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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 26, 2012.

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    side note: CARF is an absolute joke. I looked over some of the places they have given the thumbs up to, they have accredited places run by AEG ( Aspen Education Group) which runs/ran confirmed abusive treatment centers for teens. It's a really sick world when people trying to get help are mislead and abused.:(
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    I need info on the criminal conviction not the civil case. Can someone please let me know where to find it?

    Ref "William Kent McGregor had been convicted in New Mexico of a sexual assault in July 1987"
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    Dox say it was alleged sexual assault. Was he ever convicted for it?
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    So far as I am aware, there was neither a criminal case nor a conviction. He fled the jurisdiction and the court in the civil case issued a default judgment against him.
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    That's the way I'm reading it. The only dox on an "arrest" that I saw was from that link I posted from holysmoke and I think the op just made an error.
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    A request from the Department of Mental Health of Oklahoma has been made to notify those wishing to contact them about abuses at Narconon. They would like to inform the public that while they are sympathetic to those that believe they have been abused by Narconon, they need to limit calls to those directly regarding the Oklahoma location. They have been inundated with calls regarding abuses at other Narconon locations as well as Arrowhead. We need to keep their phone lines free for those trying to get through that were in fact at Arrowhead. They encourage those that went to other locations to contact that states regulatory agencies.
  10. The call center/referral scam is located at Arrowhead. This makes all Narc victims relèvent to this investigation, imo.
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    Some of the other major Narconons, like Southern and Northern California have their own referral networks, I believe.
  12. Anonymous Member

    They are looking to talk to people that were abused at the Arrowhead location. That is what they do. They are not the FBI and can not deal with interstate issues. All the same if you are from CA and went to Oklahoma then you are still good to call. The abuse needs to have happened at Arrowhead for them to do anything and they need YOU to be the person abused to take action.
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    (bc it is full of important dox relating to sexual abuse as well as the licensing fraud. )

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