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    Thanks to two ex Narconon Executive Directors who are my dearest Friends, I have
    recently obtained another batch of files. Without CARF, Narconon Arrowhead can
    not exist as it is today. There is much controversy surrounding Arrowhead being
    Accredited by CARF and I hope various governing authouities in the USA and elsewhere
    will examine this Thread for evidence of any wrongdoing herein contained in these
    document exhibits. I am still scanning and will post not only CARF Dox here, but other
    interesting and relevent documents pertaining to the Scientology Rehabs, NARCONON.

    View attachment 6ej8n8.jpg



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    May I tweet this?!
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    The reviewer never opened his briefcase. Maybe he never left his hotel room.
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    Okay... have any of these idiots actually researched Narconon's unsupported claims?!

    Oh, wait... that's why we're here.
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    Time to investigate all these M.D.s (once) who supported Scientology's Narconon.
    Where are they today? Do they still support quackery?
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    Does ANYONE recognize this? It appears to be Pre-Narconon, but it's filled with - "Puif Rundown For Missions" propaganda?

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    Narconon Arrowhead's accreditation by CARF was handled by William Kent McGregor, who also served on their advisory board and later joined them as staff. McGregor has also had some interesting legal problems. Here's the docket from that case.

    William Kent McGregor, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.Mr. McGregor received his B.S. degree in psychotropic pharmacology and drug interactions and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston. He has served for the State of New Mexico as Director for Drug Treatment and Prevention. He is currently a surveyor for the national Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

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    ^^^ My, my, McGregor... conflict of interest much?
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    Kent McGregor back at Narconon Arrowhead

    July 6, 2004

    Rape at drug-treatment center alleged By TOVIN LAPAN Sentinel correspondent.

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    Is this the same WILLIAM KENT MCGREGOR, Person???

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    Narconon Arrowhead – CARF Conflict of Interest – Corruption?

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    William Kent McGregor, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.

    Mr. McGregor received his B.S. in psychotropic pharmacology and drug interactions and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston, specializing in administration and evaluation. He has served for the State of New Mexico as Director for Drug Treatment and Prevention. He is currently a surveyor for the national Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
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    Rehabilitation Accreditation, Oklahoma Complaints & Reviews - Conflict of Interest - Corruption?

    Rehabilitation Accreditation
    Posted: 2012-07-17 by David Edgar Love

    Conflict of Interest - Corruption?
    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
    United States
    Phone: (520) 325-1044

    With the three recent Patient deaths at the Scientology Rehab center, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), continues to recognize Narconon Arrowhead for accredited services to the unwary and desperate public. Following a lengthy investigation in Canada recently, the Quebec College of Physicians banned a Montreal physician from ever associating with Narconon again and the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services forced Narconon Trois-Rivieres to immediately shut down and remove all the patients - citing Narconon as a health risk and danger to patients. CARF on the other hand, even though there are three recent deaths at Narconon Arrowhead, continues to support and provide Narconon with Accreditation. The subject of this complaint is how and why CARF accredited Narconon Arrowhead in the first place? On December 20, 1991, a state board denied certification for Narconon Arrowhead (formally Narconon Chilocco New Life Center), and gave the facility seven days to move out its patients.

    The Oklahoma Board of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services voted 6-0 to deny certification for Narconon Chilocco. Board member Stewart R. Beasley Jr. asked that 27 patients now at Narconon Chilocco be removed within seven days because the program is basically unsafe. Their well-being is at risk. According to several credible websites, William Kent McGregor was the Surveyor employed by CARF for the Accreditation process of Narconon Arrowhead. Not only did McGregor have close family ties to Narconon Arrowhead, but following the Accreditation process, he was employed at the Scientology Rehab center. When one examines the criteria set forth by CARF for a Rehab center to be accredited, it is clear that many issues have been covered over with a veil of ignorance and could easily be interrpreted as corruption or a conspiracy plot to circumvent the original and appropriate Oklahoma Board of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services denial of Government Certification. And what's more important and of grave concern, is the recent patient deaths while in the care of Narconon Arrowhead.
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    CARF Accreditation:
    The Narconon® Chilocco New Life Center has undergone extensive and rigorous inspection and has earned certification for its high quality standards and effective methodology from the prestigious Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF, previously known as the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) continuously since its initial application in 1992.
    “Speaking from my twenty-plus years of experience in the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment and the evaluation of over fifty treatment settings, I can confidently state that the Narconon program is a comprehensive residential treatment modality that addresses all of the indicators that have been clinically shown to precipitate and prolong addiction.
    The Narconon program rates as highly in physical, administrative and clinical expertise as many of the other prestigious programs that I have surveyed.In terms of outcome, I believe it is far above.”
    Lead CARF Surveyor
    Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (Previously known as the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)
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    Tweeted both articles!
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    Mmmmm,..., "A Scientologist - A Surveyor for CARF - On the Advisory Board for NN AH???


