Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by starborgled, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Holy Mother of God! Forget the Rolex, look at that stigmata!!

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    I stumbled into this story whilst surfing youtube for Scientology related madness.

    I ran a few google searches about the Ted Stourton character and I can say this: I think this a great glimpse in the inner workings of Scientology, and why people would join it.

    Regardless of the terrible hotel experiences shared by most guests (all of the actual ones, it would seem), let's focus on this supposed luminary of modern art.

    If you know anything about art, you immediately will see that these paintings are worthless crusts made by a mildly skilled, largely untalented, unimaginative and culturally irrelevant amateur. A simple web search will reveal that he is all but non-existent from the actual art world: this is not a matter of opinion, he simply is not in any real publication, museum, gallery or critical review.

    From the stories I read on the internet, naive people are lured into the place, then shown this "lightbox", some bizarre act by Mr. Stourton during which he proposes you buy a piece worth thousands for a "lovely guy" discount, just £90. £90, for a piece of art history. What a cheap scam artist, no? But in a way at least he is not robbing people of thousands a pop.

    Anyway, that's how the scam itself is consumed.

    What I think is interesting and revealing is how if you google "Ted Stourton" you will get approximately 20k results, and very many of them are these ridiculous blog posts, fake news about the artist representing Britain around the world, pieces from inexistent publications. However a person who is not informed about modern art, and perhaps doesn't particularly care about it, might be fooled. But trust me, closer inspection reveals clear fabrication, and wait! Is that the Camelot Hotel? That's right, more often than not, these posts are promoting both the artist and the hotel. Strange behaviour for a world famous genius.

    So I think we are seeing something emblematic, which becomes clear only because of how poorly it has been carried out. Had the hotel actually been remodeled luxuriously and were the artist any decent it would probably raise less suspicion, maybe even stand on all fours.

    There is some significant effort and muscle behind such a large scale attempt at fabricated reputation. I have only gone through the first 5 or 6 pages on google, but I can see that domains have been bought, articles written, hell, somehow they even got Nicholas Cage to nip down the hovel and pose with the "artist", with the sole purpose of creating a relatively credible basis for these people's questionable business.
    In that perspective, I think that the hundreds of "excellent" ratings of the place on fall into place, don't you?

    As interesting as it is frightening. I imagine freemasonry works similarly.

    (I have posted this text on several threads on the topic, I hope you guys will forgive my laziness ;))
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    includes web-sites,with effect from 01/03/2011
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    Damien Hirst was the original butterfly artist anyway - his pieces sell for thousands, if not millions.


    Stourton's plagiarist efforts barely make £5. :D

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    Oh yeah?
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    He might have copied Ted.
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    Hirst's earliest butterfly works stem from his "In And Out Of Love" installation, dated 1991.

    Including the yellow canvas example above.

    If Stourton was doing similar butterfly paintings before then - I'd like to see proof.

    As it is, I think he's a deluded lying plagiarist trying desperately to cash in on a vaguely familiar Hirst concept that is 20 years old.

    Oh and Hirst is notoriously litigious when it comes to protecting his intellectual copyright - might be fun to show him what the bald old man has been trying to pass off as his own work... he's surprisingly easy to get hold of. And he has far more money than Mappin/Stourton will ever have, and infinitely more powerful lawyers.

    The fact that Stourton supports $cientology and Mappin makes him a complete liar and fraud in my eyes. He deserves to be sued into the ground... and probably will be.

    Oh and yes, I am a religious bigot when it comes to $cientology - and so is anyone else with any sense.

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    And look at the hypocracy of this man!..... Isn't 'Pastor' Williams supposed to be the guru of positive media... Now, here he is in church, openly belittling all things positive..... Make up your mind, Pastor!!!;-)

    " Quote from Tintagel Independent News blogger....

    Organised jointly by theMediaNet and Christians in Journalism, there were certainly some bemused faces at BBC Radio's spiritual home, All Souls Church in Langham Place, on Saturday morning of February 19th.

    "It is time we were all weaned from the begging bowl and started to earn our keep," began the wake up call.
    "The tyranny of positive thinking is definitely not what is required from Christian do gooders in this age of economic austerity. Compulsory funding, grant stalking and donation dependence are all things of the past. It's time we learnt to stand on our own two feet..."

    So proclaimed radical media investor Duncan Williams at the recent UPLOAD: Standing Together conference held in Central London.

    Mammon and God have never been easy bedfellows and in the provocative talk by Williams which followed, entitled simply, "Money, money, money!", there were sure to be a few ruffled feathers amongst a flock of Christians all too used to receiving donations and charity for their good works and public service.

    -------------------- TINTAGEL INDEPENDENT BLOG ---------------------------------------------------
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    I am always deeply suspicious of men who claim to have made a fast fortune in a very short space of time........... Particularly when they have strong past (possibly present) links to the CoS. Williams, who seems to have many irons in many fires (geddit?) is a classic case in point, and a BIG thank to the well researched Anon that dug up this little treat from way back in 1999.

    So, Pastor Williams, maybe now, at long, long last, YOU will actually care to comment on your past ways and means of achieving your current positive media 'empire'.............

    Blackmail, we can see here, has been just one of your many modes of operation.

