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  1. DeathHamster Member

    Scientology likes to use Sea Org as interchangeable spare parts to be moved around as needed, but there are these trivial wog rules like national borders... These days, CoS seems to depend on large numbers of imports from Eastern Europe and Latin American to prop up the declining Sea Org membership.

    There are a few threads about US religious worker status, but this one is for Canada.

    Unlike the US, there in only one group of Sea Org in Canada: The Continental Liaison Office, either at the Cambridge Org or the white elephant AOSH in Mono. Several years ago, that was around 80 people and falling. (Apparently being sent to Canada was a threat used against the downstat.)

    Religious status is a provincial jurisdiction in Canada, although some, like Ontario, farm the problem out to the Canadian Revenue Agency by requiring charity status, which they don't have:

    Since the CLO is in Ontario, status in other provinces doesn't really enter into it.

    Here's a 2006 powerpoint concerning religious worker visas. (There may have been changes since then.)

    HRSDC is now the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

    It looks like they should be screwed for religious worker visas:

    Non-spiritual duties
    • Within a church, e.g. church secretary – need a work permit, generally speaking
    • Need HRSDC confirmation
    • Church or group may have to prove that it has made attempts to hire a Canadian; prove salary/benefits are at market rates (this prevents the hiring of cheap overseas labour) and provide details of foreign worker will be doing
    This doesn't help:
    • Religious worker who works for religious parachurch organization is by definition not helping a congregation or organization achieve its spiritual goals
    • Therefore, not eligible for “religious” exemption from being required to first obtain a work permit before working in Canada for organization.
    And the exception to that requires charitable status.

    I don't know if the permanent residence stuff is applicable.

    No doubt CoS plays games with the wording to make it sound like the Sea Org are traveling volunteers, ministering to the fleeced flock, not drudges doing the cleaning and filing work.

    Another Sea Org issue might be if they flip any Canadians back to Canada for freeloader healthcare. The rules are that if you're out of Canada for more than six months, you lose that until you're back in Canada again for at least six months. (There are some missionary rules, but tricky in Ontario where they don't have recognized status, plus the exceptions still time-out after a while.) Odds are, they kick them to the curb and let them make their own way back to Canada.
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    FYI, the scientology "minister's course" takes just a couple weeks to complete and faster than you can say xenu, you're an ordained a "scientology minister".
    You are correct about which sea ogres get sent to Canada: It's either Canadian citizens who are necessary to establish a legal presence or foreign citizens who are "downstats" not wanted by the "team of OTs" in the U.S. I do not envy the latter group as they are the ones called upon to smuggle in merchandise to morgs in order to evade paying duties, GST and HST. They go through Sarnia, Windsor, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls mostly. You may be surprised by the amount of merchandise that gets smuggled in from the U.S. to Canadian morgs. The smugglers are told things to justify their criminal acts such as, "The Canadian government is run by DBs and SPs" and if they are doing a "liability condition" such an act becomes "deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group despite personal risk". Ya.
  3. DeathHamster Member

    It used to be 15 hours, now it's up to 20-something hours. Two weekends at most.

    I wonder if the Canadian officials granting visas realize that they don't have recognized religious status in Ontario? (They still have a handful of people registered in Ontario to do weddings from the 90s when they claimed that they were about to get charity status.)
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    According to the US State Department (hardly a reliable source):
    Since they don't have charity status, they shouldn't be getting that, but any bets that they attempt to sleaze their way around that?
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