Can you do transliterations?

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Anon, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. ????? ????????? ???? ??? death list. translate please?


    I'm especially interested in information about students at Shiraz University, as I know someone there.
  2. These are students at Tehran U. list of missing, arrested, freed, and still in custody
  3. go to google translate site

    Go to Google translate site (Text and Web - Google Translate)
    and translate this page
    it's the Acceptable Rendition

    Sorry for bad english........
  4. translated

    after the recent attacks (by special forces and well...basij I guess, we call them "those dressed in personal/unmarked clothes"; cause they dress like normal people and you dont know that they re going to kill u until when they r killing u) to tehran university IMAN NAMAZI has been killed, student of civil engineering.

    These have been missing:
    Mohsen Azmoudeh, philosophy major
    payam pour-rang, civil engineering
    morteza Jaan-baazi; chemistry
    ... Haji-pour; material engineeirng

    Injured students:
    yaghub rahbari-hagh;electrical eng
    hosein abdi;mechanical eng
    mohammad fatemi-nejad; health
    mojtaba kashani;management
    haafez mohammad-hassani;literature
    and wow, man there is a big list of released from jail students and also still in jail students.
    Do u need those names?
  5. "do you need all those names?" ha ha

    well, that was sort of the point. how about you go the reverse and tell me if Koosha is on there? he hasn't updated his facebook since the 13th... Tell me how you'd write that in Farsi, so I can search.

  6. I don't even know if he was around at all, or has anything to do with any of this. I also don't know how common a name that is. Hopefully I'm not getting him in trouble. :(
  7. oh, you're right. this is all Tehran

    Drat. :( ...well, at least my *other* friend isn't on that...

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