    :-/ :-/ :-/
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    Nice digging Anons
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    > If that story doesnt go this weekend I just dont know who Benji will
    > feel about it, hes mightedly pissed off already not seeing it in
    > print, and to add to it hes having a great problrm stopping Williams
    > dropping it on his own website.
    > Tried phoning you yesterday, told you were not in the office. Give me
    > a call on the mobile when you read this on 00 27 82 738 5944. Did you
    > know Robbie was in Cape Town last month? and secondly when are you
    > running that Robbie/Beeb story? otherwise I'll drop it on Mohan. Its
    > his last week on column I think, Victoria's back from Thailand next
    > week.
    > Talk to ya leter,
    > bw, Joe.
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    I am convinced Stourton and Mappin suffer from the classic signs of Split Personality Disorder ( Dissociative Identity Disorder)

    Split personality disorder can be caused due to several reasons like over exposure to some kind of shocking incident, childhood abuse, problem in the brain functioning or social environment of the person can also cause this disorder. Basically conditions where mental pressure and stress are high leads a person to this disorder.

    A person with a split personality, undergoes change in the personality in just a few seconds. He then acts as a completely different person. He starts to imitate behaviourial traits, characteristics, name etc of the person he thinks he is. At times the person undergoes a change where they have alters of sexual orientation, genders, nationalities and ages. It also happens at times that they convert to an animal, extra terrestrial life force or even some kind of spiritual force.

    as for Stourton being 'The Worlds Greatest Living Artist'

    is that ex-pxxx-artist
    present con-artist

    I have had the very good fortune in recent times to be introduced to two genuine Cornish Artists,one specializing in Abstract,the other in Surrealism

    The deceitful and conceited Stourton should be avoided AT ALL COSTS !!
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    What is this thing with using somebody elses Notepaper all about? Please expand on the new Duncan Williams thread.
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    I have found a 'LIGHT BOX' on 'TATE ON-LINE'

    I would ask a simple question

    How many members of ANON think that:

    1. Stourton copied the name from The Tate Gallery?


    2. The Tate Gallery copied the name from Stourton?

    Furthermore. A search for Ted Stourton, (alledgedley the Worlds Greatest Living Artist) on Tate's web-site reveals that he is not on their list of Artists

    And, surprisingly, searches on numbers of reputable similar Gallery sites reveal xxxx-all


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    Ok John Mappin and Iriana are back to their old tricks. Reports arriving from the Tintagel area of another DVD mailshot and accompanying letter.

    Contained in this letter is some potentially bad news for some one.

    Dead Wrong DVD Picture

    To be fair local knowledge knows of no one sucked in yet but ears and eyes are open accross the whole area and these claims and certainly the ones about the businesses are a load of hot air, notice no names are named!

    But after the Inside out segment I would have thought they would have kept a low profile, perhaps it's time to raise our game again anonymous?
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    Local GP's informed and warned!
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    It won't be John or Ted's. For them, only cissies like girls.
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    Oh no!We will never here the end of it if she is,silent birth,stupid name the baby competitions,of course if its a boy Jon will be touting it as L rons reincarnate for sure,more scamming to come no doubt,if scientologists were not such a bunch of wankers you could almost feel sorry for them, because its as sure as shit that child will be used as a scamming tool before it can crawl,watch your wallets you scilon pricks as i feel johnny boys latest scam will be his best yet,suckers.
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    Can't wait to see Irina mixing it up with the local Mums outside the school gates!! "No sorry Johhny can't come and play with little Hubbard you're all quiet clearly mad!!"
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    You're all way off the mark. It's not Ted's, it's not John's and it's not any of the Polish clones. It is Irina's true love and I have managed to get hold of a scan of the child from the hospital.

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    O hai, Tintagel. What if you put a few bins around to collect up this crap so you can return it to him...preferably on a day when some Scientology or media celebrity is around...
    Here's a letter you can all print out and mail to Mappin...wouldn't that be fun?

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    Front Page News in the Local weekly paper the &quot;Cornish Guardian&quot;

    For the record the locals totally agree with Keeping Tintagel Castle open all year and John Mappin is once again using this to generate publicity for his shoddy hotel!

    Comments are open!

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    THE OWNER of one of the country's top hotels has called on English Heritage to abandon its plans for the winter weekday closure of Tintagel Castle – claiming it will harm local trade.

    In my opinion, it is one of the U.K.'s WORST B&B's,whose owners regularly try to sell valueless paintings to their guests,who have had an ongoing refurbishment program since opening in 1999,and who are using the property as a base for promulgating the 'trillion year cult'.

    If the owners,upon reading this thread, would like to correct these statements, then please feel free to do so by clicking on the link for a new web-site below

    hey Mappin, for the meagre annual premium of us$1,000, why not get yourself on this new web-site and start putting the record straight lol
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    hi everyone

    if you consider misleads as a web-site

    i.e. the reality of your experience at the hotel,compared to its boasts and claims,for example,

    then please contact,without delay,

    from 1st march 2011, the remit of the uk advertising standards authority includes marketing on web-sites

    thank you for your cooperation
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    (this 2nd link works)
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    He wears a watch on his right arm? That's just weird.
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  38. A Polish worker following Irina's instructions to say positive things about Camelot Castle?
  39. Anonymous Member

    That reads like some sort of RPF punishment, whichever Polish worker had their passport taken away for daring to ask for a decent wage was made to type that crap out...

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