Can someone translate these pics please very urgent.

Discussion in 'Translations' started by decebal, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. decebal Member

    Can someone translate these pics please very urgent.
    I downloaded this video earlier very very very disturbing.
    All I could understand was 2009.
    PLEASE like i said very very disturbing it almost make me throw up.
    I know it is Persian but i want to know if it is related to the Iranian revolution.

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  2. jbrown998 Member

    Not Persian

    This text is not Farsi. It is Arabic. I know the Alphabet looks similar, but trust me on this one...
  3. decebal Member

    Thaks a lot.It's good that didn't happen in Iran. But now from curiosity what does it say because that person got real hurt physically and psychically. Thanks.
  4. Just want someone to confirm that it's not our marine.
  5. decebal Member

    I don't know if the guy is a marine. The guy is naked a cut several places.He looks shocked, he yells something but only one word. I hope somebody can translate this. Like I said very disturbing.
  6. Azad Member

    I couldn't translate this myself because it is Arabic not Persian but since the alphabet is the same I typed the words in google translate and here is what it translated:

    "اللیبرالیه تغنی اغنیتها المفضله و ترحب بالانسان بالسکین و بالقضیب"

    "Liberal sing song favorites and welcomes the man بالسکین and penile"

    "انسان فولتیر و فروید و کانت ... انسان القانون و الدستور. انسان الحضاره 2009 یبدو علیه الشعور بالامان و بالحریه فی هذا الفدیو الممیز!"

    "Voltaire and freud person closest ... Human law and the Constitution. 2009 human civilization seems to be a sense of security and freedom in this unique video!"
  7. Thanks for the transliteration. It seems like some sort of Arabic 'koan' or 'haiku'.

    "Liberals singing the same old tune, welcoming their man and his hard-on."

    "My dearest philosopher and psychologist: Humanity vs. Law. Human civilization in 2009 seems to show a sense of security in this particular video."

    Sounds disturbing. Who is in the video? Does the video exist? From what I understand in this thread the video contains footage of either a deranged attention-seeking self-cutter or a man being tourtured by some anarchical alqaeda/taliban/basiji? Occam's Razor doesn't try to slice it apart without seeing it first.

  8. any1 else seen this?

  9. decebal Member

    thank you for your help. Let me describe the video.
    I found this on a torrent site. It was written in arabic it was translated urgent must see. I thought it was something from Iran because I post them on youtube. Here's the discription:

    There's a room with a bed a small T.V. ...
    There are 3 guys laughing and the camera goes toward the door. There is a beaten man , he is naked bruised and cut. On his right buttock there is a large knife cut. As somebody is pushing him in the room everybody starts slapping and hitting him. He is forced by the wall. Everybody in the room is yelling at him, i do not know what, one guy slaps him on the face ,the left side, and another guy has a knife in hand slices his face with it (right cheek). the person that is getting hurt look stunned, frighten actually. Then they yell again at him and one guy takes his pants down. The injured person starts knotting his head no and the guy with the knife points the knife at him yelling something. The guy abides he stands on his knees will not discuss this thing and after 8 -10 seconds (it was more for humiliation i think) the people after wards let him go. Very very disturbing.
    After wards there is a picture with some writing at the end of the video. I do not know what happened to the person but the way everybody was acting i believe they killed him. Do not know for sure

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