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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Because many of the employees are recent, vulnerable NN AH Grads, who live
    at NN AH in the crappy, dirty Cabins and have "No Home" to go to.

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  2. That's the Scientology/Narconon professionalism at work. LOL they are really showcasing their credibility.
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Excellent!!! News is coming in every 10 minutes from all over the Globe.

    Just received info that the Quebec Human Rights Commission is calculating
    how to proceed with the 8 or so Files from 5 or so complainants. Investigation
    is nearly COMPLETE.

    This ^^^ is monumental, Case Precedemt setting stuff - Mr. LOVE has a "Woody" - LOL :):):)

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  4. Quentinanon Member

    Never fear to hurt another in a just cause. - L. Ron Hubbard

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  5. grebe Member

    That homeless shelter is gonna be pissed.
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    It doesn't sound like they got their back-pay then.
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  7. Intelligence Member

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  8. BigBeard Member

    Does narCONon Arrowhead actually think firing 15 people and dumping them in a homeless shelter will make their problems go away?????:rolleyes:

    Also, since these were in employees, NOT volunteers, is the State Employment Agency (whatever it's called) making sure they got all pay due, and their unemployment insurance paid up to date??

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  9. Intelligence Member

    I don't know Oklahoma State Labour Relations Law/Codes whatsoever - however, the Cult's
    move in doing this, is not going to sit well with authorities.

    I do know some State Officials have now been contacted over this.

    Next Month, we will have more about this on a Live Radio Show:)

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  10. RightOn Member

    Can the media be called? Or is it too late?
    Maybe they can still interview the people who run the homeless center?
    This is just too juicy to let go
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  11. Intelligence Member :)


    Sorry Jessica, I am a real person who did the program and still drug-free. Can't be all bad can it then? Sorry to burst your bubble.

    47 minutes ago
    in reply to Jessica


    No, it is not ALL bad, but neither is a Ship filled with asbestos ALL bad - - but when the Cancer-Causing crap begins to kill people, it must be removed. If only 10-20% of Narconon patients remain drug free and some die while in their incompetent care (like the 4 recent deaths at NN Arrowhead), it is time to remove the causes of death and abuse.

    0 minutes ago
    in reply to Bob
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    Do they use the Freeloader Debt garbage on the Narconon side of things?
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  13. Intelligence Member

    Not really - - however, they DO use Patients for SLAVE Labour if the patient can not
    afford to pay the full program fee. This happens a lot when they return for a "Repair."

    I've seen (and documented), patients tearing up and replacing floors, doing roof repair
    work, etc - lots of stuff. OR they work to run students after they graduate. ALL of this is
    against Labour Codes/Regs.

    If anything, Narconon IS the FREELOADER :) - And they will stand accountable eventually.

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  14. Ron B DED Member

    Yes, that's the one. Maybe you want to ask David Love if he needs it uploaded here. This particular HCOB is fairly long, as I recall. But posting a few pages in this thread might be easy reference for new readers and lurkers..
  15. Yes, seventeen pages. If David requests it, I shall upload it.

    EDIT: And it has lousy formatting so a formatted cut and pasta will be in order, to make it half-way readable for a posting to the thread.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    2011 WWP thread . . [ typos were in the original Razz Line ad ]

    Current advertised California Narconon Staff salaries

    6 Day work schedule. Full Benefits Package includes Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, and super upstat Employee Matched 401K Plan. Compensation is starting at $650 wk training salary then after $200 per week base salary + Commission + Personal Bonus + Team Bonus if Targets are acheived. Annual Earnings are Highly Compensated. This position is managed soley on management by statisitcs.

    Narconon Southern California 2008 Form 990 Part 3 Supplement Information Part1, Line 3 Non-Fixed Payments Provided.
    Mr.Bauge, Director of Student Intake received approximately 95% of his total compensation from performance-based incentives.
    Mr. Bauge earned 183,000.00
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Somebody might want to look into this^^^. I received some Legal Dox today and
    this may be coming to the surface soon?

    Qui Tam Basics

    The qui tam "whistleblower" law is a federal law that applies nationally. A number of state governments also have adopted their own versions of the law. The qui tam law is designed to protect against the fraudulent use of public funds by encouraging people with knowledge of fraud on the government to blow the whistle on the wrongdoers. The law provides for whistleblowers to receive a reward in the form of a share of the recovery.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^ is NOT a Road I'm going down for sure, but someone else may want to?

