But I adore Atlanta in the afternoon

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by ravenanon, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. ravenanon Member

    ( better postgame tomorrow ( Screenshot_20190427-175012_Gallery.jpg
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  2. AquaMan Member

    Yeah, we actually still exist. Or at least I do, Raven may have been a hallucination from the Walmart cupcakes. ;)

    Anyway, after dealing with far too much construction traffic, I made it into the 'burbs, and from there Raven and I headed towards the cult building, where we met Gunplay.

    Plenty of honks and waves once we set up, but apparently we're so scary to Scilons that the cult victims weren't even allowed to approach the MARTA bus stop in front of the org until we had moved away from it, and even then they were still hiding away back on the property, sticking out just enough to keep an eye out for the bus.

    For some reason, the culties had a hose strung up over the railing surrounding the roof. We weren't able to figure out what they were doing with it, but because docs or GTFO, we did get some images, like these two:

    image001.jpg image002.jpg

    And apparently we have been especially good, because Santa Anon also delivered a Vulture Ministry van to the cult.


    Per usual Scilon incompetence, the building is still falling apart.

    image004.jpg image005.jpg

    And this one was a pure "Hail Mary" photo, but apparently there was a class or something being held up on the top floor. No idea who owns the bad haircut, though.


    We had one Scilon come out and do the photography thing, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a shot of him in return before he scurried back inside. He was an Asian man of maybe 30, dressed in all black, slacks and turtleneck sweater.

    After a few hours of enturbulation, we headed out for food and then home. That's another adventure, though, and one not for public consumption. :p


    Amusing aside: When the light on the street was red, one older gentleman in a roadster with its top down yelled to me something to the effect of "Hey Elwood, where's Jake?" (as in Blues Brothers), since I was there in my dress slacks and shirt, with fedora trilby and my 8-bit necktie from ThinkGeek (in red).

    (The coat that completed the suitfag outfit I had removed earlier, as I was sweating buckets. The back of my shirt and inside liner of the coat was soaked in sweat, and it wasn't even all that hot a day on Saturday.)

    Without much thought, I just shouted back as the traffic had started out again "he's on the other side of town". We both laughed, and life went on.
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  3. Waterboy Member

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  4. RavenEyes Member

    You're talking about RavenANON

    We all laugh and laugh and puke at how some have never understood that there's more than one "Raven". Please use the complete nickname for such imbeciles so they can try to get their facts, and people, straight. Thanks.

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  5. Bore off .
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  6. RavenEyes Member

    Miss me, dontcha baby?
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  7. ravenanon Member


    Was called worse the first day of kindergarten.

    Got anything personally unique to say? You know something to narrow that weve met irl?
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