heartfelt sympathies Missfit, I was there a few years ago, nursing my mother through a terminal Brain Tumour. Those few months can be the most painful and the most precious in your life. It conversely brings out the best and the worst in the patients loved ones. You almost have to hold your breath and suspend reality to allow yourself to weather the things people do and say to each other during such a time.

    Casey is in his final stage, I can but hope all this to do is about love for him and nothing ulterior.
  40. rickybobby Member

    My thoughts are with you. It's hard enough to deal with these difficult end-of-life decisions in a healthy, functional, supportive family environment-- but when you have division or difficult family relationships, the stress can turn the delicate peace into full blown war.
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