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  19. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    the self-centered nature of this is horrible. Hey, it helped me, so what if 4 other people died!
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  20. Intelligence Member

    6:58 PM (10 minutes ago)

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  21. Intelligence Member

    4. RICO
    I'm sure [deleted] would know this off the top of his head, but there may be something in the RICO statutes as well. ABLE, Narconon, COS... all these feed each other, not only with members but with funds. If you establish that Medicare/Medicaid dollars are going "uplines," then they are sunk - as a non-profit, and perhaps as a complete entity.

    IF they are sharing names of patients with other entities (or their families, their personal files, charts, etc) then that is a violation of HIPPA, ethical standards, and possibly federal law.
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  22. Anonymous Member

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    For any and all that would like to have a copy, here it is:

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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Sekee Member

    I guess homeless witnesses become harder to find.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    More investigation has yet to confirm, so I'm not pushing these 15 patients
    being fired etc, until I can confirm with at least one more Source.

    I did receive the info in writing, but still?? - You never know about the Cult
    feeding false data to discredit:)

    They're backed into a corner and that's not good.

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  27. Sekee Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation has a long history of finding scapegoats to blame when in fact it is the corporation and its officers who are criminally responsible. It is company policy to point at the local employees/managers when all they were doing was following orders from the top.

    One of the most memorable examples is when Hubbard had his wife sent to jail in his place for operation snow white.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    Gary Smith: Narconon Arrowhead >> -
    "Funded Entirely By Scientologists"



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  30. Pique Member

    Not quite :(
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  31. Intelligence Member

    We will continue to dig until I hear "UNCLE"!
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Tx Pique - Corrected now:)
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  33. Intelligence Member

    I would LOVE to question this "Mother" under oath - then take the Stand to Rebut with Evidence Dox!
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  34. Intelligence Member

    Following the Money trails are Crucial, but so is following the Political/Lawyer Trails.

    One Politician in Quebec ended up working for Heenen & Blaikie, the Cult Law Firm
    that was on my Ass for two years or so. A major 500 Member Law Firm in Several Countries!
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  35. Intelligence Member

    I ended up Filing a Formal omplaint with the Quebec Bar against Heenen & Blaikie lawyers.

    I still have MANY more evidence dox to submit, with an open-end time frame.

    Interesting that H & B does NT represent NN TR anymore? :)


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  36. DeathHamster Member

    Rubbish. Scientology has a long history of stealing stationary for fake testimonials.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Lying liars that lie
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  38. CARF had better start thinking about their own accreditation and strip Narconon's of theirs immediately seeing the ongoing conflicts of interest with their own staff and Scientology's inept Narconon program which has caused so much harm to innocent victims including several horrible deaths for decades.

    They certainly need to have an investigation into their own operation to explain their support of the medically dangerous Narconon program for so long despite overwhelming documentation of the problems.

    Incredible dox, David, ty for leading this fight to save lives from this abusive scam, u are the doxmaster.
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  39. Scientology always used to 'assign' potential targets for investigation to 'volunteer' for posts in distant countries in their respective 'religious' journeys.
    My, oh my, how times have changed, due to the current Scientology 'economy', fire em and dump em at homeless shelters to cover their greedy, scamming tracks.

    It's considered obstruction of justice to relocate potential witnesses to avoid prosecution, I do believe.

    The complete exposure of the Narconon scam is the biggest piece of the puzzle in bringing down this abusive cult. The purification rundown is medically dangerous for ALL who have to undergo it, including every single scientologist.

    This is amazing, it's time to hop into the escape module, David Miscavige, but you will be trackeddown on whichever of the 76 planets in L. Ron Hubbard's Guhlaxy you choose to hide on.

    Soon, Teegeeak will no longer be a viable safehaven for your brutally abusive scam of Scientology.
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  40. eddieVroom Member

    Another thing to consider is that people are generally becoming more open about being in Rehab and talking about it. Back in Hubbard's day, just being in Narconon was blackmail material.

    I think an Investigation must first exist. YMMV

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