Bruce McMahan, VV and how Bruce married his own daughter.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wolfbane, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Somebody sounds jealous.


    Don't tell me you wouldn't hit that.
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  3. Ever been to Fisher Island just off Miami Beach?

    View attachment dafd007cbcf3bfca4ca7f4e4062127f6.png

    Wait, no. 500 residents with the highest per capita income of any US zip-code and I'm afraid your name is not on the list. Call me when you make your first billion.

    Although… can you pick up golf balls using only your lips? We may have some openings for a few talented caddies.
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  6. Fuck me, I was a handsome devil.
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    I would, but then again I'm not her father
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    Yep, it's the same Kozloff convinced of tax evasion. But then again, all the rich people evade paying taxes and rarely get caught. We know that.
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  10. anonysamvines Member

    and her legal husband sued him (Bruce McMahan) for, i believe, alienating his wife's (Bruce's daughter) affection
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    D O M E

    T H I S

    S H I T

    N O W

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    Th McMahan Family
    David Bruce McMahan
    David Bruce McMahan's daughter, Cristina, was born in 1970 with cerebral palsy. The experience of raising her led him to take his first serious steps into philanthropy. In 1985 he founded the National Cristina Foundation, in honor of Cristina's courage and persistence. Bruce McMahan (as he is...
    Read more »
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    Dome yourself.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Silly boy, you need to post this in the John Mappin thread. Same deal.
    I am very interested in this Bruce McMahan that fucked his daughter. You may not be and that's okay!
    Hmmm...Bruce McMahan...
  15. anonysamvines Member

    and just reposting the links to some of the court documents that weren't sealed in the David Bruce McMahan fucked his daughter case. Just in case anyone came looking for the story after seeing the convicted of tax evasion Kozloff's daily cannibal website. The one paid for by Slutty McMahan to besmirch Tony Ortega's reputation because Tony wrote a truthful article about this

    Oh and did we mention he made her pass a dna test before he fucked his daughter
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    This thread is becoming rather amusing. I mean it teaches rich people the value of the internet, where money still work, but sort of less.....
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    Only if you give me some dome.
  18. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    BRB puke bags.
  19. wolfbane Member

    Nobody with a pacer account has leaked the Connecticut court case dox yes? Geeze guise, I am disappoint.
  20. grebe Member

    I do wish people would stop repeating the same sentence. I think that actually decreases the page rank in Google results. Plus it is fucking boring to read. Plus when you are too obvious with Google bombing you lose credibility with serious people like journalists.

    Plus daughter fucking happens everyday. Marrying your own biological daughter, now that is unusual.

    Better to find interesting stuff about the Bruce McMahan story to post here so the thread is worth reading.

    From what I gather, Bruce McMahan lives mostly in Dubai where men can be men and women do not backtalk. He is probably playing golf right now on some freakishly environmentally controlled golf course. Maybe he's working out the details on a new luxury ocean liner and thinking of the other billionaire pirates circling the globe from offshore bank to offshore bank.
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    Keyword stuffing

    "Keyword stuffing" refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keywords in an attempt to manipulate a site's ranking in Google's search results. Filling pages with keywords results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site's ranking.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Daughter stuffing

    "Daughter stuffing" refers to the practice of...

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Point taken. Bruce McMahan married his own daughter Linda Schutt McMahan.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I finally got access to Pacer. The Connecticut unsealed suit is not that interesting.
    Bruce or rather one of his corporations is suing Linda, alleging that she walked away with some industrial secrets that are contained on her laptops and hard-drives. The laptops were given to her by him and I guess were bought by his company. So he made up this whole conspiracy, in order to get all the material that incriminates him off her hard-drives.
    The laptops were indeed purchased by his company; but the external hard-drives in question were Linda's and purchased by her. She even attached receipts for them.

    The interesting thing is Linda's response - she says that even though McMahan and her lived in Florida and worked in Florida, he was suing her in Connecticut, just to harass and create a hardship for her. Bruce McMahan was allowed to sue her in Connecticut because that's where this corporation of his is registered. But overall his tactic was very similar to that of Scientology - harass through the court system.

    It's quite incredible that he fucked her, and then sued her, when she refused to lie to court that he didn't fuck her.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Awesome. Dox? Please? Anyone? Anon poster who has had them for years?
  27. Anonymous Member

    I didn't download them. Search is free on pacer, downloads are not.
    But I can do that. Where should I post the PDF files? I'm a bit computer challenged.
  28. Anonymous Member

    IDK. Someone please advise.
  29. Anonymous Member

    have sock google account? upload to g-drive or documents, set public access
  30. Anonymous Member

    Just so that you know - there are videos of Linda McMahan's testimony of how her father seduced her on the New Times site:
    However, the files are not on youtube or similar site, but are rather in downloadable form. Check out in the middle of the page on the right side, under the title "videos".
  31. Anonymous Member

    Can anybody transfer these files to something more user-friendly?
  32. Anonymous Member

    I am sure you will all be interested to hear, that Burt Kozloff, who has been writing articles denying that Bruce McMahan fucked his daughter, finally announced that he "buries the hatchet" with the Village Voice.
    He made the announcement when the Village Voice announced the appointment of its new Editor in Chief, Will Bourne. Umm....I don't want to post the link to his stupid website. But it has Tony O's name in it and XXX ending.
  33. Anonymous Member

    By the way- Will Bourne worked a lot with Richard Behar and they won several awards together [as per Behar's facebook].
    [Richard Behar from the Thriving Cult of Greed and Power].
    So if Kozloff or Bruce McMahan [who fucked his daughter Linda McMahan] think that Will Bourne won't publish any new articles about this shameful incestuous affair, they are delusional. I bet the moment Bruce McMahan dies, his obituary in all the big newspapers will mention his little affair with his daughter.
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    anyone? please?
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    ^^^ Linda looks drugged or something in her deposition. She speaks so slowly.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Unfortunately, he did manage to delete all mention to him fucking his daughter from wikipedia. He bullied fifth biggest site in the world into submission. So internet helps against the rich people A LOT, but money still talks.
  39. muldrake Member

    Just because the Internet works doesn't mean every site does. And Wikipedia is a business like any other, all high-minded pretensions aside. It serves as Jimbo Wales's little fiefdom, farmed by a cult of adoring serfs.

    It's a lot better than it should be, and a good thing in general, but that doesn't mean it can be trusted on any subject where the subject of the article can and does threaten to impact Jimbo's bottom line.
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    First Google result for Bruce McMahan is Encyclopedia Dramatica.

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