Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Hey boys and girls! Here is the video of the Argentinian TV news coverage!!!!
    [ame=]YouTube - Protesta Anonymous Argentina 14 03 2009 EPIC WIN![/ame]
    (Im the lil sexy and brave blonde, we had to trade masks with Caleb in one moment because my V mask was hiding my voice too -at least from the microphone, but Libardi heard me very well :p -).
    English subs coming soon, but at least now you can see us in action!
    Please suscribe, rate, comment, and send to your friends!
    Stay tuned! More adventures of your favorites South American Anons coming very soon, at the same Bat Time and in the same Bat Channel!

    Hey chicos y chicas! Aqui esta el video de la cobertura del noticiero argentino de TV America Noticias!!!
    (yo soy el pequeño sexy y valiente rubio, tuvimos que intercambiar mascaras con Caleb en un momento porque mi mascara de V tambien escondia mi voz del microfono, pero Libardi me escucho muy bien :p). Pronto habra subtitulos en ingles para los angloparlantes, pero al menos por ahora pueden vernos en accion.
    ¡Por favor suscribanse, voten, comenten y manden a sus amigos!
    Quedense sintonizados! Mas aventuras de sus Anons Sudamericanos favoritos vendran muy pronto, a la misma Bati Hora y por el mismo Bati Canal!
  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    WOW, you guys really really got media coverage there.
    Epic win and >9000 congratulations.

    Nice group of Anons.

    Do you have "pastel'? (caek)

    Bravo Buenos Aerononymous.
  3. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Ty Mike! And no :( I think nobody brought cake because they feared that I would throw it into Libardi`s ugly face... And if thats the case, they would be right! :D They think Im a lil .... we can say wild.... but Im just a lovely little fella.... who will destroy the cult of scientology!!!!

    Mike Nos felicita 9000 veces (por la cantidad de anonymous del mundo, que ya debe ser mas supongo). Dice que somos un lindo grupo de anons (muy cierto) y pregunta si hubo torta. A lo cual respondi que nadie llevo torta porque creo que temian que yo la arrojara a la cara horrenda de Libardi. Si ese fue el caso, tuvieron razon! :D Ellos piensan que soy.... un poco salvaje... pero solo soy un pequeño y adorable tipo... ¡¡¡Que destruira a la secta de Scientology!!!
  4. Shinythings Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    The last partt of the news coverage said a lot of crap, like "they have 10 million active followers" and such. Harpoons?

    Hey, people can post their harpoons here, and we can translate them to spanish so people can copypasta them on the relevant argentinian pages!
  5. Olrik Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Yep, it's likely that the reporter trusted what Libardi told her.
  6. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    True, but they talked about Jett Travolta`s death, the high costs of this "religion" wich makes lots of ppl "think" they are really a cult, etc. And even some things we had no idea here, like the stupid princess Maxima almost falling in their claws... Its not that susprises me, she is a complete retard, but I never heard about that, even when she is Argentinian.
    Shit happens, nothing is perfect, but except for that shitty last part, the coverage was "neutral" but... inclined to criticise or show the smelly side of scientology. Enough to let intelligent ppl make their own conclusions. I personally give it 8 of 10 points. Enough to be a win, more if you think that is a national tv channel, that a lot of ppl will hear about us for the first time, ppl that maybe tough about scientology like an innocent cult of rich and weird ppl before, but not a murderous cult. Now they heard some important things for the first time, an if they are curious... they will dig deeper. And I know many people will do it.
    Please be patient and see what you think when we add the english subs. In the meantime, what do you think Argentinian comrades?
  7. charlie Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    10/10 for a first raid looking forward to the translation
  8. Miss Cabbage Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    For protesting: thank you.
    For doing getting so much excellent coverage: congratulations.
    For delivering such sweet lulz: moar!
  9. anonspilz Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    needs more attention.

