Canada Department of Justice - Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Canada Department of Justice - Complaint

    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - New Complaint

    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    Narconon Executives once laughed at me when I gave them a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms after they clearly were in violation of Patient's Charter Rights and Freedoms.

    I think the smiles and chuckles will soon dissapear once this new complaint is filed against the Executives who were with Narconon Canada, Brad Melnychuk from ABLE Canada, and Narconon International.

    The Quebec Human Rights Commission has juristiction over Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, but the Canada Charter will deal with the others.

    [ame=]YouTube - Akon- Freedom ( SONG AND LYRICS!) Hi-QUALITY[/ame]

    Freedom is the most basic of all human rights, and yet throughout history many individuals and nations have had to struggle to be free. Much progress has been made in helping to win freedom for all. But even though all nations agreed to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for their citizens, many people are not allowed these basic liberties. -- Robert Alan

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Canada Department of Justice - Complaint

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Canada Department of Justice - Complaint

    here's a headline I'd like to see in all Canadian newspapers:

    "The most ethical people on the planet", that promote human rights through front groups such as YFHR, laugh at the Canadian Charter of Rights.
  4. Intelligence Member

    Re: Canada Department of Justice - Complaint

    One Media contacted me two days ago and another tonight. It's going to be out there sooner rather than later I hope.

    Geeezzz, it's 3:15 am and still working on all this stuff. Thank god I don't have to be at my day job until 1:00pm. Aweful new shift, but only until Dec. 22nd; then off for two weeks! One year at this tedious job.

    Gee, I wonder what I'll do with my time off ;-)
  5. Intelligence Member

    Dragged this draft out of the shoe box. Now that there is a delay in the upcoming Court Hearing, I have some time
    now to move forward with this and an "Information" to Revenue Canada." Have enough evidence dox to proceed.

    Something to do in my spare time :)

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  6. Intelligence Member

  7. Intelligence Member

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Making good progress. I think Revenue Canada will be quite interested.

    Gosh, I don't like working on Tax stuff; complicated laws,..., YUK!
  9. Intelligence Member

    Very good timing for this Revenue Canada - Charitable Tax Status "Information/Complaint" to be underway
    and progressing well.

    Just completed 3 Skype calls to credible witnesses. (ex-employees), followed by statements/dox.

    We now have Intel right down to how much money was allotted to feed each Narconon Patient. The
    amonut of $14.00 for each Patient per day. That may seem sufficient, until staff members who also
    eat there are calculated in. Some paid a minimal amount; some did not. We have the figures.

    Then there were Staff from ABLE Canada; Narconon Canada; and Narconon International, who were
    all at NN TR on "Missions" and corrective administration. The amount of money these entities drained
    from the NN TR coffers was incredible indeed.

    I can't leak all of the "money trail" right now, but I will as soon as it is appropriate. I will sit down with
    a Media Lawyer before allowing this story to be published.

    There IS another Shit Storm not far off on this one.

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  10. AuntAnonymous Member

    That's really good work David. Lots of attention from all the right people.
    Cult's going down faster than fast!
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  11. HellRazor Member

    Good luck Dave!
  12. Intelligence Member

    Yes, they are going down in certain areas, like Narconon in Quebec, but I think with
    enough heat, the Quebec Orgs could face a melt-down too. Especially the ones that
    use their Saunas and high doses of Niacin and other dangerous concoctions. More work
    must be done on the latter, we're getting there. The TVA hidden-camera Expose helped
    a lot.

    I'm working on a video Expose with a Multi-Media person in the USA right now. I've viewed
    some of his work and it's awesome, with high impact. We spoke last night and we're ready.
    Will have to go back to Trois-Rivieres for some filming and interviews. Called there last night
    for preliminary statements.

    Keeping fingers crossed it will all come together as soon as possible:)

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  13. ohbuddy Member

    hi dum dum here can anyone throw me a link or links where i can send a letter of complaint to my canadian government about the cult of scientology's tax status and well existence?!?!?!?! any help would be much appreciated
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  14. Intelligence Member

    This will get you started. I have a list I should put together for
    this type of request. Working on it in my spare time,..., LOL :)
    The Honourable Céline Hervieux-Payette, P.C.
    Senate of Canada
    Centre Block – Room 585-S
    Ottawa ON K1A 0A4
    Note: letters mailed to MPs and senators do not require a stamp.

    Denman Place Mall, 106 - 1030 Denman St
    Vancouver, BC, V6G 2M6
    604.666.0135 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 604.666.0135 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

  15. Intelligence Member

    Here I am again, still tapping away on my Laptop at 4:26am. Don't start my day job until 3:00pm, so I'm still ok,..., LOL.

    I'm on a roll again and working on this some more. Using their own Black Panther Mechanizm of staying
    on the attack. I view it as not an attack, but informing and educating Government and Politicians about
    the abuses of vulnerable Patients and the need for reform to our Canadian Charitable Tax Status/Exemtions
    and especially to Scientology/Narconon.

    I could have sent it in a while ago, but I wanted/needed more dox/information, which I now have.

