Buenos Aires FLASH raid Feb 12 - Post Game

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by COREarg, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. COREarg Member

    A.K.A : Libardi Doesn't leik to party / Cynical scilons are cynical / Old Lady Kamikaze Ninjutsu Squad

    First off,let's all give a warm Peronist welcome to Lexi, a new anon who got her baptism by fire at February 12th. Hi there, and please enjoy your stay.

    Anyways, and to the main thread...
    We started around 15:32 pm directly in front of the $cientology building at Buenos Aires, without any publicity or anything just to make a surprise visit to our beloved scilons.
    Surprise raids is something that scilons really don't like, and just three of us served as an excuse to close every window or door. We were busy dancing and protesting, some curious little kids came around to bother and ask questions, and suddenly we saw that the door opened.

    It was Gustavo Libardi, the OSA bitter man who directs the Scientology cancer cell here at Argentina.
    I can't say more because I never got interest to read about him but you can see on the later YT uploads of AnonymousArgentina that Petete was asking about him on the last raid at December 18th (There,happy Petete? Don't ask again for him to appear, he looks creepy).

    Now, I will say something. This Homo Novis old guy saw this little poor kids that were around us asking questions and such. You know what he gave to them so he can seem like this ZOMG COOL GUY in front of Petete's cam?
    No,no food. No, neither clothes. No, not even toys. He gave them DVDs of Scientology.
    DVDs of Scientology, to kids who are always hungry and suffering the cold or the heat of the summer with dirty clothes and sleep on the street. Don't ask, I still don't get it either. I think that I will never understand it too.

    Anyways, we even got Libardi to start filming us and taking pics like trying to be OSAfag with us. I went to ask for a dvd too,but he used the RULE OF ICE YO. I was being polite,at least you can give me a damn cheap dvd! LOL

    In the mean time we got a small visit from the police, who were (again) really nice to us. One of them, a female cop as I recall, actually got interested. She was even on the later protest, you can see on the later videos too!
    So we knew her,she knew us. All was love and puppies, and she stayed for a while doing like if she cared about the terrible angry face of Libardi.
    Suddenly, while we were just having fun and I was holding the flag we use as logo (The sun with the Guy Fawkes face, yes), this REALLY CRAZY Lady started to shout me due to it.

    This lady started to threaten me and Lexi while I was trying to be polite and explain about the flag*. After I tried to talk to her and she was like "NO U I DON'T LEIK U POOP HEAD!", she went to the cops and started to shout them about it. Libardi, who was at the door, suddenly started to enter SLOWLY into the Scilon center, feeling the possible drama. Everyone just run away.

    After realizing that the cops will do nothing, she went stomping near me,shouting and so, and that got me scared. I'm really a coward person from time to time and I get jumpy if people shout me. So after her second or so threat of calling her BUDDIES, I crossed the street to feel a little safer.

    I know, I know,I'm a coward...the old lady that I will call Conchudessa actually went to call her special personal army to hit me and Lexi that was near me on the side of the street. The neighbors actually warned us about it,which was nice since it seems they like us.

    I wasn't expecting a Spanish Inquisition over the flag,though.

    So, after this and another crazy lady that passed by shouting about Xenu-knows-what, the cops being totally polite and awesome with us, and Libardi coming out of the closet the org, we walked away slowly, enjoying the small little triumph that the Argentina Anon cell had this day. And none of us got hushed away by the cops as Libardi wanted, and all was happiness and joy.

    ...and Longcat.

    The end :D

    P.D: Chicos, si me olvide de algo por favor posteenlo. Tambien digan si me fui por las ramas. Es el primer reporte que escribo.

    * You don't mess with national flags, m'kay kids?
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  2. caleb Member

    great review, but... when did the cops left? and how much time lasted this episode of "Libardi & Me"? :D
  3. COREarg Member

    Remember to go to the Anonymous Argentina Blog and wait patiently. You will soon see the videos of this protest!

    Also, a pic! Just to get you guys all "ZOMG I WANT TO SEE MORE!"
  4. CuppyCake Member

    Good job guys! Sorry I missed it, but as always, sent my representative. I am so proud of you all and can't wait till next time <3
  5. ZeroC Member

    Excellent stuff, how long have you guys been raiding in Buenos Aires for and what is the Scientology presence in the rest of Argentina like?
  6. COREarg Member

    Well, the first horde of cops came almost at the beggining of "ZOMG IS LIBARDI ZOMG! HI LIBARDI" moment. They left after a while, around thirty minutes or so.
    The second horde of cops came afterwards around the moment Conchudess appeared shouting. After she shouted at them, about five minutes or so, they left.

    And the episode went all the protest almost. Petete was so happy over it that he even crossed the street to say hi to Libardi. But I will let Petete tell the story later.