    /r/ for mod to append thread title re: news coverage.
  10. peterstorm Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    This is very good either way. Anons in most cities don't have that yet.
  11. xenubarb Member


    O NO U DIDENT!!!
    LMAO...that is beautiful. Usted tienes cojones, compadre! I lurve u all!

    Edit: For a while, the cult had the support of some first lady of Honduras.'s a global problem.
  12. Drunk Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Que BieeeN!!!

    This is full of win. As the cult is systematically brought down to its knees in USA Europe and Australia, they will try to expand to South America and other places. This shows them they have no place to hide.

    Petete tu voz es seXXXy voy para alla!!!


  13. tofuman Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Great job Argentina Anons.
  14. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Hahahaa! Muchas gracias! Solo mi voz? :p Btw, are you a drunk girl or a drunk boy? Anyway, thank you :D I just hope some ppl around here could admire me and my passion just like most of you do...
  15. Petete Member


    Ty hon, you have heavy metal ovaries, I watched you in many videos and in Hemet when that bastard pushed you, I hope a meteorite or something destroy that place and all those bastards inside it....
  16. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


    When you post the video with the English translation, it will be seen by more people if you start a new thread for it in the media section. Just be sure and include a summary of the raid.

    Again, well done!
  17. Drunk Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Olvidalo! ahora que leo bien, eres un hombre ARRRGHHHHHhh
    voy a vomitar!!!!!

    Salud hermano

  18. Schwabe Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Buenos Aerodynanymous?

    Congratulación de Alemania! Bueno trabajo!!
  19. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Lol, ese es el peligro de usar mascaras :p
  20. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    jajjaa! Awesome!

    people, the subtitled version is complete:


    hope you like it,

    really interesting the definition of anonymous given by Libardi (the guy from Co$)
    He said we are "enemies" (what a surprise!)
  21. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Thank you for starting a new thread with this clip in the media forum. Hopefully it will give more Anon's exposure to your contribution, which is huge for your first protest.

    The fact that this got so much media coverage in your country is both amazing and inspiring.
    Good luck with your next efforts!

    I love your passion, especially knowing how dangerous this is in your country.
    Please keep safe, and again, thank you for your contribution.
  22. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Lachendemann asked my permission days ago to "translate" my video after some internal fights we had with Lizzy and him. I was going to make the translation and subtitle the video myself, but I though his intentions were geniune and allowed him to do it.

    The result is my name changed for "SkeletorJUAZ", the head of the COS with his name changed to "FUCKING SCILON" and a lot of silly remarks that in my opinion and other members of our ex little brigade ridiculizes the protest, cause, and the video, and makes us all loose credibility.

    I didnt allowed him to make this bullshit, and I consider it irresponsible.
    For this reason me and Caleb left this "brigade" and we wont go to further protests with this people.

    I would wish he put the time and energy he spent in shitting my video and work in fighting Scilons. After all, I made the only sign of the protest, the 150 leaflets, I got a national tv channel and a national newspaper and they.... well, Lizzy tresspassed private property alerting Libardi, Lachendemann painted their walls....
    and its obvious any of them care about the hard work we did to get what really turned that protest into the Epic Win it was.

    With all the sadness of my heart Im moving out. Lets see what this stupid chaotic kids gets by themselves next time

    Lachendemann me pidio permiso hace dias para "traducir" mi video despues de algunas peleas internas que tuvimos con el y Lizzy. Yo iba a hacer la traduccion y subtitular mi video yo mismo pero pense que sus intenciones eran genuinas y lo autorice.

    El resultado fue mi nombre cambiado a SkeletorJUAZ, el nombre del head de scientology Gustavo Libardi cambiado a FUCKING SCILON, y un monton de comentarios estupidos que en mi opinion y otros miembros de esta pequeña ex brigada ridiculizan la protesta, la causa, el video, y nos hacen perder credibilidad a todos.

