Canadian Jobs at risk while abusing foreign workers

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Unverified, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Unverified Member

    A group of us has been protesting the TFW program for a month or so, we staged a protest at the Edmonton legislature on Dec 5, and the 20th.

    The temporary foreign worker program allows companies to import workers, pay them 15% less than the required wage for Canadians, and there is no guarantee of citizenship later on. They don't even have to advertise for Canadians first!

    I know several people who have been laid off, while TFW's take their place. The employer usually houses them, and allows them to pay his/her mortgage on a rental house, while they pay them peanuts.

    We aren't against foreign workers, we are against this bill that will not help our jobs.. we have plenty of Canadians needing employment!

    Here's a few links to more info about the program..

    Have a public facebook group up also

    Anybody else besides me think this program is crazy?? I can't see how its going to help any of us!!!
  2. Anonymous Member

    It helps consumers in Canada pay lower prices.
    It helps business owners make a profit.
    It helps the foreign workers improve their quality of life.
  3. Unverified Member

    If you read the facts you can see its purely for profits by corporations!
    Taking advantages of foreign workers isn't right either... the abuses of this program cannot be ignored.

    I'll gladly pay more to keep work in Canada. I know many people laid of personally that have been replaced with TFWs.

    Do you think a company would hire a Canadian if they can hire a TFW for 15% less? Probably not... pay the TFW the same as the Canadian!!
  4. Happening in Australia and loved by Employers to lower wages and conditions

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