  7. Petete Member

    Core, thanks a lot for the review. But you forgot to mention that I got your back when you came to my side of the street and started yelling at that old lady bastard, lol.
    In fact the cops left for good after talking to her.
    Hey Caleb, we missed you big guy. Libardi filmed me, filming him, filming me, but I made the jokes, made him angry, and also laugh some times. It was just so much fun!
    I yelled at him from the other side of the street too. There are many funny moments that you will all watch soon in the video. I still need to fnish the last parts of the previous protest.
    Cuppy! We missed you too sweetty! Iggy was great there and it was great to see him. I hope you are watching the videos.
  8. Petete Member

    We strarted protesting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in March 2009.
    Scientology is in argentina at least since 1986 for the latest I heard.
    They are in a few different parts of the country, their presence is stronger here in BA. But many of their front groups landed here too, like Youth for Human Rights, wich is being supported by many ignorant politicians.
  9. Petete Member

    Not a horde. Last time were hordes. This time only two cops per round.
  10. amaX Member

    I love, love, love your post game reports! Job well done, ArgAnons!
  11. Petete Member

    Ty AnonMomAnon2
    Btw, epic moment. Libardi standing at the door. I standing behind my camera over the tripod at the other side of the street. Looking at each other.
    And then I shout "Libardi, you called the police to sent us home, but the police left and we are still here, and I wanted to go home! Liibardi I want to go hoooome! Call them agan!".
    It was so cool to see the police just chilling, letting us do our job, that I couldn't help to go a bit crazy for moments :p
    Like when I started screaming "I love you Libardiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" until I made him laugh and go hide inside the org, lol
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  12. COREarg Member

    Oh,I forgot to add something!

    Almost at the start of the protest, a lady came around and told us that she knew about the cult, and that she wanted us to come more often to visit Libardi.
    It seems that the neighbors don't like you anymore, Gustavo... :C U sad?
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  13. ziptang Member

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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  14. Petete Member

    I loved to scream at her "This is a free country, you fascist!" until my lungs ran out of oxygen.
    I even leave the camera just to scream at her while she was walking. I was following her until then.
    Didn't watched the video yet. Tomorrow. This anon goes to sleep nao!
    Good night ladies and gentlemen, and good luck.
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  15. Good work Argentinanons! I'm hoping our raid next week will be lulzy in your image! Nice wok with Antagonize Flag Tech! Did you guys have it on a flag pole or a stick or what?
  16. none given Member

    I am very glad that Argentinanon is still up and running.
  17. Petete Member

    Its our national flag with the guy fawkes mask face inside its sun instead of its regular face. Printed over some kind of plastic, not fabric. I printed that one, that Core designed, and the classic international Anonymous flag.
    That old bitch was a fascist crazy bastard, or someone sent by the scilons to get us in trouble or scares us.
    Anyway, we won, there too. And you will be able to watch it in our channels soon and my personal channel and our blog
    Thank you None Given too, btw :D
    We will never stop, dont worry. Not the good, the real ones.
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  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

  19. Petete Member

  20. COREarg Member

    First part yo!!1

    ...Yes,I was so happy...And so talkative too. I was enjoying it LOL

  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    How did I miss this awesome reportage? Sheesh!

    Argentinanons ROCK'N On!
  22. Sponge Member

    Epic nose mask is so epic that the original Epic Nose Guy would say, "Damn! That's some Epic Nose"
  23. COREarg Member

    It's ok if you missed it. It had been so busy around here with Libya that almost every protest got totally unnoticed. lol

    My nose is big and epic...but you hit people with it if you don't go around with care.
    It's a weapon! a NOSE WEAPON
  24. COREarg Member

    Second part of our protest.

    And this one has something in particular...the Arrival and the presence of Libardi, the enemy of all that is filled with love,machineguns,internet and longcats. :C
    After sayin' some "hai guyz whats goin on in this thurd", the time for the LIBARDI ZOMG Hoolapalooza started...

    At the third part he will get out again from the cave, ready to give some lulz to us and being just plain creepy.
    Just wait for it! It's totally awesome!


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  25. Petete Member

    Thanks for posting it Core.
    I hope you enjoy my enturbulation to the head of Scientology in Argentina boys and girls. It will continue and go crazier in the next parts, wich are coming soon.
  26. frettchen007 Member

    luv the vids
    please deliver part 3
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  27. COREarg Member

    ^ Bird Masked/Epic Ass Anon delivers!

    Here we are again, chillin' in front of the place, scaring the crap out of Libardi... being investigated by kids on the street =| (Motherfucker mode: Maybe Libardi will give them more dvd's to chew for them if they can guess who we are)
    Petete tried to talk with Libardi, but the old scilon got back into the cave, crawling like a hurt dog after barking a little to Petete. (You can listen to him sayin "taek the mask off! *closed door all entheta*")

    These kids were all around. At one point they were annoying,yep, and tried to take the masks and so. One of them even started to call me a "liar" because my mask have a big nose.