    No lo autorice a hacer esta mierda, y lo considero irresponsable.
    Por esta razon Caleb y yo dejamos esta "brigada" y no iremos a mas protestas con esta gente

    Hubiera deseado que pusiera el tiempo y energia que le tomo cagarse en mi video y trabajo en luchar contra los scilons. Despues de todo yo hice el unico cartel que tuvimos, los 150 panfletos, y lleve un canal de television nacional y uno de los principales diarios argentinos a la protesta y ellos.... bueno, Lizzy violo propiedad privada alertando a Libardi, Lachendemann pinto las paredes... y eso obvio que nin guno de ellos realmente se preocupa por el trabajo duro que hicimos para obtener lo que realmente convirtio esa protesta en el epic win que fue

    Con toda la tristeza de mi corazon me muevo afuera. Veamos que obtienen estos caoticos y estupidos chicos por la suya la proxima.
  23. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


    Please do not give up.
    While you may be having some conflict with the local Anon's, if you were the one responsible for getting the media coverage, good for you. This is a huge victory for your first protest, especially considering how dangerous this type of thing is in your country.

    Please reconsider "moving out". Isn't there a better way to reach the other Anon's?
    The passion within your group is to be admired. Don't give up so easy.

    This board is inspired by genuine commitment & contribution.
    Buenos Aires seems to have that big time.
    Thank you to you all!
  24. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    What can I do if they shit on my video betraying me? They dont give a shit about me, my work or the cause.
  25. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Read my post in your other thread.

    Please be specific, what do you mean by they shit on your video and betrayed you?
  26. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Petete Think that adding humor to the translation (I didn´t inform him that before doing it, my mistake) is "shitting in his work"

    , anyone here have any problem with that translation?

    It wasn´t my intention to hurt petetes feelings although we are in conflict, that´s true

    I think that protesting against Co$ is a collective action. I wont be mad if ANY anon uses something I create, achieve, obtain, etc

    Petete was very helpful almost indispensable that saturday. but as you can see he is very disrespectful too, and seems to need a lot of recognition
    I hope he keep on fighting but it will be better that he takes care of all his own work which is constantly remarked one and again by himself.

    I think we won´t have trouble to protest and attack CO$ with out him even being "Stupid and chaotic as we are"

    I apologize again for the offense, but I was not trying to sabotage anybody´s work

    Thanks Buttons for the positive comments ;)
  27. Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    hey guys, don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

    you all went from no action to national TV coverage in one protest...remarkable!

    don't forget that part :)
  28. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    thanks, don´t worry we don´t forget.

    It was the first victory, not the last one!

    Even with our differences the fight continue, now may be with more direct actions :rolleyes:

    expect us ;)
  29. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    The argentinian media was there because I worked my ass to get it. No one else did.

    Btw, nice death threaths in my msn today Lanche.

    And thanks to the users who told me what to do about them
  30. caleb Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I´m not going to take sides on this, but I must say it, because is nothing else but the true.

    Petete is the one an only anon who can take ANY credit concerning planning, TV news & newspaper cover, printing leaflets, making the "GO HOME!" banner, etc... also he got the VHS of the news and converted it to DVD and upload it to youtube for the first time.

    On the other hand...

    LachendeMann, "translated" the video as if he were a "Ciberpunk Troll" from the Hackers film, disrepecting Petete in the first place, and making us all look like a bunch of reckless X -generation teenagers, I must say, IMHO just like him.
    Regardless of the lazy translation and not-at-all sinchronized subs, it generates a lot of confusion, because is filled with "funny jokes" and what is worst, as Petete mentioned, a big part of the translation is not just bad, but wrong.

    Lizzy: Inicially she "started" the planning, until Petete shows up and they both ran the show, but she dissapeared 3 days before the raid, although she was there on March 14th... just to trespass the CO$ property and take cool pics, one of those is someplace here (I believe in this thread), it shows LachendeMann posing next to the Guy Fawkes graffitti made by him earlier that day... as Beavis & Butthead used to say "haha-haha... cool!" (not!)

