C&D letter in Brighton

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by narCONon, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. narCONon Member

    C&D letter in Brighton

    This was in the post for me this morning:


    Scientology: Your pathetic attempts at fair game only serve to make me MOAR ANGRY.
    I will protest even more now!
  2. grinman Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Report it to the police, even if just to get in on record.

    Other ideas, make a copy, write LOL in red marker across it and post back. Start operation troll Hodkin.

    I don't need to say this, but keep protesting maksed etc, i.e. avoid becoming celebanon/cancer.
  3. basil Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Isn't that a shorter letter than usual?

    Maybe we ought to remind them that if us videoing/photographing them violates 'their' privacy, then them filming us violates OUR privacy - although of course the concept of 'privacy' when taking photos on a public street does not actuall exist.

    I'm still doing my best to avoid getting one, but if I ever do, Hodkin will experience a shitstorm like he never has before.

    Given that Hodkin appears to be the *only* lawyer scummy enough to deal with their work in the UK, if anons went to him for a simple and cheap thing that needed a letter sent, couldn't he then not work on behalf of the scifags because it would be a conflict of interest for him to then undertake work like this against us?
  4. grinman Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    I'm actually surprised you've not had one yet.

    Again with the egofaggotry, exactly HOW are you going to make more of a shitstorm out of a letter of lol than anyone else? Although if you managed to I'd happily not troll you for a while.
  5. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Astonishingly stupid. There's a thread around here somewhere called 'Operation Data Protection Shield' or somesuch, which lists in excellent detail the correct legal response to these kinds of threats.

    Amongst other things, it revealed that there's no such thing as a C&D letter in English law, so it carries all the legal weight of a paperclip.

    The Data Protection Commission (it's in the thread) has already received complaints about abuse of data PRECISELY because of previous threat letters. So be sure to file another one as soon as possible, and and momentum to the ongoing investigation. Potential outcomes include Co$ being BANNED from storing personal data in the UK, as well as repurcussions for Hodkin (who is a $cilon by the way - chief attorney for the cult in the UK; a kind of British Moxon).
  6. Bluebell Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    How many UK people have been sent one of these C&D letters now?
  7. basil Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Because they daren't follow me to the end of the number 14 bus route. It's dangerous territory.

    Rule 1. Never reveal your plans on a public forum. But certainly the advice and actions of those who have fallen (got back up, dusted off, given them the 2 finger salute and carried on) will factor in to my response, should one be necessary.
  8. Re: C&D letter in Brighton

  9. Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    I know I'm always going on about this, but reply to them with 3 demands;
    - Firstly they must cease processing your information because it is likely to cause you distress. Cite examples of fair game and the settlement of Bonnie Woods vs Scientology. They have 21 days to respond to this.
    - Secondly, demand to know what their data source is and what their justification of holding personal data on you is. No timescale to respond but you have a legal right to this information.
    - Third one is optional. Enclose a £10 postal order, some identification (get a photocopy certified by a solicitor if neccesary or send something which cannot be used against you - I sent a credit card statement with a single transaction for a credit monitoring service on it). Demand copies of EVERYTHING that they hold on you, including justification of holding each piece of data and the source of the data. Timescale to comply is 40 days.

    Make sure you use recorded delivery for each letter and that your signature is clearly legible (they picked holes with my signature when I sent in my request).

    If they breach either timescale, complain to the information commissioner. The ramifications for Scientology could be HUGE and could lead to a massive fallout in the entire EU.
  10. basil Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Presumably the only way that they can get your information is either:

    a) Stupid enough to give it to them
    b) They steal your wallet/bag/whatever
    c) They stalk and follow you to your home, and go through your bins to find your name.

    As, presumably, at this stage the police have not been involved, then options B and C are in themselves illegal and could be used as grounds for legal action against them?
  11. Re: C&D letter in Brighton


    They have to have gotton your information from somewhere and I cant think of anywhere where they could've gotton it from legally.
  12. grinman Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    This is what I'd opt for, plus some other nice bits and pieces.
  13. Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Congratulations, fellow C&DBrudda! I do like Grinman's idea of replying with LOL. Will you be reporting it to the police?
  14. Earthling Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    If Hodkin & Co are real attorneys, they probably charge their clients per letter written and received. If they get lots and lots of letters back, $cn will have to PAY MOAR FEES and will be cross.

    How about anons with a few minutes to spare, when such a letter is posted here, write a letter in reply or send a fax. Use the reference number on the letter, (so that fees are debited to the correct account) and let them have it. Just remember send a fax from an untraceable source eg copy shop and pay cash so no records are kept blah blah.

    It's not illegal, it's not stalking, it's just anons having their say. Besides, there are probably people working at that law firm who are NOT $cns themselves and if so they need the lulz.
  15. paulc Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    This thread is relevant to my interests.

    Is narCONon able to suggest how they obtained his details? This might be useful to reduce the risk for others.
  16. jar57 Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    it would i agree help to know how the culties got narCONon got His details
  17. Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    thirded. how did he get doxed.
  18. Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    mm that would be worth knowing. Definitely report it to the information commissioner. Other than that, I wouldnt pay much notice.
  19. shadowchaser Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    From what I understan Hodkin & Co is pretty much just Hodkin & his assistant woman who are both scilons, and I suppose a secretary who will also be a scilon because it's out ethics giving jobs to wogs.
  20. norma_scock Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    this, or write "NO U" across it...
  21. webkilla Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    do both !
  22. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    Do you have any idea how they might of namefagged you?
  23. Vir Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    I suggest that in the information request, also request all photos and videos where you appear.
  24. Bane Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    OOOO some of your people have had pictues posted on the internet -C and D

    O big freaking deal you can video tape or take pictures of anything as long as you are on public party like a side walk or public park ect
    and do what ever you want with them!

    I learned this bit of legality becouse I am a film student.
  25. webkilla Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    data protection shield + have a lawyer draft up a "fuck you" note to send back :p
  26. wilson4268 Member

    Re: C&D letter in Brighton

    fuck penis turd balls testicles pubes asshole butts farting POOP

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