Bruce McMahan, VV and how Bruce married his own daughter.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wolfbane, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Well, it's rather upsetting that in light of the available video testimony of Linda Schutt McMahan about the incestuous relationship, wikipedia chose to remove any mentions of the case. I thought that wikipedia had more guts than that. I mean the original suit is available online, the sworn testimony is also available. That's not enough for wikipedia?
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    It's a Bio of Living Person article (WP:BLP), and the rules are pretty strict for those. (That's Jimbo's excuse, and he's sticking to it.)

    Sworn testimony is a Primary Source. You can use those, but carefully, since people "swear" to all kinds of shit all the time.

    Notability is another problem. I'm not sure that he's particularly famous for anything (with dox) except for being a daughter-diddler. Any article about "Bruce McMahan" is really going to be a "OMG! Bruce McMahan fucked his daughter!" article.
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    He is a major hedge fund player on Wall Street. He owns almost the entirety of Fisher Island in Miami. It's the most expensive zip code in the US.
    He is a quite well known 1 percenter.,_Florida

    The only paper that had the guts to publish anything about this affair was NY Post. Rumour has it that the NY post finances guy knew McMahan personally and vouched for the truthfulness of the info.
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    Can somebody please upload those videos to rutube or something? They are fucking great. Linda testifying how Bruce McMahan told her that her legs were the sexier version of his own, while they were watching the first 30 minutes of Braveheart. This stuff is priceless.
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    The rules are strict on "paper," but try to enforce them if they have something defamatory about you, or for that matter, just something incredibly stupid and wrong, for instance. Unless you can promise to bring a litigation shitstorm down on them, that is, or are just an incredible nuisance (like Barbara Schwarz).

    Then they do whatever is convenient for Jimbo.
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    You're telling me?
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    Wasn't sure whether to post this in the LRH writers of the future thread or here.
    Ended up here.

    So. Bruce's daughter (and no, not the one he married) weird is this?

    My Short Story Gets HM from WOTF

    Fri, 2013-07-12 10:59 | by alison


    My short story, Monsters on the Border, won Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. This is the first recognition I've gotten for my fiction.

    The story started out as a Thursday story at the Viable Paradise workshop.
    For those who are curious, here is the opening paragraph of the story:
    Monsters on the Border, a short Story by Alison McMahan
    Opening Sample
    My brother is dead because I took a dump.
    We'd guided the twelve alambres, illegal workers, north along the foothills all night, picking our way through the chamisa shrubs that smelled like old wet sneakers. I turned and walked down the line, telling everyone it was time to rest. The woman with the fat baby collapsed under a tree away from the others to nurse her child.

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  11. My brother is dead because I took a dump, is the best opening line to a shit short story I have ever seen.
  12. amaX Member

    it was the best of times=no constipation, it was the worst of times=bro dies because i took a shit.

    it's an automatic classic.
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  13. If WWP still had sigs it would be my sig.
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    The COS loses a prospective whale?
    They are inept- though so is her writing (imo).
    RPF for contest screeners.
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    Was that this years's? Probably indicative of the kind of manuscripts they're getting anymore now that most writers know its a CULT event.
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    How the mighty have fallen

    By Tony Ortega, April 9, 2017


    One of the best things we ever did was hire a reporter named Kelly Cramer while we were editing a newspaper in Fort Lauderdale called New Times Broward-Palm Beach, from 2005 to 2007. She landed one of the biggest stories we’ve ever been involved with, told right out of court documents that were among the most disturbing we’d ever seen. Her story, 2006’s “Daddy’s Girl,” was followed up in 2010 with our own piece, which more concisely spelled out the stomach-turning elements of the saga about a hedge fund gazillionaire who “married” his own daughter. And for revealing what was in those court records, the litigious businessman paid his friends to run websites that attacked Cramer and your proprietor for years, spreading false information about what our stories had said. It was very much like Scientology and its Office of Special Affairs.

    A decade later, Kelly Cramer is still keeping an eye on the story, and earlier this week she gave us the latest: On March 29, Bruce McMahan died. He was 77.

    While he was alive, McMahan had his attorneys cow Wikipedia so completely that today the hedge fund richie has no Wikipedia page at all. And only the New York Post had the guts to follow up our story with its own.

    But now, maybe things will change. For reporters interested in those court documents, which you can now write about without fear of McMahan suing you, check out PACER New York ecourts file 054904/2015. You should find it illuminating.

    More at
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    Good Riddance
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