    Actually, Lizzy is missing (or hidden), LachendeMann keeps trying to be the coolest kid on the block.

    I don´t have to tell you, anonfellas that I don´t want to be related neither to coward kids or people who can lead us... to jail!

    Excuse me Petete, but as long as anon arg stays this way, don´t count with me.

    Curious thing, I was searching for the video to translate it correctly, but someone already did that, thank you... whoever you are.

    So long, Caleb

    PS: Sorry for the delay on my reply, I was out of town.
  31. Schwabe Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Hi gaise & gurls,

    since Co$ always likes to associate Anons with really bad stuff, I think painting walls, throwing stones and that like is not what will be useful for us. If they provocate you, don't even hit back, or they will try to make bad PR against Anonyomus from it.

    Please, please go on with peaceful protests and spread the information. In my opinion your cell migth be a key point to the project in near future. If what I read somewhere in this forum is true, I'm afraid Co$ might move to South America just before they are forbidden in N.A. and Europe. As bridgehead for Anonymous, your work in Argentiña is therefore very important!!

    I cannot advice in any personal problems among you, but I appeal to each of you: Put aside egotrips and don't be resentful if someone seemed to behave bad in your eyes. And ...


    greets from germoney
  32. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Wanna go to Oprah?

    What the hell is everyone talking about?


    I think we need some moderation, eliminate personal and private comments that have nothing to do with Anonymous' cause.

    I see nothing wrong in adding some Lulz to all this, we are not fighting against ourselves, let the Scilons attack us, not us!!

    Come to your senses people!
    This is NOT about us as individuals and personal achievements!!
    This is about Anonymous, about the lies of the Co$, about helping people understand and learn about the cult.

    Leave those of us who like and enjoy the LULZ alone and be happy having your own approach to the subject, be as serious as you want to be, no one will tell you that you are wrong.
    You are not.
    Neither those who like the Lulz.
    We are on the same side, just different approaches.

    Great to have two different versions of the same material, more people will watch it.
    Good idea!!

    Peace dudes!

    WE ARE ANONYMOUS... don't forget that.

    Either we are Anonymous or we become FAMOUS and known and revered... uhm, but we wouldn't be Anonymous any more, right?

    It's just too funny... really... I don´t get it!
    The contradiction is just.. too much!

    I can hear Cartman's laughter right now!


  33. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Yeah, say whatever you want, but just let me know why are you threatening us. You and your friend Lachendemann started mocking of us, not the scilons. You are making us all loose credibility, you even added threathening shit to yopur version of my video promising vengeance agaisnt us, not the scilons. Your friend Lachendemann is harassing me via msn and I had to block him after letting some authorities know.

    I guess you are very angry because we disagree with his (and yours) "destructive" plans for the future protests. We wont be a part of it. Thats why we started taking distance from you guys. Then you made that shitty translation and the threats started.

    Is ok, everyone sees the kind of people you are, and who WE are. There is a huge difference between us. Nor me or Caleb trespassed private property. We didnt painted walls.

    WE NEVER REMOVED OUR MASKS (you was never masked Liz, and your friend never hesitated to take his mask off for the tv interview....)

    When the police came after you trespassed COS property alerting them, only Caleb and I talked to them and explained what was going on. You only boicotted everything since the beginning.

    But anyway, say whatever you want. Truth is evident. We never attacked you or your stupid friend. But if you attack us and our work, dont expect we wont say a word about it. And dont expect we will be affraid of a bunch of silly teens with mouths bigger than their brains.

    Go, threat, disturb, do whatever you want. We just wont be a part of it. Want to call us faggots honey? Sure, we are. Ive been called worst things, I just dont care. If im not affraid of scilons and police, I wont be affraid of you and your friends, who dont know what you are doing. Or maybe you know very well, as the infiltrated bastards you seems to be.....
  34. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Jeez... such viciousness!

    Calm down.

