Bulgaria - info needed

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Anonbg, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Anonbg Member

    Bulgaria - info needed

    After lurking these forums and reading on the topic for quite a while, I finally decided to make an account and post a request. :rolleyes:

    Some friends and I have been reading on the subject of Co$ and its abuses, and decided we must do something about it,even if it were just protesting and informing the media. Then, however, we found out that officially, here in Bulgaria Co$ is denied registration, and put in the same list as other outstanding religions, such as Moon's church and Church Of Satan. Then I started searching on leads of how the cult could be trying to sneak into the country unchecked.
    Recently I found out that in our previous government there has been a case of people visiting scilon-hosted training program. I tried to dig up some info, but came empty handed, except with a name and an organization - IDEAS (consultant company of sort), with Bulgarian head of organization Vassil Bunkin, operating since 2005.
    Here is a robot translation of what I found: (yea,it is badly translated, bear with me)

    Tl;dr: Scilon propaganda, it works and it helps people.

    And here is the question: Are there any active anons here in Bulgaria, and is there any raidable place, not having been shut down by the police? (They had one near Sofia, police found about it, scilons disappeared. )
    Any info known to the collective that could be used to poon media here? Any bit of information is greatly appreciated, since we don't know where to start from, due to the one narconon that used to operate in Plovdiv apparently does not exist anymore. (if there is a Bulgarian anon from Plovdiv, could you confirm that, or just PM me?)
    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Sponge Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    You probably already have this

    Previous media (from April 2009):

  3. none given Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Front groups: find,raid,repeat.

    Good to ssee you here bg.
  4. firebug Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

  5. none given Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Also, 24 guests in this thread.

    Someone is interested/worried.
    If the front groups are operation illegally you might be able to scare them off easily.
    Be very careful. Some rotten sons of bitches stand to lose a lot of money because of you.
  6. Anonbg Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Problem is, the trail ends there, not a word is said about scilons here these days, people just view them as "oh, the Tom Cruise sect", and media is not very interested either.

    Sadly, I doubt front groups themselves are operating illegally, due to the nature of their business, sadly. (consultant,heh, NOT SCIENTOLOGISTS) (,but...)

    EDIT: (again,lol) Thanks, Sponge! I checked it again,had seen it,that was the initial time I heard about scilons here!
    Seems that the media IS digging into the same guy, so I will keep you guys updated on how the story develops. "Standard" is a major newspaper, if their journalists are investigating, chances are good my help won't be needed on that one, they always go knee-deep into their stories. :) (read: they infiltrate for months, then suddenly poon the police with inside dox)
  7. Budd Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Did I read it right, that the computer translation of the first document translated the non-word "thetan" into "cockroaches" ?

  8. Anonbg Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    It sure is "cockroaches", the translation of thetan is correct. Raid is the only solution.
    I choose not to stick my nose in this story, I shall leave it to "Standard" 's capable hands (Yea,if we got something of value here except yogurt, that is gutsy journalists :) ), due to uncertainty how my safety will stand if I choose to mess with them, should they turn out to be some illegal companies...Though, to be honest, I think they are not a front group, more like some scilons who wish to share the tech that works and helps people (make cash), seeing that the Standard publication states "Dianetics Center" has been shut down and its leadership banned from the country, while these have been left alone.
    I will keep an eye out for any lulzworthy material the press publishes, but as it stands now there are no raid-able targets in the vicinity.
    Still, if there is any Anon from Bulgaria, do PM me! Seems there is serious lack of such here.
  9. Budd Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    RAID kills cockroaches!

  10. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Аз съжалявам.
    Аз не съм български език. :(

    Но, аз предлагам си кутия!
    209k8yg.gif 359zihg.jpg
  11. Anonbg Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Thanks for delivering :D

    Now for a bit more lol, you said: "I regret.I am not Bulgarian language. But I offer myself a box!" :rolleyes:
  12. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Welcome AnonBg!!!

