Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by starborgled, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. FreeSaxon Member

    Back to my story of `Camelot’ and our visit last week to TTH

    We have 5 children and we took the two youngest down with us to Cornwall. It must be about 38 years since I was last down there, its changed since our last visit, but not as much as London. Sick of negotiating narrow lanes only to find HUGE car parks at the entry point of each little fishing port, with hoards of ant like tourists, we took the coastal cliff walks instead.
    We did so on our visit to Tintagel, taking the coastal cliff walk route from near Delabole . Tintagel, the ruin, inlet, and caves systems ARE `magical’. I hadn’t taken any swimwear, but our youngest had brought some along. However once in the water she needed some encouragement , I fell in trying to help, and had to drip dry, on our long walk up to Tintagel Castle Hotel, which I thought might be worth a visit.

    Passing the front of the Hotel and a line of expensive luxury cars, the place looked quite impressive. We noticed that they offered `The Best coffee in Tintagel ‘ hmmm . Went in, and spoke to a Polish lad on the bar he was wearing lightweight white jacket, that looked smart. I asked `Are you open to none residents ? can we have a couple of coffees please’
    He looked slightly bemused, but sat us down inside the main room near the window, and quickly brought us two coffees.
    Felt a little self-conscious as I had only just dried out, :oops: but the everpress trousers had kept their crease, so I looked around, and sipped my coffee.
    Have to say the main room and dining area beyond seemed to be in good repair, and the paintings O.K.

    Our youngest daughter, nudged me, pointing just behind me.

    I turned around to find the polish lad standing behind me, silently.
    He announced boldly “ Had we heard of the life boat, and would we like to see it ?”
    Life boat ?
    I asked him to tell me more, and he talked about a resident artist they had in the castle, and the `life boat’ turned out to be the LIGHT BOX !
    I said “ Do you think he will WANT to see us ?” …. I will ask he said. He came back twice, to tell us that we WOULD be seeing the `light box’. Then young Polish woman ( dressed in a White Jacket ) appeared and confirmed we WOULD be seeing a Ted some body or other the artist. At this point we picked up what we thought was the menu, but it was a folder full of people who had seen this `light box’, and their own newspaper with pictures of Prince Charles and clebs on their visits to the Hotel. At this point we wondered what the hell was going on, had we been mistaken for somebody else ?
    ( no not prince Charles )

    The young Polish girl returned and asked us how long we were staying for, and where we were staying.
    She looked very confused when we told her we were staying a few miles down the road, it didn’t seem to register.
    She left and returned a few minutes later proudly announcing “ He is here, and he is coming”.
    Ted arrived in a somewhat confused state of mind, and shook all our hands. When he found out we weren’t STAYING at the hotel, he explained that he was busy at the moment, but we could come back tomorrow at any time. We didn’t return, but took the hotel newspaper with us. Reading it made the surreal experience even stranger. A quick Google upon our return home yielded this site / thread.
    I have to say we found the Polish staff polite, un jaded almost terminally `nice’.

    Looking through the newspaper I had John & Irana pegged as sort of Jewish mafia types.
    We took our `experience’ as some sort of promotional thing that had gone wrong !
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  2. Krautfag Member

    Thanks for the story, mate and congratulations for surviving Clamalot Castle :)

    I wonder though if you really are aware what this board is, since google sent you here, hrhrhr.
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  3. FreeSaxon Member

    Krautfag thanks ..... this site ? Well I took it as a sort of
    Anonymous ( the `acking, `V’ for Vendetta anarchist do gooders ) sort of site. ?
    Is it ?:D please tell
    Having read through this thread I just HAD to post my light hearted story.
    I AM very political, but I am still on holiday ;)
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  4. Anonymous Member

    you're not far off the mark.

    no 'ackers 'ere though. no no no.


    enjoy your hols!
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  5. Puppetmama Member

    FreeSaxon, for a hoot check out the trip advisor reviews. Hint - the positive ones are written by the staff. The negative ones will show you how lightly you got off. Have fun but beware, inquiring minds sucked into exploring Scientology for the lulz usually stay for the horror.
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  6. Krautfag Member

    Aye, it's the Anonymous Anti-Scientology (aka Chanology), errm, place :)

    Anarchist do gooders? Is that the word on the street now?
    Damn them moralfags -.-
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  7. Welcome. Your mere reading of this whole thread justifies it's existence. Or not.

    As for
    Once you've read a few of the tl/dr docs, and started listening to all the LRH tapes the tedium of that calling really sets in.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. timthephoto Member

    i once listened to a LRH tape, part one of about six in a series. It was tedious (beyond words)...'ve listened to moar than one?
  10. Always thought there was a TV show in this story. The only problem is that you could not screen one episode before the punters start screaming about ripping off "Fawlty Towers"

    A desperate John Cleese could probably be talked into playing Mappin.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Any Sun hack who exposes the disgrace of 'scientology in schools' is doing ok, in my book.
  12. Anonymous Member

    he's never going to be *that* desperate
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    If nothing else, his Video Arts business training video business does well.
  14. One more marriage might do it...
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  15. Well, probably technically more than one. I admit I've gone off others pointers and FF to certain parts and quotes, etc. It was a while back, and I can't listen to that fucker's voice anymore. There are/were people here who listened to a lot more of the stuff than I did.