    Well, my office staff are going home now for some sleep, but promise to be back early tomorrow:)

    Good-Night all:)

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    Thanks for all the dox. Can't wait for more! :)
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    The Narconon drug rehab program is not eligible for reimbursement by any health insurer in the United States, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    That means that all the people being "treated" by narconon staff scientologists have to pay for their treatment up front.

    Is there a Narconon payment plan? Not likely. Cults like their money up close and personal, sign on the dotted line before you press Start. Can you imagine being drugged out and your parents putting their house on the line for you to rehab at narconon with no insurance? (some broken links re CARF unfortunately)

    Narconon is accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, a second-rate outfit that is in no way equivalent to JCAHO. Narconon's accreditation by CARF was handled by William Kent McGregor, who later joined Narconon staff, and has had some interesting legal problems. Here's the docket from that case. - from above website didn't do their homework and advertizes narconon. Time to let them know. The lack of awareness of the narconon/scientology scam is narrowing, but there is still a need to inform whatever organizations have had neither the time nor the resources to research every claim and fancy website submitted to them. There's no excuse for this IMO, and after the publications re narconon in California schools and its "reach" across the U.S. from AP wires, hopefully those vulnerable scientology PR targets will continue to diminish. But not without some targeting from critics (again IMO).

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    Lets not overlook this little photo essay:

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    Narconon Nightmare: Michael G.'s Story


    WRITTEN BY: Michael G.
    Copyright © 2003 by Michael G.
    Date of incident 11/03/03 thru 11/09/03

    Sunday November 1, 2003

    I just checked out of St. Joseph Hospital in Clinton Township, MI at 11 AM and my parents have made the decision for me to send me to NARCONON in Canadian, Oklahoma [Ed: Narconon Arrowhead]. I really had no choice. I am a Cocaine Addict, Benzo Addict [Ed: benzodiazepenes, e.g., Valium], Compulsive Gambler and more importantly was suicidal. I spent 2 days in ICU and 6 days in the regular hospital. This was my second attempt at suicide in the last 6 months. The second attempt was serious. My liver and kidneys shut down and I almost went into cardiac arrest. The hospital kept me alive by injecting me with Liquid Ativan and tryptophan. This is a Benzo class of drugs. They kept me on these for 6 days and I slept for the first 4 days in the hospital and do not remember my family or friends coming to visit me.

    Sunday evening we spent at my parents' house and I could not sleep. I was beginning to shake and have very high anxiety. Actually, I did not sleep Saturday Night in the Hospital either because they cut off my injections. I would spend the next four days awake with NO SLEEP because of the WD's [Ed: withdrawal symptoms] from the Benzo's.
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    These Findings Should Suffice To Shut This Quackey Down Immediately!


    Findings of Fact regarding the Narconon-Chilocco
    Application For Certification by the
    Board of Mental Health, State of Oklahoma
    13 December 1991

    Applicant has filed an application with the proper fees attached thereto for certification as a drug and treatment facility proposing to use a drug free non-medical detoxification modality.

    The application requests certification for services to a 75-bed residential drug and alcohol center.

    The application and supporting documents have been reviewed under applicable law and departmental rules and regulations.

    In considering the application for certification the Board has carefully considered the evidence presented at the hearings of October 18, 1991 and December 13, 1991 on the application for certification of Narconon International, including the testimony of the witnesses and the exhibits presented and received in evidence.

    The Board considered the credibility, demeanor, bias, motive and interest of all witnesses in reaching these findings of fact.

    The proposed site of the program is located on federal land belonging to five tribes and operated by the Chilocco Development Authority.

    A long-term lease between Applicant and the Chilocco Development Authority is in effect.

    The Development authority and the Applicant have entered into a long-term lease agreement wherein the Applicant agrees to comply with all the state and federal law including but not limited to certification by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

    In reviewing the application and determining the merits of the application the Board on the October 18, 1991 and December 13, 1991 hearings heard evidence and considered the issues of safety and effectiveness of the treatment modality utilized by the Applicant.

    Most drugs of abuse are removed from the body by detoxification and excretion through the liver, kidneys, and the lungs. Although minute quantities of some drugs may be found in sweat the amount represents a small fraction of drug elimination.

    The Narconon drug treatment modality treats all drug addictions the same. No scientific evidence was produced to show that all drug addictions are properly treated in the same manner.

    The terms patient, student and client are used interchangeably in these Findings.

    The Narconon Program exposes its patients to the risk of delayed withdrawal phenomena such as seizures, delirium and/or hallucinations.

