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Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The Wikileak's situation has officially reached its breaking point. As I'm sure most of you know, Bradley Manning is almost definitely going to receive life imprisonment, under the charge of aiding and abetting the enemy. This is basically unavoidable. The problem is not enough people are aware of the ridiculous hypocrisy behind this. Whether or not you believe Manning was justified in his actions, he exposed illegal activities by the U.S. government, and every U.S. soldier is sworn to report any illegal activities they are witness to. For this a 22 year old is going to prison for 52 years.
    Not to mention Assange. He has successfully managed to hold the governments of the world accountable, and for that, we should thank him. But how long can he last? One man against the strongest governments in the world is sure to fall eventually.
    Realistically, we can't do what I wish we could. I think if Anonymous somehow managed to come together and present a united force, we would basically be unstoppable. Of course, the very nature of Anonymous means this is impossible. But, that doesn't mean we can't do anything. The power of awareness is rarely appreciated in its entirety. I think the number of protests supporting Wikileaks needs to increase dramatically. We are a grassroots organization, if we are an organization at all. Word can spread surprisingly fast.
    I just cant allow this opportunity to be wasted. As far as I can see, this is the first time in history that we have the ability to force the State to shed its barrier of obfuscation and finally allow transparency to become a reality. No more bullshit talking points, no more bullshit press releases. Wikileaks has given us an amazing opportunity, and we can't fucking waste it.
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  2. PhAnonynom Member

    What are you suggesting? Could something to be done to bring media attention to the Bradley manning situation? Could his situation, bringing to light illegal activity, be compared to similar situations in the past? The government keeps trying to paint him as a traitor, as someone who has helped 'the enemy.' I think that a large portion of th epublic may agree with that. How can we prove otherwise? Will swaying public opinion make a difference for him?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Lots of folks know about Manning and the conditions of his imprisonment. It's on many popular sites on the Interwebz. So, the word is out there.
    Personally, I don't believe Manning's actions went unnoticed by the alphabet agencies. Most likely it was a little fish nets the big fish scenario.
  4. Spartan Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    people know about the situation, but a lot of them support his imprisonment. after the 2010 leak, wikileaks has become more feared than respected. about 4 different congressmen said they should be treated as a terrorist organization. hyperbolic rhetoric spreads quicker than truth.
  6. Linxis° Member

    /support for breaking Manning out of prison.
    And Anonymous1(the 1st one) i give my support for creating a unity and doing something what Assange did but im not sure, soldier or not, is it permitted to show tyranny against the government? I guess freedom of speech agrees.
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  7. Jsn Member

    I cant think of what to do to help either of them, so Im going to spread the word of anonymous and hand out fliers. I hope to put a positive attitude on and attract as many people to the cause as I can. I think this is how I will help for now.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    Do me a favor and think before you post...and then go ahead and don't post. Even if you think what he did isn't illegal, jailbreak is...which would land him back in jail. Under a real crime. Except we'd be in the next cell.
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  9. Jsn Member

    just cause you don't like a post someone made doesn't mean its time to berate them. You should think before you type and don't take shit so seriously. You get more bees with honey numb-nuts.
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Why the fuck would I want to gather bees? My point was valid and the fact that I hurt your widdle feelings doesn't erase that.
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  11. Zak McKracken Member

    This site does not condone or promote illegal activity, whether you like the post or do not like the post.

    FWIW, 612 did not accidentally their nuts into the beehive.
    612's nuts ARE the beehive.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Has someone started a petition, If enough people think he was right and sign to this effect a Democratic government would have to listen. Oh wait he's in America.
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  13. Jsn Member

    if you guys were nicer to new people there would be alot more anons in the world.
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  14. [IMG]

    orly? lets not forget that nice guys finish about 9000th, Now I'm all for handing out free hugs and shit when the need arises but at the same time I'm all for using the caek and stick method with newfags, (show them the caek and then beat the fucking faggotry out of them with a stick). It's character building, so tits or gtfo.
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  15. missy Member

    U.S. soldiers can report illegal activity up their chain of command and through letters to military heads, their senators, congressman, Secretary of State, Vice President and President. If Mr. Manning did pass along military intelligence to Wikileaks he was grossly and criminally irresponsible.

