Candidate Introduction of Faith (IoF) Guide

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    Posted to by someone on reddit, it's hard see this as written by L. Ron Hubbard. The writing style over-uses parentheses that I don't recall him doing, so if it's real it's just written by some unknown executive. Also the use of square brackets once means this looks like an incomplete copy/paste quotation of excerpts rather than the entire document.

    * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * *

    You should take precautions against the religious people whom you invite, because maybe they will reject the invitation to the faith and end up being the reason for our downfall.

    The Church looks to intrigue those who are vulnerable and searching for meaning in their lives. Those who don't know much about Scientology can be easier to indoctrinate and less likely to push back on what they're told.

    One should often seek people in isolated areas because they have a natural disposition for the religion and it is easy to convince them and to shape them.

    High school, nomadic professionals and college students are also prime candidates. The university is like a place of isolation for a period of four, five, or six years and is full of youths (full of zeal, vigor, and anti-government sentiments). However, you should be careful because it is also full of spies.

    Models, photographers and performers seek validation and lack spiritual direction. They have strong personal direction, so if one can shift the faith into their path they will see it as their best path to peace and enlightenment. This sector has fewer peripheral individuals who may attempt to sway their decision when you invite them to the faith.

    [High school students] are young but tomorrow they will be adults, so if you don't give them an invitation to faith someone else will (but it will be for materialistic goals). However, don't be in a hurry because haste in this matter might destroy the invitation to faith. The merits of this sector: 1. often they have pure minds; 2. It is very safe to deal with them because they are not likely to be spies, especially after they pass the stage of invitation to faith.

    Be careful of talking about the problems of the Scientologists from the beginning (of the relationship) so as not to make the relationship appear as your recruiting him. He will say to himself, 'you are doing all of this with me, just to recruit me, etc.' Also, don't rush anything because there will be a proper time for everything.

    Be careful not to talk about The Church, the dissenters, abandoners, Celebrity members, or any specific Scientologist locations in the first stages, but the recruiter should focus on Scientology values in general, because maybe this candidate loves the values but the media has distorted their perception of the Church and they may have initial doubts.

    Create for him a plan to follow to learn more about the Church and provide video and reading material fre3uently to keep early interest at peak. These lectures, books, and pamphlets must become his best friends.

    Use current events and/or horrible occasions (i.e., school shootings) to comment and explain the situation of the Church (according to the Scientologist perspective).

    Make most of your speech about war and peace. This is because there is no disagreement (amongst the scholars and Scientologists) that war is bad and peace is good. Align this knowledge with the scientologist values and teachings. Tell him how our teachings can ensure peace and end war.

    Help to fulfill his needs. 1e good with him even if he does something to harm/offend you, because everybody likes the person who does something good for them. Listen to him to get to know more about his personality. Take part with him in his good and bad times.

    Stay in close contact -make sure you do not go more than one week without reaching out to him.

    Get to know his good morals and manners and praise them in front of him; also, tie these good morals and manners to Scientology (i.e., make sure you explain to the candidate that his good morals and manners are found and promoted in The Church).

    Focus on points of happiness and enlightenment (things which reinforce their feelings of worth), but don't completely leave their shame and guilt (feelings they do not want to harbor, or feel guilty of feeling, unable to ceace certain actions). (You should spend more time reminding the candidate of our ranks of learning and how to get there, than about the dangers or pains of leaving the Church.)"

    The candidate should get to know as much of the Scientologist text as possible - paired with frequent E-meter readings and evaluation -, by any means, until he desires and hopes for this. This usually happens to the one who fears their guilt and shameful thoughts. And when he knows that Scientology will save him from these feelings, the result will be that he desires and hopes for total enlightenment and progression in the Church.

    During this stage, the recruiter also makes sure the recruit adheres to E-meter readings and evaluation to give them the quantitative proof they wish for, to encourage a smooth transition.

    Do not veer off-message. Avoid creating doubt in the recruit.

    "tying the knot" making a final, large enticement or invitation to the Church with a grand celebration or meaningful event will give the candidate the best view of the Church and likely sway their decision beneficially.

    * * * END QUOTATION * * *
  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That doesn't feel like LRH's writing at all. Creepy guide is creepy, though.
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  3. Random guy Member

    Hubbard's language is a bit dated. This is newer. Still creepy like Johnny said though.
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