Can we all pray for the Bahai community who are harassed in Iran?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Malcolmblaer, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Malcolmblaer Member

    The show trials in the aftermath of the June 2009 presidential election, at which defendants have been forced to read statements incriminating themselves, have completely discredited “confessions,” such as the one purportedly made by “P.F.,” both inside and outside of Iran. It is well known that such confessions are obtained while prisoners are under extreme duress, often after being exposed to such appalling tactics as food and sleep deprivation, fake executions, threats against their families, and worse. Rather than accepting responsibility for the turmoil in the country, the Iranian government organizes such show trials in order to lay the blame on innocent citizens and others.
  2. حمید Member

    What more Can we do?

    “I am afraid you could do better than praying. I am afraid you could not rely on praying” This is what would the answer be from the one in trouble finding herself alone, helpless in the precarious world she finds herself in, adding unanswered questions to her knowledge. Whose prayers would not have helped if not hers, yours and mine after so long a precious time we naively hoped for the better to be done by others? Stand up and use your legal rights demanding your politician to act and act immediately for seconds are so precious only she values. How many can you and I help if not all by the speaking on her behalf? She is Baha’i, she is Christen, she is Jewish, she is Muslim, ... she is all after all she is a human in pain, in unjust chain for the sake of her prayers. Today, those responsible for this human crime are bargaining and are trying to convince and assure, perhaps your politician, of being capable of managing tools which can result to the chain on your and my neck. Let your self be heard!

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