    The Board has not considered any evidence of the beliefs or opinions of any witness on matters of religion in making its findings of fact. To the extent there may be some affiliation between Narconon and any religion such affiliation has been totally disregarded by the Board. The Board has not made its decision on certification based upon any consideration of religion or religious affiliation.

    The Board concludes that the Applicant, Narconon International, has the burden of proving that its program meets all requirements for certification and specifically the burden of proving its program is both safe and effective. Narconon has not sustained its burden of proving its program is either safe or effective. However, regardless of whether Narconon International has the burden of proof the Board concludes there is substantial credible evidence, as found by the Board, that the Narconon Program is unsafe and ineffective.

    The Narconon program requires its patients to sweat up to five hours per day, seven days a week, for approximately thirty days. The rationale, according to Narconon for the sweat-out is to rid the body of fat-stored drugs and chemicals through sweat. However, there is no scientific basis for the technique. Most drugs of abuse are removed from the body by detoxification and excretion through the liver, kidneys and (in some instances) through the lungs. Although minute quantities of some drugs may be found in sweat, the amount represents such a small fraction of drug elimination that no matter how much an individual sweated through exercise or saunas, the clearance of most drugs of abuse would not be significantly increased.

    The Narconon program includes the administration of high doses of vitamins and minerals to the Narconon patient as part of their treatment. The use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the amounts described administered by Narconon can be potentially dangerous to the patients of Narconon according to the more credible medical evidence.

    The relationship between drug-abuse and psychiatric disorders is well established. Most drug abusers who enter residential drug treatment facilities have high levels of anxiety, depression, hostility or apathy. Further, a chemical dependency disorder may co-exist with or be secondary to a specific psychiatric illness, such as schizophrenia or major depression, which should be treated by established psychiatric procedures.

    The Narconon program presents a potential risk to the patients of the Narconon program that delayed withdrawal phenomena such as seizures, delirium or hallucination that are occasionally seen several days after cessation of drugs such as benzodiazepines, may be misinterpreted by Narconon's non-medical staff as the effect of mobilizing the drug from fat during the sauna sweat-out procedure period. There is also a potential risk that the reported re-experience of the abused drugs' effect during the sauna sweat-out program may be the result of misinterpreted symptoms of hyperthermia or electrolyte imbalance since vital signs and serum electrolyte levels have not been consistently monitored during the sweat-out procedures or when a student is reporting the phenomena.

    The progress notes for the patients at Narconon do not consistently evidence that vital signs are recorded every six hours in the detoxification process; nor do the progress notes record fluid intake for detoxification clients.

    Discharge summaries of patients at Narconon were not routinely completed within fifteen days of the patient's discharge.

    The clinical records of patients at Narconon do not consistently reflect the recording of vital signs every six hours for clients as required under non-medical detoxification standards of the Department.

    There is credible evidence by way of witness testimony and review of Narconon charts which reflect that there were patients who had psychiatric problems who were taken off of their previously prescribed psychiatric medication who did not do well and subsequently developed psychiatric problems. This evidence indicates a lack of safety and effectiveness in connection with the program.

    Clients of Narconon suffering from psychiatric illness, when taken off their prescribed medications, did poorly in the Narconon program and were placed in a segregated facility called destem. This practice endangers the safety, health and/or the physical and mental well being of Narconon's clients.

    Narconon's program lacks any acceptable degree of quality control of the sauna temperatures and treatment. Such a lack of control endangers the safety, health and/or the physical or mental well being of its clients.

    Narconon hires former students to work at Narconon-Chilocco immediately upon graduation and the former students work directly with the present students. While former patients of drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics can be employed in such clinics after graduation, the former patient's recovery from his addiction should be established with more passage of time to ensure sobriety and to avoid putting patients in contact with addicts who are not fully recovered. This practice could negatively impact the safety and effectiveness of the program.

    Narconon does not maintain a sufficient level of follow-up of its students after graduation, which impacts the effectiveness of the program allowing for relapses and lack of recovery.

    During an on-site visit in November 1991 a student was found with a potentially dangerous low level of potassium which could lead to cramps, (muscular, skeletal problems) and cardiac arrhythmia.

    The vast majority of time spent in the Narconon treatment plan and course work does not in any way relate to or involve education about drug and alcohol abuse treatment, issues, and/or addiction. The Narconon treatment plan thus has deficiencies which render it ineffective. The Narconon treatment plan is general in nature, applies categorically to all students and is not individualized. The treatment plan also lacks measurable individualized objectives which the students should seek to achieve in the program. For instance, the treatment plan sets a patient's objective as follows: To have a clear mind. This objective is essentially meaningless. In order for a bonafide drug treatment plan to be effective it is essential to have individualized measured objectives which Narconon's treatment plan lacks.

    <<<CON'T BELOW>>>
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