Carly Crutchfield Exposed!

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 29, 2011.

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    For those more versed in the art of financial acrobatics: Why? What's in it for her?
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    Did you even read the articles?

    And what about the people Carly claims owe her money?  Do they get to walk away too?  Of course not.  Against the law, Carly Crutchfield has directed that all outstanding payments be made to her new company WOOHOO Group Pty Ltd.  Don’t fall for this con.
    Carly Crutchfield is attempting to defeat her creditors (people she owes money to) by placing CCORP into liquidation.  It’s legal for a company to go into liquidation when they are insolvent (can’t pay their bills) but it is illegal to try and hide money from creditors which is what she is attempting to do through WOOHOO.  All money owed to CCORP should be paid to the administrator and distributed to her creditors.  Carly Crutchfield makes it clear she intends to collect that money and keep it for herself through WOOHOO.
  3. Well first of all a straight name change. She figures that the name CCorp is tainted and pretty much everybody knows it is a scam and she gets a fresh start with WooHoo. This of course is not going to happen because her name is more tainted than any $2 company she chooses to register.

    Of much more concern (or delight for us) is the suggestion on CCE that she is instructing people that owe money to CCorp (for DVD's etc) to pay the money to WooHoo. As CCorp has recievers appointed it is highly illegal to do this. All moneys owed to CCorp must be paid to CCorp so the administrators can correctly return whatever possible to creditors.

    As usual she is trying to blatantly rip people off but she is a very stupid and ignorant woman.
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  7. Etain Member

    Carly's new company is called 'WOOHOO'?

    Somebody has either been spending too much time around Nancy Cartwright or watching too many Homer focused episodes of 'The Simpsons'!

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    Unfortunately you can't send PM to the poster of a post that is made anonymously. You could PM me (not that it would help), but not the poster above your posts.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Ok, I still don't understand but I need help with something ....
    In order to understand.
    Is she completely evil or something ?
    Dangerous ?
    Or just a bitch who was and is involved in Scientology
    Has she had none of the experiences she talks about???
    What's the situation.
    I read 5 pages of the thread I get the gist of it
    But want more info
    If it was anonymous inbox I'd say why .
  12. Anonymous Member

    Let Me Google That For You: Crutchfield
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  13. anonomous1 Member

    That was cool what u did
    But I've already googled

    It's not precise enough
    This site is this
    Anyway as I was saying I just wanted to know more,
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    Become a lurkmoar. You'll be glad you did.
  15. Random guy Member

    She's not evil, just utterly amoral and used to live of peoples gullibility and goodwill and lie to cover her tracks. She won't come after you eating your hamster or anything like that, but she will trick you to sink all your life savings into some airy investment scheme, and make off with it. She's got a lot of experience, just not the kind she claims she has. She is working in a market where seeing the difference between a good investor and a fraud can be difficult, and she exploit it to the fullest.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Not fixed, just my opinion. : )
  17. Random guy Member

    It depends on how you define evil I suppose. Personally, I find the term meaningless, and in this case "greedy", "amoral" and "exploitive" are probably better terms.
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  18. anonomous1 Member

    Ok cool thanks
    My friend began working there last year that's why I asked
  19. Anonymous Member

    Wouldn't that be great if Carly would come here for a chat, herself?
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  20. Well we would love to hear his/her story. How is it working for Crutchy? Has she reformed her wicked ways?
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    What ever happened with that investigation?

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  25. Shit, give the woman credit for keeping that scam going that long.
    She should have a movie made about her. Or a "reality" show.

    Now I got it, an Aussie version of Bravo TV's - "The housewives of New Jersey".
    real klassie.
  26. [IMG]
    He was far too intelligent to just be a model.
    I bet he was popular in Law School.
    He is a very engaging thinker and conversationalist.
  27. anonomous1 Member

    I'm not sure how it's going but I'll find out
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    Here's something to show your friend:

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    So u think the ideas she gives to get rich of property all involve ripping people off and being a con?
    There's no way to get rich with these strategies ??
  32. Anonymous Member

    I still don't get why she was hiding in the bathroom
    What was wrong
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    I wanted to get rich like her :(((
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  34. OTeleventy Member

    This site has great info on it: (it's okay, not scilon, in fact quite expository...)
  35. Anonymous Member

    Yeh but I've already watched some of her videos that's her site
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    Sure, there are ways to get rich with her method ... if you are Carly Crutchfield.

    The idea is you take her course (and pay through your nose). The advice she gives sound OK enough, and then you end up in a situation where you get to try out your new skills, in cooperation with the teacher! Now your luck is assured, right? Well, someones is, unfortunately not yours.

    Carly is constantly balancing on the edge with creditors/victinms hounding her. If her methods could make you rich, do you think she'd be in that situation?
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Is she really ??
    Hey I been reading a lot about Scientology and watching awesome ex Scientology victim on you tube
    He was in Scientology for 22 years

    The expressed how everyone looses so much money
    And discussed so much

    It's been very intriguing watching these videos

    How does Carly own a business and have assets that haven't been lost due to Scientology then

    Apparently if u want to be a businessman then u must go through WISE. Who's part of Scientology
    And they provide Scientology training for yiur staff and etc
  38. Anonymous Member

    Sry for not citing source, couldn't find it, and lazy too.

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