Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Soljenitsyne, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Not sure why you're preaching to an ex like that. See other post.
  2. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Gee, I dunno. Seemed like the various street theater things the Anons do get some results. The Anon protests and protesters get a thumbs up from yrs truly.
  3. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Because it's hilarious.
    We're both members of the Silly Org.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    I love watching you try and reconcile your monolithic, cartoonish view of scientology with the more complex, nuanced experiences of former scientologists. It's just as enjoyable as watching strident scientology staff trying to reconcile their monolithic, cartoonish view of critics with the more complex, nuanced behaviors of critics. Two sides of the same coin.
  5. veravendetter Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

  6. adhocrat Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    You do know I'm ex-staff, right?
  7. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    And you do know I'm an ex Scientologist (ex staff, too, by the way), too, right? You could always go to a raid or something and talk to those who do need to be unindoctrinated. Now, those would be worthy recipients of your knowledge and experience. Heck, for all I know, you already have been doing so and/or doing other things to spotlight the mindfuck of Scientology. So kudos to you, dollink. ;)
  8. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    I love Hubbard on that pic. He has something shakespearian. Secretly helpless, viciously dangerous.

    But, in my humble opinion, the Freezone is the Circus.
    The CoS is more like a huge Vegas musical.
  9. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Already 2.259 views. This thread is a hit. A new territory, haunted by unconscious beliefs and unknown feelings. A deep, dark sky full of ashtrays. The yelling side of the Force. The silly side of the Cult. The Golden Age Of Logorrhea.
  10. veravendetter Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Keeping Chanology Working - Ashtray Upstat
  11. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    You are the Quantum of my life.
  12. adhocrat Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    I am aware you were on staff and an ex member. I am pointing out that you are still part of the cult. Your mind set is still full of cult. That's all I'm saying, dollink. I noticed that you got out of the freezone, maybe, and hit the streets to protest. Excellent. Now learn to find the remnants of cult think in your attitudes and extirpate them from your mind. They hurt you by being there unexamined. I said previously you are looking at the surface and ignoring the undercurrents. That's what i still see.

    and in a blatant self promotion here's a peek at one of my protests

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Well there goes my theory. Perhaps you should consider that not everyone had the same experience as you in scientology.
  14. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    At least, you try to save something, VC. Your idea is that LRH can't be 100% wrong. And if it's not a LRHesque so-called concept, it's a tiny part of the Tech, or something else, who knows : you always have something new to save.

    It'd be so easy to cross the line : you just have to understand that you ae still a victim.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    What gives you the power or authority to make such a statement?
  16. adhocrat Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    why do you think I haven't? It doesn't really matter if people get 'wins' from scientology. Each win comes at the cost of two losses.

    Prove me wrong
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    The presence of happy, well adjusted people in Scientology. There, you're wrong. Moving along.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    This thread deserves to die
  19. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

  20. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Sorry, but you don't know me. On the strength of my saying I thought AT THE TIME THAT I WAS DOING THE DRILL that it was lulzy, you said this reminded you of study tech and then made comments about the lifestyle and thought processes of a woman whom you do not know.
  21. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Look, you're an ex staffer, so'm I. You're ex CofS, so'm I. Probably some others here, too. So obviously for a brief nanosecond you liked the cult. Well, so did I.
    So I don't see that when I refer to how I felt in the past when I was into it, that you've got the chops to judge that because you did the same stuff and had a similar- if not the same- mindset.

    Case closed.
  22. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    I for one, think it would be hilarious for an ex who can laugh at themselves to 'perform' the ashtray drill in public for the amusement of Anon and passers-by. Signage required to avoid too much confusion (also with something like "was $5000, FREE TODAY ONLY with Anonymous voucher").

    (an ex, so it's an 'honest' 'performance').
  23. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Didn't say he couldn't be 100% wrong. And I certainly would be a victim if I let some stranger who's never met me, never seen how I live, love or what I do -dictate this sort of thing to me.
  24. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Well, he musta liked it for one nanosecond- they actually got him to join staff. difference at all between us, at least in that regard.
  25. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

  26. adhocrat Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Indeed, we fell for a con. That's the point. It was a con designed to lure unsuspecting people in and we fell for it.

    This is the post that caused me to wonder. Making a blanket statement of such stunning nonsense tells me you haven't shed the cult influence. And nothing you've said in this thread leads me to think you will anytime soon. Certainly I hope you do, but it takes time. In the meantime, people will be pointing out when you spout nonsense. They do the same when I spout nonsense, or anyone else who makes some unsupportable statement.

