can some translate this please??

Discussion in 'Translations' started by lea1978, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. lea1978 Member

    chekhabar chetoran boy friendetoon
  2. God, persian is an amazing language. Did I mention beautiful?

    It means: From afar I lean over slightly to catch your ear and your glimpse, my boyfriend.

    salamati yeshoma. به زودی خواهد شد وجود دارد بسیار مهم است ترجمه. لطفا صبر کنید برای آتش بازی.

    cf. RFC 1925: 2.(1),(4),(7a),(8),(10) but very soon.

    And continued thanks.
  3. lea1978 Member

    Thank you very much for translating!! I'm dealing with a crazy ex-wife!! Could you translate this too?? Khey!! Root ziade kamesh kon, ya khodam kamesh mikonam.
  4. lea1978 Member

    could someone translate this please??

    Khey!! Root ziade kamesh kon, ya khodam kamesh mikonam.
  5. haha, that's what happens when you use an automated translation that is hardly even in the alpha stage...

    this one means: "What's up? how is your boyfriend?"

    and this one roughly means: "you are so cheeky (impudent), go learn some manners or I'll deal with you myself!"

  6. lea1978 Member

    Thanks again for helping me out!!

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