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    The BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT GROUP is yet another consulting type firm designed to make money and at the same time insert the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology into mainstream society.

    Owned by long time clams Larry Bonifacio and his wife Marlene Bonifacio. Toronto critics know of Larry Bonifacio when he started up the now closed Toronto Danforth Mission.

    They offer consulting services and workshops.

    One such workshop is the Personal Efficiency Workshop and one called Success Through Communication.


    Another one is called the Emotional Tone Scale Workshop.

    Personal Efficiency Course Graduates

    Tone Scale Grads

    There are more photos at the website. Check it out. It is a simple uncluttered site so looking through it won't be a chore, I assure you.

    I am not from Toronto so I can't be sure but it looks like they are located in some district that has a lot of ethnic groups. The Church of Scientology of Toronto has a history of insinuating itself into the various ethnic and immigrant communities; communities that seem largely ignorant of what members of this forum already know about Scientology. You could even say that non-immigrants to Canada know more about Scientology than immigrants. This is not a slight, immigrants have got a lot more to worry and think about. In the light of this, what Larry and Marlene Bonifacio are doing makes perfect sense and the photos here and on the site seem to confirm it.

    I knew both Larry and Marlene a long time ago. Larry is a very intelligent man; always has been smart and very foxy but both of them are very hard working and energetic people. I wouldn't underestimate either of them. On top of that, they are fully committed Scientologists who were also past staff members in Alberta. Alberta being the place where both Yvette Shank, Al Buttnor, Muriel Dufresne, and Pat Felske worked out of.
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    OP here:

    Yes he certainly did.


    Here's Larry in the centre with Yvette Shank.

    He owns a home renovation company and I assume this is his main source of income. If you want to know more about him just Google his name. Some Scilons don't leave much of a trace of themselves on the net but there is a fair amount of information about him.

    He has a daughter named Elise. She must be in her mid-thirties by now and I believe but am not totally sure that she is a Sea Org member. She was born into a Scientology enviroment. Her parents were already gung-ho Scilons by the time she was born. I think she has a Scilon cookie cutter page but I can't be sure. Been a long time since I looked at those kind of pages but Google is your friend. Have at it if you want.
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    More photos of the opening. May prove to be useful if only one could identify the people involved. Some of the people are well known such as Felske, Shank, and Bonifacio but there are so many others.

    The photographer is Howard Prendergast, a Scientologist.

    Angela Wilkens has copyrighted most of the photos there. The Wilkens name is very familiar. Otto Wilkens has been in Scientology for decades. He was used to work in the rock concert industry and then he found Scientology and became a high pressure reg for the Toronto Org. Read the 1974 MACLEANS article on Scientology and you will see the lengths to which he will go. The article also mentions many more familiar names. Otto now owns a masonry company but he also works at the org as a Public Executive Secretary (new recruits, raw meat, etc). Fanatic much?
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    Correction: Larry's daughter is named Elisa Bonifacio from what I have now gathered.
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    Thanks O.P.! Otto Wilkens is/was very much part of the criminal scumbag mentality at the Toronto Org.
    BTW, scientific research into emotions has trashed any such notion of a "tone scale". Those seminar attendees should do a little research before paying their money.
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    Hmm. Their schedules for workshops are for Spring 2011. Dead site much?

    Site links to which sells more of the same.
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    What bothers me is the fact that they claim to have school teachers doing their workshops. I don't want this shit to be mixed into the the public school system and passed on to their students.

    As for Otto Wilkens; I have done a bit of reading about him on the net and there is something going on in that family that is just not right. I think he might have something to hide.
  10. Quentinanon Member

    Indeed. I suggest you research the case Queen vs. The Church of Scientology of Toronto for a partial answer. You could start here:
    But, there are more cases that the Crown did not have sufficient evidence for the standard of criminal convictions of indictable offenses.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Thanks I will look at that. I was thinking of something a little more recent though. It's all good.
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    Possibly teachers from their Bambolino Montessori School Applied Scholastics operation? (I notice that for their workshop space, they're either bumming meeting space from the library or Bambolino.)
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    That is a possibility. With Scientologists, a lot of times; it's what they don't say that is important.
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