    It's amazing how much info has come in from ex-Narconon/ex-scientologists.

    I appreciate all the help very much and will use the data wisely and efficiently. I promise:):):)

    OSA is not going to have fun "Handling" this one. And we have another USA Media Expose in the very near future:)
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  16. Intelligence Member

    If I had one wish, it would be that we didn't need to sleep to survive:)

    AND one eye in the back of our head;

    Oh', that's 2 wishes; ok, I want 2 wishes:)

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  17. Intelligence Member

    "Unless there is Justice for All, there is no equal Justice"

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  18. Squirrel King Member

    It can be arranged, but the process similar to working you up to an OTvii ... and like the OT levels: your psyche will be permanently damaged. Risk of permanent psychosis: 100%.

    Best to get some beauty rest, because you are going to make things ugly for the Scilons.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Me? I would never MAKE things ugly for the Scilons. Things are, and have been ugly for
    them for a long time.

    But if they continue making my Green Friend mad, things will certainly get much ugglier for them,..., LOL.

    They wouldn't like me when the green appears:):):)

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  20. Intelligence Member

  21. Intelligence Member

    We're almost there and ready to file Formal Complaint to the Canada Department of Justice.

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  22. Intelligence Member

    I need some help please?

    I just finished interviewing a "Confidential Source" on Skype for 44 minutes
    and the entire conversation is recorded. I have this person's permission to
    use the story and evidence and publish.

    But for the next couple weeks, I need to keep their identity confidential. (more interviews will follow this one as the story breaks)

    I would like to post some of the Recording Exerpts, but I need to disguise their voice.

    Any advice from you Anon Computer Geeks for some software to use or? :)

    Some of this is beautiful, tasty, and delicious, and no doubt some will make it in front of a Judge.

    I LOVE IT:):):)

  23. Intelligence Member

    Running a few days behind on this; had to take care of some other urgent business. Back on track and will complete and post asap:) ,..., very busy summer dotting all eyes and crossing tees.
  24. Random guy Member

    Good luck, looking forward to seeing this run it's course!
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  25. Intelligence Member

    À month or so`indeed,..., LOL - - should have ALL pertinent dox filed before mid-month.
    Had to work on other priorioty Cases first.

    Waiting this long has definately been in my favour, with new dox arriving last month in
    reference to their financial structure and disbursements.

    Will file the Federal dox first, followed by Provincial in Quebec City.

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  26. Quentinanon Member

    This might work for you. or

    They are other solutions if you know digital sound editing, but I don't think you want a learning curve.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Tx for this. No,..., LOL,..., I don't need anymore learning curves right now. My mind is so full
    of data right now, I just need to focus on a huge task in front of me right now, with very
    little coming in from my flanks if possible.

    I'm in "high discipline mode" right now, trying to shake off some "cold cob webs" - - pissing me off
    to no end - - but still pushing forward. Will shut down computers early again tonight and rest up:)

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  28. Anonymous Member

    If I may be so presumptuous, I'd say stop making videos for a while. It's not as effective a use of your talents and your time as organizing documents and forwarding them to authorities.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., well ok, I'll try:) - - I certainly do enjoy doing both, but sometimes my neurons/synapses need
    a change in scenery due to wear down tiredness. I used to study the affects and half lifes of certain
    substances on our brains and found that changing what one has been intensely focussed on for several hours, over to something new, gives me awakened energy. Wrote a couple articles about it while observing NN TR patients (and myself) during TR's and Objectives auditing processes. (I'm no expert by even a tiny means, so never published).

    Don't know why I wrote this ^^^,..., LOL - - perhaps I needed a break away from focussing
    on the Revenue Canada dox :)

    But seriously, I do try to focus on documentation and the presentation thereof as best I can:)

    Only have about 9 videos in progress and will post at least one after the next Montreal protest (soon).

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  30. Intelligence Member

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Everything is now set for EPIC meeting. :)

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  32. Intelligence Member

    HOLY SHIT!!!

    My apartment building is on fire right NOW!!! Fire trucks are here stringing out hoses.

    Hallway is too smokey for me to leave, but they will get me by ladder if needed.

    Filming it all. - - people yelling and screaming everywhere!!!!!

    I feel SAFE:)

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  33. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Jeebus David, be careful!!!
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  34. Pique Member

    Grab your computers and ID
  35. Intelligence Member

    Police are yelling at me to GET OUT - - grabbing computers and making run for it.


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  36. rof Member

  37. xenubarb Member


    Also be well, David! I know you have dox stashed off-site so just get your lectronics and your ass outta there!
  38. Intelligence Member

    I'm fine - - 3 fireman came in and got my balcony door open. There are 70-80 fireman,
    ladders up against building, ambulances, people colapsing to ground as they leave building.
    More than 7 huge fire trucks! I was told to stay out on my balcony! Just opened my entrance
    door and smoke has subsided - - under control now.

    Have all on video - - no other media here yet. I will post vid ASAP.

    Ohhh, I hear more smashing, must go.


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  39. Anonymous Member

    David doesn't afraid of anything
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  40. Intelligence Member

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