    I hope you are still around. here is what I found about Vasil Bunkin (warning WISE site use proxy!) IDEAS - Training, coaching, project management across Europe for leaders and innovators

    This is their contact info for you to check:

    I.D.E.A.S. cv Intl - Veilinglaan 46 - 1861 Meise -Belgium - 66, Cherni Vrah Bul., Entrance A, Floor 2, Ap. 2 - Sofia 1407 - Bulgaria

    Tel: +32(0)486 75 20 52 Fax: +32(0)2 306 31 19 - Tel./Fax BG +359 2 962 3984 - E-mail:

    These are his associates:

    Partners and Collaborators

    -Marc De Turck
    Managing Partner

    -Frank Aernout
    Partner Interim Management

    -Jo Haezendonckx
    Assistant Managing Partner

    -Vassil Bunkin
    Director Delivery Bulgaria

    -Verginia Kasheva
    Director Marketing

    -Elena Velikaya
    Partner Russian Federation

    -Elena Buslaeva
    Partner Russian Federation

    -Marianna Nevstrueva
    Partner Russian Federation

    -Martin Weightman
    Partner UK

    -Nick Bonnaud
    Partner UK

    -Tom Shuster
    Partner UK

    -Eric and Nora Helle
    Partners Hungaria - Austria
    Peter Halasz
    Partner Scandinavia

    Training and Consulting Contactors
    in Amsterdam, Athens, Basel, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhaegen, Kosice, Milano, Paramaribo, Sofia, Skopjie, St Pietersburg,
    Stuttgart, Sydney and Vienna
  13. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    What ios interesting is the CV of Marc de Turck!

    No mention of Scientology whatsoever! I wonder what happened in Belgium...

    This is all his contact info: IDEAs Intl - Marc De Turck & Co.


    Web Site

    IDEAs London
    Unit 2 Bothy
    Plawhatch Lane
    West Sussex RH19 4JL

    IDEAs cvba Belgium
    Veilinglaan 46 - 1861 MEISE
    Tel +32(0)486 75 20 52
    Fax: +32(0) 2 306 31 19
    VAT BE 467 492 290

    Marc De Turck & Co. Belgium
    Veilinglaan 46 - 1861 MEISE
    Tel +32(0)486 75 20 52
    Fax: +32(0) 2 306 31 19
    VAT BE 727 215 730
  14. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Their references:

  15. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    They even have this test on their site

  16. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Can Anon BG please say what are they saying in this video? ????????? -

    Its from a bulgarian media so its safe to go in.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    I'm not Anon BG, but extrapolating from my knowledge of Russian, I can state that this Bulgarian report essentially says that Marc de Turck is a professional trainer who gives seminars about the effects of stress in the workplace.

    The Belgian documentary below contains a segment (2:37-3:56) about Marc de Turck and his company IDEAS, which dispenses professional training. There is no doubt he is a Scientologist because he was interviewed when he began his Scientology studies in the Uccle district of Brussels.

    YouTube - Scientology on Belgian TV 5/7 fr-engl
  18. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Interesting! I dont remember watching these videos! Thanks!
  19. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    I found another site of a company of Vasil Bunkin named Alicorn-Consalting last updated in 2007.

    interesting is that they have an Ad from the Assosiacion of psychologists on the site.


    The contact info:
  20. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Now this is interesting!

    Recent advertisement in a business news site 0e0ff8335a.png

    This is what it says:

  21. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    LOL here we have some interesting comments on an intervie someone did with Vasil Bunkin in 2008. ?????????? - ????? ??????: ??? ???????? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??????????? -

    Here are some of the best:

  22. Anonbg Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Delicious :)
    Good thing is many people here have heard of the scilons,due to the fact they were involved in training government officials with their "tech", and their subsequent expelling from the country. Whenever I see scientology being discussed it always comes down to "it's a cult,guys" or "it's the Tom Cruise sect". :)
    Since Greece has also banned it, all we need now is Macedonia and Romania to follow suit, and the Balkans will be clean. :p
  23. OTBT Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    Anonymous:Scientology documents



    2004 scilon blog:


    Current What Is Scientology web site:


    According to this list from last year, there are no orgs or missions in Bulgaria:
  24. Anonbg Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    "Bulgravia" seems to be yet another aspect of scientology proven false. :rolleyes:
    Bulgaria, while tolerant of every form of RELIGION (!), does not tolerate cults and the likes. (except the moonies, no idea how those snuck in). To my knowledge it is the Church that has the final word about a group being deemed "religion" , "sect", or "cult", and subsequent treatment of its particular case. They deemed it a cult.It is not registered here, and the only active ones were operating illegally,before they got kicked out. Undoubtedly scilons are just keeping the country in the list for the sake of fake stats. (shocker!)
    Greece banned the cult after they were found collecting personal data,and classified info.
    Also, due to the generally poorer than western Europeans people on the Balkans, cult presence is probably lower, if not just token one ("Damnation! No donation - no salvation!"). Can anyone from a neighbouring country that has orgs provide some data on this? Always wondered about the true scale of the infection, would be good to get some non-scilon stats.
  25. ElenaP Member

    Re: Bulgaria - info needed

    AnonBG Welcome!!!!

