Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ShierDusk, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. ShierDusk Member

    Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Alright so I thought I might get a head start on this one to possibly bring in a large number of us in the Calgary area.

    It has been a little while since the last topic concerning a protest in the Calgary area so I thought I might revive it.

    Brothers and sisters take action upon these days!

    If you have any good ideas lets hear it mates!
  2. dharmabum Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Out of curiousity; I've never seen much of a scientology presence in Calgary and was wondering what they really have here? I know they have an office or something listed if you google them, but have never heard of them being much of anything.

    Don't get me wrong I'm glad they're all but extinct here compared to some other cities, but wondering if anyone has ever seen any activity of them around. :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Lorna Levitt kicked CofS our of Calgary decades ago.

    However, Narconon does have a presence:

    Get help now (403) 686- 6123 0r 1-888-686-6123


    Narconon Alberta is a registered non-profit organization providing residential drug rehab, alcohol treatment, addiction recovery and education center.

    We understand how important integrity and a firm compassion are to a successful and lasting recovery.
    We offer our students an atmosphere of dignity and respect, an individualized 1-to-1 approach by drug and alcohol addiction specialists, and a focus on helping the individual discover the underlying cause of addiction as the top priority.

    We invite you to read about us to understand why recovery is our passion, review the information about our program, and then contact us with any questions you have.

    You can call us Toll Free at:

    Quick Facts:

    Personalized focus on lasting recovery
    Over 70% success rate
    Complete body detoxification program
    A non-twelve-step program
    Respectful and discreet family support
  4. manly man Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    i guess it didn't go down. :(
  5. Enzyme Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    I organized a few Calgary raids a while back when this thing first started. It is very difficult to protest when there's no distinct cult base of operations. In fact, I know from attending some of the Edmonton protests, that Scilon activity in Alberta are really really dead as far as I can tell. I kind of gave up once the Edmonton raids began to disappear. I figured that if they weren't able to get a crowd when they have a Scientology org, that Calgary isn't likely to have much luck without an org.

    It has been quite disappointing, and unfortunately I'm not in town anymore and way to busy to attend personally. I wish you luck in your endeavour though!
  6. dharmabum Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Thanks for the info Anon and Enzyme!:)

    I did notice Narconon listed in some search results too, but wasn't quite sure if that was more or less the bulk of their involvement in the city. Thanks for the info guys, will keep my eyes and ears open.
  7. Aetoms Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    My friend is a Scientologist, he doesn't know that I know. Calgary needs a good raid.
  8. error Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    now there may not be much Scientology in calgary but there is this mysterious group pureleadership/ their headquarters are in kensington
  9. Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    As much as I really want to be there, I can't make it this weekend.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Narconon Alberta

    Narconon Alberta
    123 Woodside Circle Southwest
    Calgary, AB T2W 3K1
    (403) 686-6123

    This is thankfully the only physical Scilon presence that is raid-worthy in Calgary, after Lorna Lovett kicked the cult's ass out of town decades ago.

    Intelligence has given info about how downstat staff from Quebec has ended up in the Calgary facility.
  11. HellRazor Member

  12. Enzyme Member

    Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Edmonton has quite a more substantial scilon presence than Calgary. There is a good chance Criminon is active in that area. As I recall they have an applied scholastics school as well. Unfortunately, a more substantial presence has still always been pathetic, and activity from an Edmonton anon cell has vanished almost entirely (disappointing really).

    Calgary anons have attempted a chalk raid before, and that seemed successful. I'd imagine something along those lines, which is less about protesting and more about informing, might be a better direction for Calgary anons. Course, road trips to Edmonton are fun too, and some reinforcements from Calgary might spark some those lurking Edmonton anons into action.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Re: Calgary protest May 21-23 planning

    Free. Certainly tells you something.

    I would get the books, write many annotations in the margins and then leave the books around for someone to pick up. But that's just me.

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