Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Petete Member

    Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Dear friends, im very tired now, I will only say this....
    We made it yesterday, and it was an EPIC WIN! Totally, undeniable, historic, epic win.
    I challenged Gustavo Libardi, the sick puppet head of Scientology in Argentina, even a stupid cop that tried to play the though guy and had to leave as the pathetic looser he was. It was such a pleasure....
    Lizzy filmed everything and will start uploading soon, (excellent work babe) the guys with us was GREAT. The TV was there, a team from America Noticias, a TV news shows from an important tv network here, and a photographer and journalist from the Critica Newspaper who knows very well to these psychos.
    The TV aired the protest footage the very same day givig a very nice space to it, and with an extra full of detail after our interviews at the "church" full of detail. They told me that they will repeat it many times these days, making a longer special edition for the next week. So watch out for the different editions of America Noticias and America 24. The interview in the Critica newspaper will be published the sunday of the next week.
    Those were the suprises I promised before :D The guys liked it a lot and they made me feel proud :D
    EPIC WIN as I never even dreamed about in my wildest heroic dreams.
    We won, they lost, am I "CLEAR"? :p
    Stay tuned boy and girls, me, Lizzy and the rest of the team will update you all soon. Be good.

    Queridos amigos, estoy muy cansado ahora pero dire esto...
    Lo hicimos ayer, y fue un epic win, Triunfo epico, total, innegable, historico triunfo epico.
    Desafie a Gustavo Libardi, la enferma marioneta cabeza director de scientology en Argentina, inclusive a un policia estupido que trato de hacerse el duro y tuvo que irse como el perdedor que era. Fue un placer tan grande...
    Lizzy filmo todo y empezara a subirlo pronto (excelente trabajo nena), los muchachos con nosotros fueron grandiosos. La TV estaba ahi, un equipo de america noticias, un noticiero de un canal importante de aqui, y un fotografo y periodista del Diario Critica que conoce muy bien a estos psicopatas.
    La tele lo transmitio ese mismo dia dandole muy lindo espacio y con un extra lleno de detalle despues de nuestras entrevistas en la "Iglesia". Me dijeron que lo van a repetir varias veces estos dias, haciendo un especial mas largo para la semana que viene. Asi que miren las distintas ediciones de America Noticias y America 24. La nota en el diario Critica saldra el domingo de la semana que viene.
    Esas eran las sorpresas que prometi :D A los muchachos les gusto mucho y me hicieron sentir orgulloso :D
    TRIUNFO EPICO como nunca ni siquiera soñe en mis sueños heroicos mas salvajes.
    Nosotros ganamos, ellos perdieron, ¿soy "CLARO"? :p
    Quedense sintonizados chicos y chicas, Lizzy, yo y el resto del equipo los mantendremos actualizados a todos pronto. Portense bien.
  2. Drunk Member



    EPIC WIN!!!!

    How manu Anons did you have? Just curios you had an amazing Latin win regardless of numbers!!


  3. Anon23517 Member


    Rock on, Argentina!
  4. Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Argentina: Doing it rite!
  5. ARC Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Oh wow. Sudden, unexpected win.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Muy bien Buenos Aires!
  7. Olrik Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Nice raid, a lot of press... that's good!
    We'll enjoy pics, videoz, scans, translations, etc!

    SALUD TOO !!!
  8. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    So glad that the protesting is picking up news coverage in South America. Dancing in celebration with you!

    [ame=]YouTube - Argentine Tango[/ame]
  9. John Steed Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


  10. anonequences Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    yippee kai yai!!
    (isnt' that what gaucho's say?)
    whatever.... GOOD JOB
  11. Pantagruanon Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    News coverage and confront all at once. Congratulations!
  12. TrevAnon Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    That's what Bruce Willis always said... :D

    To OP: please post links to the tv-stations' sites...
  13. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Great job Buenos Aires!!
    Wow, this has spread to South America!

