Bypass Filterin دور زدن فیلتر

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  1. There are very bad news about how clever the filtering in Iran is, also the problem of government finding out the proxies and blocking them. there is one way that the government can't do anything about it. Iranians leaving outside iran can install Psiphon (Psiphon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) on their computers, then create accounts with user/password for their friends and relatives. Give your IP address and username and password by some other means than email, assume the government is reading what you send. call them, tell them the password in an indirect way (ie the name of the kid we used to play with + my birth day in ddmmyyyy format). use complex passwords.

    government can't find all catered proxies and filter them, also Psiphon uses https and they can't filter that either.

    help your friends in iran, create a proxy server at home.
  2. careful though

    Psiphon traffic is encrypted to avoid blocking. It should not be construed as a way of enhancing the privacy or security of your Internet connection. Psiphon does not provide anonymity and does not provide protection from traffic analysis attacks.

    If you are engaged in politically sensitive behaviour and are at risk of high levels of surveillance, be aware that Psiphon does not have ability to defend you from such attacks.

    Brave, noble, beautiful people of Iran we love you
  3. farhadansary Member

    بهترین راه گذشتن از فیل ترا

    همه اینا درسته اما همشون با مشکل افت شدید سرعت رو به رو هستش
    پروتکل http , https , tcp /ip این ها چون درخواست و مبتکر برای استفاده ازشون تا از فیلترا زیاده

    از همون طرفم به خوبی و راحتی فیلتر میشه تازه این برنامه اجازه دانلود طولانی نمیدهچون تو چشمه فقط راه های جدید و حرفه ای
    که هنوز معلوم نیست چه طور کار میکنند مد نظر ما هستند .
    من یه نمونه ایرانی پیدا کردم که واقعاً عالیه و بسیار تو بد ترین شرایط قعطی نداشته
    اما اعتباریه که اونم به نظرم حق داره تا همه نیان سراقش ای پیش بی ارزش بشه و
    خیلی ها کارایی بکنن که پهنای باند برای کسایی که نیاز دارند گرفته بشه
    ا اجازه مدیر سایت لینکشو میزارم
    هرکی واقعاً برای کارش لازم داره بره ببینه
  4. سلام
    manham az in barnameh estefadeh mikonam va raziam ta hala ham moshkle ghati nadashtam soratesham khili balast in hame ghati etefagh oftade ama in ghat nashoode harki karaye lazem dare ya to dorani ke hame ja ro mibandan mitooni ro in hesab kone

  5. Kruge Moderator

    Are there any kind of credentials given for from a side known to be trustworthy?

    If not so it doesn't automatically mean that it's a "trap" or a scam, but always remember that, when your personal safety is at risk, it's good to be sure.

    This goes, of course, for every single tool or service you might want to use to bypass filtering, not just this one.

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