    You can find the info on Macedonia and Greece and other neighboouring countries in the thread Macedonia Македонија
    . In Greece they ARE active, also in Macedonia and now they try to establish themselves in Montenegro, and Serbia. Read the thread on Macedonia and also Montenegro.

    In Bulgaria there was a person called Dimitar that was organizing book sales in the last years, I dont know about nowadays...

  26. Demented LRH Member

    That's what Google translation does to you.
  27. Добър вечер смятам че е редно да пиша на Бългаски за по лесно . Става на въпрос за следното намирам се в малък град в българия на 35 км от морето на 35 км от Ръмънската граница ако се питате къде намерете го така в този град просто има супер много млади хора който искам да мога по някакъв начин да им променя мисленете или казано просто имам много позати който за тях да гледат турски сериали е превилегия а аз не съм фен на турци и цигани някой да ми даде някаква идея какво да направя ако може да ми пише на мейла защото не съм фен на форуми и тем подобни ... :) мерси предварително
  28. Anonymous Member

    Google translation:

    Good evening, I think it is appropriate to write about on Bulgarian easier. It's a question I find the following in a small town in Bulgaria 35 km from the sea, 35 km from the border Ramanskata if you ask him where he found both in the city just got a great many young people who want to be able to somehow change their mislenete or speaking posture just got a lot of them who watch Turkish series is a privilege and I'm not a fan of the Turks and Gypsies someone give me some idea what to do if you can write me an email because I'm not a fan of forums and the like. .. :) Thanks in advance
  29. Anonymous Member

    I poked around Slavic roots and word parts for a 1/2 hour and think this means "mentality or confidence in self expression"

    Tukaj je tisto, kar sem se naučil iz "arabske pomladi" dogodek leta 2011.
    Glavni starost protestniki in uporniki je starost 22-30. To so ljudje, ki dejansko delujejo, da bi spremembe v vladi.
    Moje osebno mislim, da ti ljudje nimajo najmlajši pogum prepričanja ali zaupanja vase fizično. Tisti nad tem starostnem obdobju so sorodstvenih ali drugih obveznosti in nimajo svobode, da se ogrozi za družbene spremembe.

    Vaš osnovni Twitter upor zahteva:
    1), morajo Približno 20% prebivalstva, imajo neko internetno povezljivost: pametni telefon za dostop do interneta ali.
    2) mora biti več kot 50% so brezposelni ali nezadovoljen.
    3) bo visoka nezadovoljen / brezposelnih starejših ljudi podpira, spodbuja in tudi financiranje vladne spremembam, vendar pa si ne želijo boriti.

    Če je populacija, izpolnjuje te pogoje, nato bo organiziran upor organizirani družbeni mediji hitro rastejo. Brez internetne povezave ali volje ljudi ne verjamem, da se lahko zgodi.

    Here is what I learned from "Arab spring" events of 2011.
    The prime age for demonstrators or rebels is age 22 to 30. These are the people who will actually act to make changes in government.
    My personal guess is that those the youngest people lack courage of conviction or confidence in themselves physically. Those above that age bracket have familial or other obligations and they lack the freedom to endanger themselves for social change.

    Your basic Twitter revolt requires:
    1) Approximately 20% of the population must have some internet connectivity: smart phone or internet access.
    2) More than 50% must be unemployed or disgruntled.
    3) a high disgruntled/unemployed older population will support, encourage and even finance governmental change but will not fight themselves.

    If the population meets these criteria then organized insurrection organized with social media will grow rapidly. Without the internet connectivity or will of the people I do not think it can happen.

    As events unfolded last year I spent all my time putting this together but anyone who wants to check my work can go to the CIA world factbook for the demographics of the countries involved and Al Jazeera for the timeline of events: every state that conforms to these figures changed government, all the others did not.

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