    Fiesta time.
  14. isralolcat Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Awesome! Please get someone to record these TV specials and upload them to YouTube, we want to watch them too.
  15. peterstorm Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    me gusta!
  16. LocalSP Member


    Great job, you should be very proud.
  17. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Thank you all guys and girls.
    I got the recording of the TV news coverage in vhs and I will make a digital copy soon, and upload it, and sub it, etc.
    It was really... I cant find words to describe it. I loved to shout "Why your hands are shaking Libardi? You are at least a clear dont you?" LOL. And when a cop told us to remove our mask or leave, and I confronted him to the point he had to leave.... God, that was beautiful.
    Stay tuned boys and girls, we will post and upload videos to youtube as soon as we can. Hugs to all

    GRacias a todos chicos y chicas.
    Tengo la grabacion en vhs de la cobertura de America Noticias en vhs y hare una copia digital pronto, y subirla con subtitulos en ingles, etc
    Fue realmente... No puedo encontrar palabras para describirlo. Ame gritar "Por que te tiemblan las manos Libardi? Sos por lo menos un clear, no?" JA, y cuando un policia nos dijo que nos sacaramos las mascaras o nos fueramos, lo confronte al punto que se tuvo que ir... Dios, eso fue hermoso.
    Esten sintonizados chicos y chicas, postearemos y subiremos videos a youtuve tan pronto como podamos. Abrazos a todos
  18. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

  19. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Eagerly awaiting additional information, videos & photos.
  20. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Im so very very very very very very glad we have anons in So America

    CHE PIBE!!
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  21. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    This is a GINORMOUS WIN! Congratulations, Argentianons!
  22. Petete Member


    We were five. One girl, four guys. It was more than enough to enturbulate their asses to the limit. But next time we will be much more. We gave a lot of flyers with the Lisa McPherson story and links to here, I think 100 or 150, just 2 ppl were indifferent, the rest of the ppl was very interested. A woman even crossed the street, came to me and asked me if she could have one, I said "Of course you can, thank you" and gave her one. Btw, My huge sign "Scientology, killer cult, get out of Argentina" was very helpful to get the public attention. Even one of the cops was cool and told us that we was ok (the other one was an asshole, but I defeated him using my brain, a gun bigger than his :p). He told us "remove your masks or leave" We said it was for our own security, he said "But you look ugly", my answer was "Dont talk about my mask because I dont talk about your face, and I can think you are ugly, but Im respectfull and I dont say it". LOL, the cop was furious but had to leave, defeated.

    Eramos 5, una chica y cuatro muchachos. Mas que suficiente para enturbular sus culos al limite. Pero la proxima vez seremos muchos mas. Dimos un monton de volantes con la historia de Lisa McPherson y links de aqui, 100 o 150 creo, solo dos personas fueron indiferentes, el resto de la gente estaba muy interesada. Una mujer incluso cruzo de calle, vino a mi y me pregunto si podia darle un volante, le dije que por supuesto, le agradeci y di uno. Mi cartel gigante "Scientology Secta Asesina - Fuera de Argentina" fue muy util para llamar la atencion del publico. Incluso uno de los policias nos dijo que estabamos bien (el otro era un pelotudo pero lo derrote usando mi cerebro, un arma mas grande que la suya :p). Nos dijo "Saquense las mascaras o se van". Dijimos que eran por seguridad, entonces nos dijo "pero les quedan feas" mi respuesta fue "No hable de mi mascara porque yo no hablo de su cara, y puedo pensar que es feo, pero soy respetuoso y no lo digo". Jua, el cana estaba furioso, pero tuvo que irse, derrotado.
  23. i'mglib Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Fantastico! Mas por favor!
  24. Vir Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Good enough to read four times. And I just did. :)

    Good going, Argentinanons.
  25. Gede Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

  26. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


    Well... I uploaded a quick video and the quality is not too good.
    I wanted to do it fast and upload something, you'll see the result.

    You will notice some written comments on the video captures that are in Spanish and some are a bit hard to read.

    I will add those same comments in English as soon as I can.

    There is more material, but it needs editing and subtitling because there is too much noise on the street and what is said is really interesting.

    Link: [ame=]YouTube - EPIC WIN ARGENTINA[/ame]

    The original soundtrack was much better, but well... copyrights...

