Calling on All Anons

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    wow. NICE. ^^
    love that!
  2. Linxis° Member

    Please understand that on some of my posts, part of them are not always serious, my /support for manning thing. It was just a joke, a metaphor to be exact, showing that i am on Mannings side, did you really think i were to go and bust him out? The only reason i am on his side is because he helped WikiLeaks, and the part of me that hates him is because he didnt report when it IS his soldier duty. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. It was a peakchor of a cawk with a few Bee's having a get together on the end it, nothing any normal anon doesn't indulge in from time to time.
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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Manning didn't help Wikileaks, Wikileaks helped (alleged leaker) Manning by publishing documents (alleged leaker) Manning wanted people to see so that they could be better informed about what their representatives are doing in their names. And I have no idea what "didnt report when it IS his soldier duty" means.
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  7. [IMG]

    whatever you do, do not disturb the fucking hive. You have been warned.
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  8. gigarath3 Member

    That's the world we live in.
  9. Orson Member

    If only there was some place, maybe online or something, where people could get together with other like-minded freedom fighters and plan protests and events and other ways of spreading the word on the importance of FoI, Wikileaks, etc.

    Somebody should make one of those website thingies.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    *THIS is what I am putting out...but I don't know where to tell interested peeps to go...or where to say to release stuff...any ideas?*


    Late to the party but ahead of the game.

    If you or someone you know is in the position to help, PARTICIPATE, it's not hard to figure out where to gather info on how to help.

    If you work at a company in which you KNOW there is unethical illegal and harmful acts being perpetrated, run silent, run deep...gather the information, nuke your tracks...RELEASE the information. EXPOSE.

    They can only continue to be corrupt with OUR participation.

    THIS is a call to arms, ALL PEOPLE are anonymous if they wish to be. Look around your workplace, do you work in IT? Do you have access to company servers? EMAILS? Is your loyalty to your company unquestionable? GOOD.

    Do the right thing. Each and every company on the face of this earth that is behaving unethically towards others (BOA, MONSANTO, WAL-MART, OUR GOVERNMENT) should be shitting their pants right now. The HBGary take down was peanuts, small time compared to what we can do with more PARTICIPANTS.

    Anonymous isn't a group you can "join", it's a movement you either participate in....or you don't.

    IF you want change there IS something you can do.

    If you can't dig out information, you can participate by passing information on.

    You can print up flyers with information, website links, ect so that people can go and look for themselves. The MEDIA is not reporting on the leaks, the sheep don't know..without knowledge they can't decide.

    There are many ways YOU can choose to participate in Anonymous.

    EVERYONE is anonymous if you choose to be. PARTICIPATE.

    THIS is a battle we can win...without a single shot being fired.
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  11. Warhawk57 Member

    The next president of America could in theory pardon him. I know this is extremely unlikely
  12. COREarg Member


    I Knew it! I knew they existed! SEE MOM,I'M NOT CRAZY!
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  13. LocalSP Member

    Just don't put your penis in there.
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  14. 4TheSpark Member

  15. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That is what Aaron Barr learned the hard way.
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  16. AnonymousNow Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. anonymous612 Member

    I too would like to see that.
  19. conatus Member

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    wikileaks IP

    Use this to access Wikileaks, web-proxy is optional, and download the Archive. It's full of torrents for those who don't know. Seed them for great justice!
  21. WMAnon Member

    If the Boston guy is still around, we do stuff here. Nothing's planned for this weekend, but we should have a something either the 9th or the 23rd of April. PM me to get on the mailing list.

  22. Let me know please ..
  23. WMAnon Member

    LET'S DO THE 23RD!
  24. 23rd works
    Boston needs an event
    shit I need an event ...
  25. AltecLanding Member

    wow this is astonishing, I watch and read news daily in my area and I have heard nothing of such situation. Something should be done. The governments are taking shit too far what ever happened to a respected royalty rather than a feared royalty.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Hello Anonymous unfortunatly I must trouble all here with a spot of spamming. I have come accross an Anon believer (you see what I did there ;) anyway he astonishes me to say the least. See what I mean for yourself, view his video DAMMIT!!! Its full of pretty masked faces that seem vaugely familiar...:)
  27. an0nim0uz Member

    You've created a whole thread (of which you should change the title because it's misleading as fuck, imo) about this. I think that's enough. No need to spam other threads with this.
  28. Any action on the 23rd ????
    If not let's get something on the board for Beantown this summer
  29. WMAnon Member

    a bunch of people were whining about it being anime boston this saturday :/
  30. Omg - fuck Tom and Jerry
  31. LocalSP Member

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  32. Ok ok !!!! Just kidding - let's do something soon..
  33. dvybeyond Member

    Im in
  34. Big323 Member

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  35. Loki's spawn Member

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  36. PhAnonynom Member

  37. Loki's spawn Member

  38. yes i am so hello my feloow fags
  39. Anonymous Member

    One more thing. N00bs, pls stp typng lik ur txting ur homiez.
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