    We had the awesomeness that a female cop that we already knew came around to chill around us and listen to what we had to say. Next video you will see if we got kicked out or not... *dun dun DUUUUN*

    (Thanks Iggy to point out the dilemma of the DVD's for poor kids on the street! ... I still feel sick over it)
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  28. frettchen007 Member

    nice talking to the kids
    "something CAN be done about it"
    @Libardi giving DVDs to poor kids:
    ur doing it wrong

    waiting for part 4
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  29. Petete Member

    Thanks for posting Core. Easy with the kids, we cant demand them to be kind and respectful when they were born in the street, and most probably they will die out there. The enemy is inside the Org, not outside.
    Thank you Frettchen007. Glad that you like our protest videos and me talking to the little guys. Maybe they didnt understood most of what I said, but at least now they know there is something dangerous there.
    Part 4 coming soon, and my enturbulation agaisnt Libardi in crescendo, and finally unleashed.
    Stay tuned boys and girls.
    Darn, I still have to make the post game thread from yesterday -caturday- protest...
    Leaders. I need vacations, and a raise.
    But right now a touch assist down there.
    Any female volunteer?
  30. COREarg Member

    ^ Oh,no problem, captain.
    And you're right,it's not their fault.

    And about the touch assist... You can do it all by yourself, Petete. Or you can always ask Libardi. I'm sure he will love it...just remember to keep the mask. I heard it turns scilons on.
  31. Petete Member

    In this 4th part:
    Final chat with a cool female police (Sub-Inspector) we first met last december. We kept educating her about the cult and even wikileaks. Tourists took us pictures. I went crazy enturbulating Gustavo Libardi (head of Scientology & OSA Argentina).
    We gave hundreds of flyers and talked with a lot of interested people. Libardi sent a scilon to try to do some damage control giving Scn DVDs that the people rejected (some even said "no, we agree with them" us, Anon :) )
    And more... So enjoy, and stay tuned, more craziness coming soon!

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  32. COREarg Member

    ^ People love us. They know who they are and what they are.
    It's really like a lost battle for them in there.

    Resistance is futile and only makes our penis (and nose) harder.

    btw: I don't want to see next part. :C Conchudessa appears and I'm still scared at her shouting to me like a wild manatee.
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  33. Petete Member

  34. COREarg Member

    ^ I'M TALKING HAITIAN! (If you don't get it: Freeman's Mind, chapter 10 or 11)


    And I still don't know what they are talking about at the door...I mean,come on,you can't stay all that time outside. At least tell him to come in and drink some mates!

    Realized I was talking like a parrot (Haha I did a funny! You know,with the mask and all that! ...forget it) ...sorry guys :C I will behave better next time! Promise!
  35. Petete Member

    No offense intended, you know that I love you, but If I miss 50 % of the meaning of your jokes, our international friends must have it a bit harder...
    If we write in english here, we should at least give some background, context, reference, explanation when we talk about local things, like "mates".
    Mate = some kind of tea that you drink using a metalic straw inserted in the "mate", wich is like a spherical mug. Much more energizing than coffee, and it gives you dhiarrea if you take too much. :p
    This segment was very quiet and relaxed compared to the previous ones, but interesting anyway. I loved the other group of neighbors gathered at that building door near the cult, reading the fliers. Also one of them who leaves them to go and ask us (you or lexi, I wasn't watching) for a flier, and then going back to the group of neighbors. Too much win!
  36. Petete Member

    Failed ambush. While interrogated by an obviously bribed -by Scientology- homeless little girl trying to distract me/us, I heard a Nazi Old Cunt (Scilon, bet your ass) threathening my girls. When she rose her bet, I made her know my RAGE and saved the day. Nobody mess with my femanon lieutenants, piece of shit whore! Not on my watch! Over my sexy dead body BITCH!

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  37. COREarg Member

    ^ All that...because of a flag.

    I don't want to believe the worst, but I think you're right in that.
    Maybe they are told to do that and to don't talk about what they know of the building?

    Last december, a couple told us they usually could listen to someone shouting or crying in the Scilon Dungeons...maybe Libardi gives them something in exchange of silence?

    2. You should never say "sexy dead body". It sounds like necrophilia.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, but no need to chew (all) our food for us.

    any "international friend" who reads AR threads, but doesn't know what mate is
    should probably shove a metallic straw up their non-metallic behind.

  39. COREarg Member

    ^ Then almost all the population of Argentina should be really fucking dead.
    Just sayin'.

    But we are talking about scilons. They don't suffer cancer, remember? How dare you to say they do? You didn't but I don't care, WOG! (??? lol wut)
  40. AnonyVix Member

    Fucking awesome, love you all - despite the Falklands thing, I'm from UK. - ;-)

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