    Hope you like it, and don't complain because of the quality, I know it very bad, sorry!

    We really had an EPIC WIN down here!!

    Stay tuned!!
  27. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    WOW... here the soundtrack was not removed... yet.


  28. Shinythings Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Excellent work fellow anons!

    I can volunteer for any translations you might need (english<->spanish), but please pm me if interested, sometimes I don't catch up with threads very well

    Anon, the fastes growing activist group worldwide just expanded to southamerica! Suck that, $cientology!
  29. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Ok, moar, first in English and later in spanish as I use to do.
    I just had a conversation by PM with tinydancer where we talked about things that I will reproduce here.
    He told me that Gustavo Libardi, head of COS here, maybe was told that we were terrorists. That is convenient for us to introduce to the cops about our cause and that. Then I told him that yesterday that happened because they called the cops, saying that they was "Scared neighbors" lol. The cops arrived minutes after the scilons saw us there, protesting peacefully and silently, being photographed by the newspaper and interviewed by the TV crew. We explained the cops about the protest. They were two cops, a very nice one, and an absolute bastard (that I defeated later). The good one listened our explanation very interested, without going down the his car, without trying to intimidate us, what was a nice gesture. He even accepted the Lisa McPherson story flyer that my friend Caleb gave him. He said "you are ok guys, if you dont make a mess or anything ok?", we nodded happy. And then the bad cop went down of the car and walked to the org. Libardi ran to him crying like a little gay baby "Officer officer, oh please get rid of this people who are disturbing here!", they went inside the org (the good cop too), we continued protesting peacefully, and minutes later the cops went outside and the bad one told us "ok guys, you will need to remove your masks or leave", we said it was for security, he laughed at us and told us we was looking ugly. I said that maybe his face was ugly for us, but we was respectful without talking about it. The bad cop knew that we would look as martirs if he take us out there cuffed, so he left. And I shouted then "YOU! Sir, you, the good cop, I congratulate you, because you are nice and kind, your partner should learn from you". My friends laughed loud, the bad cop gave me a killer look, the good cop smiled to me very pleased. Both went inside the car and parked on the other side of the street. They know us now, they know we are not terrorist, and Libardi knows we will be back, with more people. We educated the whole neighboor, everyone around was looking, even from the balconies.
  30. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Buenos Aries-

    Your enthusiasm makes your raid report fun to read.
    Glad to hear that you found the raid fun & fullfilling and that you're eager to do it again.
  31. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Spanish translation of my previous post:
    Recien tuvimos una charla con Tinydancer en PM que reproducire.
    Me dijo que a Gustavo Libardi, cabeza de Scientology en Argentina, seguramente le "informaron" que eramos terroristas. Que era conveniente que nos presentaramos a la policia y les hablaramos de nuestra causa. Entonces le conte que ayer eso paso, porque ellos llamaron a la policia diciendo ser "vecinos asustados", jua.
    La policia llego minutos despues que los scilons nos vieron ahi, protestando pacificamente y en silencio, siendo fotografiados por el diario Critica y entrevistados por America Noticias. Les explicamos a los policias sobre la protesta. Eran dos policias, uno muy amable y un bastardo total (que despues derrote). El bueno escucho nuestra explicacion muy interesado sin siquiera bajar del auto, sin tratar de intimidarnos, lo que fue un lindo gesto. Incluso acepto de buena forma el volante con la historia de Lisa McPherson que mi amigo Caleb le dio. Dijo "Ustedes estan bien muchachos, mientras no hagan lio ok?", asentimos felices. Y entonces el policia malo bajo del auto y camino hacia la orga. Libardi corrio hacia el gritando como un pequeño bebe gay "Oficial oficial, por favor llevese a esta gente que esta haciendo un caos!". Fueron adentro de la orga (el policia bueno tambien), nosotros continuamos protestando pacificamente. y minutos despues los policias salieron y el malo nos dijo "ok muchachos, van a tener que sacarse las mascaras o se van", dijimos que era por seguridad, el se rio de nosotros y dijo que nos quedaban feas. Yo le dije que quizas su cara era fea para nosotros pero que eramos respetuosos y no lo deciamos. Mis amigos rieron fuerte. El policia malo supo que luciriamos como martires si nos sacaba esposados, asi que se fue. Y yo grite señalandolo al bueno "¡USTED! Señor, el buen policia, lo felicito, porque usted es amable, su compañero deberia aprender de usted". Mis amigos se rieron fuerte, el policia malo me dio una mirada asesina. El policia bueno me sonrio verdaderamente complacido. Ambos subieron al auto y estacionaron del lado de enfrente. Ahora nos conocian, sabian que no eramos terroristas, y Libardi sabe que volveremos, con mas gente.
    Educamos al barrio entero, cada persona alrededor estaba mirando, incluso desde los balcones.
  32. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Excellent work honey, I didnt saw when they tried to grab your camera because I was outside. This girl has more balls than the rest of guys, she went inside to face Libardi when he made his entrance to the show. He reprimenended the guy who tried to grab Lizzy`s cam, but he -Libardi- pushed her too. Such pacifist they are, motherfuckers. I hope you are ready for the next one Libardi, because im really angry. You dont even know who we are, how strong we are. We are rebels, some of us sons of rebels. You need Scientology to feel strong. We only need to be ourselves.