    You are overreacting, really, sit down and think about it.
    You will realize no one has anything against you.
    I really hope you do.

    I wore no mask because I don't want to hide from them, I know what I am doing is right, I spoke to Libardi face to face without my mask and that's it.
    What's wrong with that?
    It's my face, my choice, my life, right?

    And come on?
    Do you really believe Libardi went there because of me?
    He works there, he is the head of the Co$ in our country, he was the first one to be called by the Scilons there. No doubts about it.

    But well, sometimes you have to take extreme measures like, stepping on the entrance hall of the Co$ center!!!
    That was bold, that was bad of me, bad Lizzy, bad.

    Sorry Anons for this soap opera...
    Still, the raid was so great!!!!
    I cannot stop smiling remembering it... =D

  35. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I see crazy people....:cool:

    Listen to this great song with the lyrics: [ame=""]YouTube - REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE I did it my way lyrics (mirror)[/ame]

    Revolution Renaissance is the band that Timo created after breaking up with Stratovarius.
    This is the best song!!!
    There are three different versions of it, this one is sung by Helloween's lead vocalist.

    Really cool!!
    Just wanted to share it with you.

    I love power metal =)
  36. anyjane Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Hello Argentina! Glad you are here!

    You did great in getting national media coverage on your first outing, that is fucking *fantastic*!

    Just a couple of observations:

    It looks high on the drama scale from the outside. Is there a way you guys can all work together and make a good balance of serious and fun?

    To those leadaring (slang for someone who wants to micromanage the entire thing, including people & released content), please expect that anything you submit may be taken, changed, parodied, etc, and your demands ignored. This is normal.

    To those doing graffiti and anything else that breaks the code of conduct (while dated, still has some basic guidelines), please don't. However, there are many ways of being creative and getting the point across. One thing to look into is seeing if sidewalk chalking is legal in your area. If not I'm sure you guys can come of with something really cool and non destructive.

    Most of all have fun while getting stuff done and enturbulate a cult!
  37. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I know he works there, I told you his name in the previous protest days, you seemed to have no idea about him...
    And I didnt said he "went" there because of you. I said he came after us, out, to the street, after 40 mins of peaceful protest, because you went inside and took pictures thru their glass door, alarming the staffers, etc.
    Twist everything, is ok, nobody believes you
  38. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Graffiti here is very usual, no one cares, it's South America.

    As regards breaking laws of conduct, none was broken or the police would have done something.

    And as far as threats goes... well... I don't want to use harsh words but... no one threatened anyone.

    It's pure paranoia and what is being said is a very trite plot for a B movie.

    Or an attempt to make us look like vandals and be taken to jail!


    But, time to put an end to it.

    Live and let live!
  39. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Keep lying, you and your friend will go to jail, not me or my friends honey. I dont want anything else to do with you or any of them anymore. We will keep spreading the word about COS and protesting, but in a peaceful manner as we did that day. You keep messing around, I wont help you a bit when you have to face charges without a tv news camera or a newspaper there.
  40. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    je je je Ju Ja je je, as the Joker would laugh

    mmm very amusing indeed, please read the first pages of this thread. ... dis you read something like petete pointing any of this claims?

    no? sure? not a single word of that? mmmmm so why is he saying all this bullshit now!?

    Me and my friend going to jail? Wow! that´s very sweet of you! thank you!

    (are you out of your fuck%&g mind pete? )

    a few days ago we were comrades, pete NEVER! say anything about my graffiti until now (how funny? don´t you think)
    Why didn´t you told me that you disproved that in my face man? why? you did´t
    give a shit that´s why, you have other issues!

    In my defence I want to declare that I did not threat anybody, never, and the msn conversations were started by petete in every single case, Am I lying pete?

    It seems that we won´t have a chance of working together since pete is highly unstable and well, basically he wants to put my on jail! (WTF?!)

    me in jail, of course! :rolleyes:

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