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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Ethernals, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Ethernals Member

    Creative live has a staff member that is a Scientologist. I noticed that the comments of one of the staff members were extra harassing. His name Is RUSS. So I went out and ask him Are you a Scientologist? As soon as that I was kicked from the chat room. Next I log in as ANTI-Scientologist. At that moment I got banned from the chat room. So Russ supports forced child labor Camps in California. Also he supports a UFO CULT.

    As a result of this I want us to start a list of businesses that have scientology staff working for and we should start protesting by not going to these types of business and not doing business with them. They have the right to disconnect from us but so do we. So do we. We have the right to not use business that support scientology abusers.

    The best way to test this is to log in with the user name anti-scientologist. That is what I did. I logged in with that user name and my ip address was banned permanently from their chat room which is a blessing in descise since I do not wish to talk to scientology abusers. I totally caught this guy singling me out in the chat room and at first I did not even know what was going on. But then I get this crazy idea to ask him are you a scientologist. When I did he kicks me out of the chat room. Then I log in with user name anti scientologist and get banned so the answer is yes. He is a sic fag.

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