    Since I am anonymous we can report that anonymous supports Mr. Manning's imprisonment and condemns the criminal release of military intelligence.

    Poor little thing, you don't understand anonymous, do you.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Tell me what to do, i love it.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Consensus Member

    Why not a letter-writing campaign targeting Manning's mother?
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. sock Member

    It comes with the territory. Compared to how it was in 2008, this forum is now a petting zoo. Just don't take the internets too seriously and develop a thick skin.
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  21. Jsn Member

    its sad that negativity is what really brings us together.
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  22. حمید Member

    If information is logically directed to the beneficiaries through a sincere respected outcome then the importance of information itself is evidence unless sincerity is missing. It is becoming more and more popular that the political establishments have either adopted methods of direct public contact with citizens or are seeking for a solution. The result is contents which are and will be not very much different from the nature of those leaked contributing to a transparent political establishment which suites all but those not being sincere wishing to hide some facts. Once facts are known to a public it is then an action towards democracy to let it be known by THE PUBLIC.
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  23. anonymous612 Member

    And wouldn't that just be a massive pain in the ass?
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  24. agent156 Member

    Only if you don't actually care.
  25. Anonymous Member

    "Whether or not you believe Manning was justified in his actions, he exposed illegal activities by the U.S. government, and every U.S. soldier is sworn to report any illegal activities they are witness to."

    Exactly what "illegal actions" did he expose?

    "Not to mention Assange. He has successfully managed to hold the governments of the world accountable, and for that, we should thank him."

    Accountable for what?

    "Wikileaks has given us an amazing opportunity, and we can't fucking waste it."

    All Wikileaks has given us is an opportunity to be a party to the aggrandizement of an egocentric asshole.

    OP is fail.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Few "illegal actions" in terms of anyone being legally held accountable. Why? Because they were fucking secret and hence kept from oversight and judicial review, you repetitvely ignorant cunt.

    Do you actually ever read any of these leaks?

    This guy was knowingly left to perpetrate fraud for 3 fucking years before it hit the radar of the SEC when they finally twigged on and began to investigate.
    That's an example of someone suspected of doing something clearly illegal yet the appropriate agency for actually investigating wasn't even in on it.
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  27. agent156 Member

    If this is representative the quality of logic you use, and the depth of knowledge possess before opening your mouth to support chanology; then maybe the scilons have a point about anonymous being a bunch of bigots.
  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. PSKL Member

    Time to march in D.C.!
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Okay, I'm convinced. Where do I get my supply of bees?
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  31. MOD EDIT: Seriously NSFW pic removed

    You do get more Bee's with honey.
  32. COREarg Member

    This reminds me of that dreams I had,where bees came out of my skin...most amazing dreams ever. (And painful, it was horrible to see them tore the skin, come out and then leave this horrible hole on my body )

    On Thread: Illegal activities will only take us to jail, so I just say that the best thing to do is to just make protests. Pacific fun caek filled protests.

    If you mean,OP, to actually help Assange on his battle...we are not his personal army. It's ok,but I will never do a protest to defend him...also,Wikileaks is supposed to keep on rolling even if he's not there. So dunno...
  33. Anonymous Member

    i just think that we can't let this slip away. People have never really had true access to unfiltered information, and now we have that chance. I honestly think we're capable of making that message known. Anon is getting media attention now, and if we actually have an organized wave of protests, both online and in person, who knows what would happen. Personally I live in MA, so if any other anons live around Boston, we should organize something.
  34. anonymous612 Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    was it boobies?
  36. Anonymous Member

    i think that the old expression that my grandpa used to say is:

    "you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar."
  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    HAHA! good!
  40. Anonymous Member

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