    Excelente trabajo querida. No vi cuando trataron de sacarte la camara porque estaba afuera. Esta chica tiene mas bolas que todos los pibes juntos que fuimos, ella se mando para adentro ni bien Libardi hizo su aparicion en el show. El reto al que trato de sacarle la camara, pero el -Libardi- tambien la empujo. Que pacifistas que son, hijos de puta. Espero que estes listo para la proxima Libardi, porque estoy realmente enojado. Vos no sabes quienes somos, cuan fuertes somos. Nosotros somos rebeldes, algunos somos hijos de rebeldes. Vos necesitas Scientology para sentirte fuerte. Nosotros solo necesitamos ser nosotros.
  33. Drunk Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Super Fucking win...The Scilons can't hide in Latin America anymore...

    We Are Everywhere....
  34. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


    We rocked it!!

    Petete was great!

    We were few (this time), we ARE free, we stood against the Scilons, the world is watching, it was an EPIC WIN, the Co$ is bleeding to death... and the fight will go on until the Co$ is done for!!!

    We are more than happy, we cannot believe that just 5 of us could actually get all that attention.

    Next step: find families with members within the cult and help them get them out.

    Thanks all of you Anons of the world for making so much noise that, for a year, five argentinians have been following the news and truths you revealed and helped us gather the courage to fight here too.

    We are not just 5... we just need to get together.
    And we will!

    Thanks again Anons, ex members, relatives, everyone, for all the information you have made available!!
  35. anonbrit Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Lovely to hear from you all Arganons. Glad that you got the upper hand with the police - hopefully (with the leaflet you gave them) they will fully understand and back you totally to get the cult out of Argentina.
  36. Drunk Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I can assure you, it wasn't just 5 of you there. You 5 lead the Anon mobilization to South America, the entire planet was and is behind you.

    We salute you Argentinons.


  37. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Hmmm, Im not that sure... Cops in Argentina are ignorant violent assholes who killed huge part of the 30000 victims of the dictatorship back in the 70s, and since then lots more of ppl even in democracy.... So... But anyway, they cant do shit if the media and the ppl is on our side, as they are.
    Btw, when we was leaving the place, Libardi sent one of his lackeys to take pictures of us from their gate, I laughed a lot when our buddy in the gask mask grabbed his balls and shouted "we are masked, asshole! Keep taking pictures!". LOL. The scilon ran back to the org as the coward they taught him to be.
    Libardi..... Im coming for you.... very soon..... I hope your ass will be ready for me...