    I did a bit of preservation back when chanology was new and /b/ackup was needed. The tapes proved to be somewhat soporific and I didn't like falling asleep with Hubbard droning on like a tweaker so I quit. This would have been a few years ago now when all this stuff was first leaked here. I also used to collect docs but recently flushed them from the system as there are so many copies of the basic stuff floating around on bittorrent anymore.

    My how time flies when you're taking down cults for LULz and PROFIT?? !!!! ;)
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  16. timthephoto Member

    I wonder how much of John Mappins' freaky stare is caused by the the TRaining and how much is the tapes?
  17. I wonder if a little caution needs to be exercised when responding to s/o with the tag FreeSaxon, who mentions that he is "very political" (albeit on holiday) & who says he thinks that with the Mappins he may have encountered "Jewish Mafia". Don'tcha all think so?

    Meanwhile N Milland from the Sun seems to have done a really useful story on schools & Narconon, let's hope he continues.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Interesting. A few hours ago, FreeSaxon, now a registered WWP Member, started a thread in FoI that is overtly antisemitic. The thread was rapidly moved to The Thunderdome, where it now slumbers.
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  19. I don't go to the dome much. Good to know. Thank you.
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  20. HOC Member

    Tongue in cheek or not, please do not advocate illegal activities on WWP. Thanks
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  21. GoogleMappin Member

    Agree with Bayir55 and HOC. No point in giving the loony cult freaks more grounds to cry to the police about 'religious hate crimes' and other such rubbish.

    I can see this case progressing nicely from the magical PR opportunity ('ghost burns down Hollywood star's house says celebrity Castle owner') to a dreadful religious hate crime ('cowardly Anonymous terrorists...') to a bit of cult score-settling ('Jealous rival good-news media mogul and convicted arsonist Duncan Williams...'). It's win-win-win for Mappin.

    On a serious note, given the history of these people and the rate at which CCH must be losing money, if I was a police investigator I would be flagging this fire (and all of JM's other claims about being persecuted) as a possible 'precursor' activity to - how can I put it - some future 'arson-based' insurance claim related to the whole hotel perhaps? Anyone know who CCH's insurers are?

    Just when I thought this saga couldn't give any more (well, any more than the continuous effluent outflow of awful TripAdvisor reviews) it, of course, does.
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  22. timthephoto Member


    couldn't agree more
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  23. GoogleMappin Member

    ^^^^what he said
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Bumbity bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity bump bump bump
  25. Anonymous Member

    so has anyone heard about ted's plan to cover every painted surface in the hotel with glitter?
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  26. Krautfag Member

    No. Please tell.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Duncans off tweeting about CCH again! FFS

  28. Anonymous Member

    Duncan posted that "burn Camelot" comment.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    He's confused. Camelot routinely burns their guests with five star prices for a run-down bed and breakfast (without the breakfast), plastic pod toilet and shower, and a creepy "artist" who lives in the basement.
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    When they redid the lobby, Ted wanted glitter. Workmen said o hell naw. We were gonna order him a few barrels.
  32. Anonymous Member

    So there's a suspicious fire and now a convicted arsonist who apparently has more than a small interest in the matter making wild accusations that anonymous strangers, most of whom are halfway around the world, are somehow responsible.

    Are the authorities responsible for investigating this incident aware of this?

    It seems like it would be something they'd be interested in.
  33. muldrake Member

    Perhaps someone should take a look into any recent insurance purchases.
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  34. anon walker Moderator

    IIRC, Mappin sold off that bit with the storage building to some guy who reno'ed it and rented it to an actress; the building was drafty and old and would've been better as firewood. It's a spectacular location with hella view so um. I'd be checkin Dunc's bank accounts if I were the plod. Sudden influx of poundage and a few gasoline purchases...well, it ain't proof but it's definitely a matter of interest.
  35. anon walker Moderator

    "Desperate?" Oh hail naw, it'd be funnier than Fawlty, with Scientology as a bonus. Everybody likes to laugh at Scientology. Hah! Hah! Hah!</tomcruise>

    I could see Rowan Atkinson playing the smarmy artist in the basement. Or how about Dr. Evil? He'd make a great Ted Stourton!

    Faulty Towers might be too close. How about, 'The Uphill Gardeners' Society?"
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  36. RolandRB Member

    I gave myself an OOB experience and projected myself over there and did it.
  37. Anonymous Member

    You know the awful thing is that John boy is poised to torch his own building down with its history and majesty all over a stupid cult invented by a bonkers bloke,I really hope the wanker gets his this time cos even if i had the balls to do it and he payed me a million quid i think we could all agree i would rather see the jumped up, toffee nosed mentalist rot in on that hill than so much as walk past it with a lit fag.John you are a prick and not even you and your imaginary super powers are gonna get you out of this one you daft prick.
  38. timthephoto Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Well Said!

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  40. timthephoto Member

    poor John, can't seem to take those micro-managing w.i.s.e. fingers out of the cooking pot, can he. One time he's been slated in reviews for the "Aloof" staff, so he commands that every guest be spoken to, for at least X minutes & NEVER more than Y.

    i think the real "is" here is Scientology, w.i.s.e. and all the mountain of clap-trap written by L Ron Hubbard
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