    See above. The comment about the study tech was because you had ignored my point about why people might react they way they do to the drill. You still are ignoring that.

    It isn't that you found it funny whenever you did it, it's that you seem unwilling to look at the reason you might have found it funny, and you aren't taking responsibility for the damage that and the other drills do to the people who do them. That is what I am saying.

    If you think the drill is about intention, then to quote Luke "You are sadly mistaken."
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    The concentrated fail here is making my head hurt. Exes should take their bickering to PMs.
  28. veravendetter Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    lol bump sage bump lol
  29. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    [ame=]YouTube - Hubbard loses his shit[/ame]
  30. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Sure. I'd be more than happy to take this back channel. I agree that it would be a much more appropriate venue.
  31. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Don't worry about (by which I mean interfere, make assumptions, etc) other people so much. That's the sort of thing I used to see in the cult and one of the reasons I ditched 'em. If you'd like to take this back channel, have at it. Otherwise, I'm done with that aspect of the discussion.

    Now, how about them ashtrays? Could be a good part of a protest!
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    `Cause capslock is cruise control for cool, right? And the Internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS! RAWR!

    Back on topic about lulzy raid ashtrays, kplsethnxbye?
  33. veravendetter Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    hey Soljenitsyne, i can see your motivation, but to be fair to VC, you're the only one getting ya panties in a bunch. You sound more crazy than she could be. I'm not hatin' on you dude, jus' sayin'
  34. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    I sound more crazy than A PREPARED LIST she could be.

    I'm the founder of LRasH : Lulzy Raid asHtrays. Join the Smoke Org.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    No need to hand your brain to Scientology for that.

    Stare into this:
    You are getting sleepy, your conscious mind is shutting down. You are pulling out your check book and writing a check for $30 to ... damn!

    /brb, setting paypal account!
  36. veravendetter Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Dude, you're obviously right about everything, ever, so i won't contest at length. I realise i don't know anything about you, but you remind me of the people i used to meet in the first year of my philosophy degree (many moons ago), who'd just found the first doctrine they could identify with, be it Derrida, Sartre, whoever, it doesn't matter; but they showed the same zealous certainty that they 'had it sussed'.
    Not meaning to disrespect anyone, but i also get annoyed at exes and freezoners and christians and muslims and . . . etc . . . but i like to think i have the humility to have a point of view without thinking that point of view is unshakeable. Life's about contexts in space and time, aswell as facts and evidence, and much of a persons beliefs and actions are shaped by things we could never glean, so don't be so arrogant as to claim understanding of a strangers complex motivations and actions. I'm not even saying not to have a strong opinion on whatever subject/person, but to put it in a nutshell, 'no-one likes a know-it-all'
  37. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    We all know what VC does. She plays her personal game, which is : let's see how far I can defend the Tech, and how far I can attack it. She plays with the idea of doubt.

    She has a right to, of course. But, on an anti-Scilon forum, that's a risky game. She knows she has to meet exes who consider that "Scientology is hell" (they're right), and people like me, who want to know better what kind of hell it is.

    So, what has to happen happens : she sometimes get laughed at. Some people find "The drill was hilarious" hilarious. I'm one of them.

    No disrespect. Just human nature. If I register on an extreme heavy metal forum and I post threads about the fact that maybe the Beach Boys were the hottest band ever, problems can occur.
  38. veravendetter Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    I'm willing to accept i may have misunderstood your motivations, strengthening my original point LOL. I just thought, it being your thread and all, that maybe you'd wanna talk about the original topic, rather than give manipulative tech-apologists (if this is the case) more airtime than they deserve.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Here's another view:

    A personal question was asked.

    A personal answer was given, In Context, with a time stamp included.

    I don't remember seeing a personal invitation to degrade, humiliate and stomp the hell out of the answer being issued.

    what's so hard to understand about how funny and fun it was yelling at an ashtray? Of course it's absurdly funny. And fun? Well, I can tell you I've seen kids as well as adults do much more outrageous, mind boggling things in the name of fun than this. And most of you would just laugh along and about it.

    And to boot, it seems to me VC stood her ground about what she said, reiterated the context, and stood up to those who tried to harrass her about it.

    It was evident to me that she clearly understood the absurdity of all looking back, and was just answering the question honestly.

    So, if you want honest answers, don't be a ----- about it in a response.
  40. Re: Bullbaiting vs. ashtrays.

    Hay guise, wat's goin on in this thread?

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