    Hmmm, no estoy tan seguro de que ahora que saben la policia nos respaldara. Los policias aca suelen ser pelotudos ignorantes violentos. La policia en Argentina mato a gran parte de las 30000 victimas de la dictadura de los 70s, y mucha gente despues ya en democracia... Asi que... De todas formas, no pueden hacer una mierda si los medios y la gente esta de nuestro lado, como lo esta.
    Por cierto, me rei mucho cuando al irnos, Libardi mando a uno de sus lacayos a tomarnos fotos y nuestro amigo con la mascara de gas se agarro las bolas gritando "Sacanos fotos pelotudo! Que estamos enmascarados! Segui sacando fotos!" JUAAA!. El scilon corrio de vuelta adentro de la orga como el cobarde que le enseñaron a ser.
    Libardi... voy por vos... muy pronto... Espero que tu culo este preparado para mi.....
  38. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    0:55 of the video was priceless!
  39. caleb Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    First of all, congrats to all of you that were there (phisically and spiritually speaking). :D
    I agree with you Drunk... I Believe that what Petete means is that there were only 5 masked argentinanons inicially, but I don't know now... I'm thinking about every men and women that recieved our leaflets (including "the good cop"), they're now aware of who their "friendly neighbours" are, and the most important thing: what they do.

    As a matter of fact, if I remember well, there was a young woman that recieved a leaflet, that's was going to visit the scilons... and she kept our leaflet with her, at least as we know, we saw her entering there with the paper in her hand. :eek:

    Petete, do you think that more of us there would be ehm... "better" (to say something)?
    Honestly, I think that there were plenty of us this time, we'll see what happens on the next Bday...

    WTB, Lizzy: thank you! great video, I rather prefer the first audio track but, who cares about that!

    PS: Xenu was here. (LOL)

    Primero que nada, felicitaciones a todos los que estuvieron ahí (fisica y espiritualmente) :D
    Estoy de acuerdo con Drunk. Creo que lo que Petete quiere decir es que eramos inicialmente solo 5 argentinanons enmascarados, pero ahora no sé... Estoy pensando en cada hombre y mujer que recibió nuestros volantes (incluyendo "el policía bueno"), ahora están al tanto de quienes son sus "amigables vecinos", y lo más importante: que es lo que hacen.

    De hecho, si recuerdo bien, hubo una chica que aceptó un volante, que iba a visitar los scilon... y se quedó con el volante, al menos hasta donde sabemos, la vimos entrar ahí con el papel en la mano. :eek:

    Petete, pensás que mas de nosotros habría sido ehm... "mejor" (por decir algo)?
    Honestamente, creo que hubo muchos de nosotros esta vez, veremos que pasa el proximo cumple...

    A propósito, Lizzy: Gracias! Buenisimo el video, prefiero la primer pista de audio, pero a quien le importa eso?
  40. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    We wont wait till the next birthday soldier Caleb, we will go very, very soon to dance with Libardi until one of us falls.... tired. We will need to dance many many waltzs, until they close, until they close. And... it will be better with more people of course. It was GREAT this time, but you know, parties are better with more guys and girls dancing, having sex in the corners, doing nasty things, sharing the love... And it will be that way, very very soon.
    I quit drugs and tobacco without Narconon, Im still crazy, very crazy, but now I can dance moooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!
    Libardi? Im coming for you babydoll, please be patient and dress for the ocation ok? God, I want to see you again brave man who shove girls. Thats how Scientology works!

    No esperaremos hasta el proximo cumpleaños soldado Caleb, iremos muy muy pronto a bailar con Libardi hasta que uno de nosotros caiga... cansado. Necesitaremos bailar muchos muchos watlzs, hasta que cierren, hasta que cierren. Y... sera mejor con mas gente por supuesto. Fue GRANDIOSO esta vez, pero vos sabes, las fiestas son mejores con mas chicos y chicas bailando, teniendo sexo en los rincones, haciendo cosas sucias, compartiendo el amor...
    Y sera de esa forma, muy muy pronto.
    Deje las drogas y el tabaco sin Narconon. Todavia estoy loco, muy loco, pero ahora puedo bailar maaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!
    Libardi? Estoy yendo por vos muñeca, por favor se paciente y vestite para la ocasion ok? Dios, quiero verte otra vez hombre valiente que empujas chicas. Asi es como Scientology funciona!

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