Canadian mask ban bill penalty doubled to 10 years

Discussion in 'Media' started by DeathHamster, May 10, 2012.

  1. zalgo Member

    your as real as me
    and as fake
    there are no official events
    (except maybe watching the president show?)

    put on some shoes
    make a sign hide your face walk outside
    that's a real "movement"

    you can be very real online anon too
    and the secret is, make a new name that doesn't have your name in it
    it's a not-exclusive club.
    you don't tell us your name, and we don't know.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Together, we are a herd of cats.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. I anonymous i just trying to understand your post comment.
    What did you mean when you said FTFY.
    Maybe it for talk about this?.
    Meant to imply sheer and bold seriousness when talking about something in particular?.
    My question is just for a better understanding of your web code comminication.
    And by the way am so agree with your comment together,we are a herd of cats...
  5. Anonymous Member

    FTFY = Fixed That For You!
    FITY = Fixed IT For You.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    By the way,
    the messages posted as 'Anonymous' are not all by one person.
    They are posted by multiple people- anyone who uses "Reply Anonymously" at the bottom of their post.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Well i procede to a test...
    Ignore this reply...
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  8. Justmeeeee2 Member

    I want to clearly understand this so i don't get hammered, so...
    If i were able to attend the june 9 toronto raid (which sadly i'm not, but i'll be there in spirit)
    is it against the law now for me to wear my mask, and could i find myself charged?
    Same question for if 2 of us júst randomly showed up at an org and handed out info for an hour?
  9. Anonymous Member

    I think it's time to ban motherfucking politicians who pass laws that the public did not want.

    Or, do Candians want this law?
  10. DeathHamster Member


    Bill C-309 hasn't been signed into law yet.

    (Montreal is a whole different kettle of poutine.)
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  11. muldrake Member

    Even if it is signed into law, it doesn't illegalize simply wearing a mask, but wearing a mask for an otherwise unlawful purpose, such as rioting. It is already illegal to riot. Wearing a mask makes the offense worse. However, the bill's language is highly flawed and could easily result in a prosecution because you show up wearing a mask, and someone else you might not even show, like "black bloc" provocateurs, show up and do illegal stuff. Bam. You're facing charges. Probably you win, but at what cost?

    This bill is dangerous if it becomes law. I could easily see OSA provocateurs using it for fair game purposes, or for that matter, it being triggered by some random person's idiot actions.
  12. grebe Member

    "Illegalize" seems so clumsy compared to "outlaw." Is there some reason to prefer illegalize in this context, muldrake? Not being critical, just curious about words.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't sound as if it includes face-painting :)
  14. i dont care this law is complete and utter bullshit and i will not be a victim to is i WILL wear an anonymous mask at any anonymous protest in canada regardless of this government trying to take my rights away
  15. Anonymous Member

    Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have invested in all that expensive facial recognition equipment and software, and they don't want it to go to waste.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Just saw this Thread today. After the City of Montreal passed their anti-mask law this summer,
    I filed a lengthy Formal Complaint against the City of Montreal and the Montreal Police, with
    the Quebec Human Rights Commission in Montreal. A Commission Investigator contacted me
    and I agreed to drop the complaint if the City made an ammendment to the new law, making
    exceptions for Protest at COS ORGS.

    I also met with the Police and we had a brief chat over the new Law. They said they really didn't know
    how to apply the Law, so as long as we phone them with Protest date and place, they leave us alone.

    The ORG always calls them each time we protest, but the Police just smile at us and go their way :)

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  17. curvyns Member

    if wearing a mask is illegal the cops are going to be some busy on halloween
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  18. anonfly Member

  19. anonfly Member

    On the raid of april, a cop call a superviseur to make a decision about the fact that we were wearing masks....after a talk and explanations the superviseur agree with us and we can keep going. The police station was advised and we were doing as usual.
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  20. PTS Member

    It seems the CONS want the public to think that wearing a mask at a picket is illegal, or soon will be. Their ultimate goal is to deprive citizens of the right to dissent anonymously and it's easier to do that if they let people think that C-309 already does this. Last Saturday during the monthly raid a woman with one of those yappy little Yaletown-sized dogs on a leash sidled up to me at the corner of Homer & Hastings and sniped about how it is against the law to wear a mask in public. I replied "only while rioting" but she had made her point and had already flounced away, not really caring what I thought but seemingly happy in the knowledge that she was living in an ever more oppressive nation.

    I see no chance that the 309 amendment will not be proclaimed given how Harpo has stacked the Senate with his cronies. When it does I guess we'll need to record everything at every raid for our own protection. A good recording device is on my to get list. I'm thinking maybe a helmet cam.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Get the Squirrel Buster Model. It comes with laugh tracks!
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  22. PTS Member

    We are Borg
  23. A.O.T.F Member

    Funny :D & Sad .. but true. Thanks for that PTS
  24. PTS Member

  25. Quentinanon Member

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  26. Quentinanon Member
    "In a recent interview, Richards said there is a lot of misunderstanding about his bill and that there will always be people who disagree with it. He said he is proud to have identified a problem and created a solution."

    That phrase has a scientologised ring to it. Who has lobbied Blake Richards?
    A more accurate statement would be:
    "He said he is proud to have created a problem and identified a solution."
  27. Anonymous Member

    Possibly the best test of this law and its implications for freedom to assemble and protest would be Anonymous vs $cientology.

    So to contest the law in this regard, a court would need to hear all the proven stories of $cientologists kidnapping, assaulting, unlawfully killing and stalking.

    This would be good. Huge press attention.
    Anonymous would win the right to wear masks protesting the cult, and the world gets to hear more cult abuse stories.

    Footbullet for Mr Miscavige? I think so!
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  28. Spork Derpner Member

    First true test?

    Newfag here, and I'm keen to get in on this as my first action. That said, any run-ins with the law could result in major loss for me (non-citizen, but legal resident). Has anyone contacted legal authorities for clarification on this?
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Since no one here plans to riot or participate in an unlawful assembly, it shouldn't make any difference.
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  30. rickybobby Member

    Yes, but we all know that CoS manufactures accusations as a rule. Every time they call the police, they make unfounded allegations about threats and unruly behavior. That is STANDARD.
  31. Anonymous Member

    The city of Montreal is the only Canadian city that has introduced municipal and draconian anti-mask legislation.

    The Federal Legislation is specific to masked people participating in riot activities; vandalism, looting, (what DM stated), etc., and has nothing to do with lawful assembly and peaceful protests.

    The cult calls the police on the Vancouver Anons with some regularity.

    Vancouver Anonymous has an excellent relationship with the Vancouver City Police, and it has always been this way.

    The Vancouver City Police Officers are very aware that the local cult manufactures imaginary threats to their well being (perpetrated by the protesters) and out of a sense of duty, do their job and pay us protesters a visit.

    They know that the protesters are non-violent and are acting in a completely lawful manner.

    Vancouver, Canada - Protesting the Cult Of Scientology since February 2008!
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    And that's why I have video running all the time.
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  33. V-77 Member

    honestly a mask doesnt brand you as an anarchist, nor rowdy. I think masks should be aloud. but always bring a camera, its better tht way

  34. Dla umilenia czasu ;)
  35. Alot of the Cops had masks on during that(armed masked thugs with no name tags so you can't prove which one assaulted you when you take them to court, all by design). Does that make them privileged or should they be taken to jail and given 5 years or just beat like a protester.. Government is the biggest hypocrite.. Ever notice everything illegal is run by government(gambling, alcohol, etc. etc. just like a mafia)
    There's no difference between a government and a mafia as far as i'm concerned

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