Bruce McMahan, VV and how Bruce married his own daughter.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wolfbane, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. wolfbane Member

    I can't help but chuckle ^^here, at the Tony Ortega dot tripleX smear site. They launched that website in the wake of his announcement he was leaving. Then they got it loaded up with old-news content and started ad infiltration in the aftermath of his exit. And now, all this VVM & Backpage coverage hits with barely a mention of Ortega's name, such that the smear site content is even more outdated and ridiculous looking.

    Meanwhile, TonyO is off the wage slave leash and trucking right along - free and clear of internal drama of VVM change over.

    The Ortega haters from yesteryear that launched that smear site, now have more egg on their face than the floor of chicken coop caught up in a tornado.


    To Kozloff and McMahan - you might want to stick a fork in it before that shit gets all gooey.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Kozloff and McMahan deserve their own page on WWP. The McMahan case that was not sealed is the one in Connecticut, where Linda Schutt, the daughter, is the defendant. I say anons need to dig it up and post it on WWP, to teach that moron a lesson. Nasty one percenter that thinks he can do whatever he wants, including fucking his own daughter and then threatening the editor that uncovered the story.

    Hey McMahan - this link is for you.
    Wish I had a red-it account to put it there as well.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Wow. That nutjob has the same control issues Miscavige does, except he doesn't beat his staff he bangs his daughter.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Also this:

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Hey Google! Bruce McMahan fucks his daughter!
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Where are the prostitution abolitionist? What do you expect? You think you have the upper hand? See what the owner did? They sold the struggling newspapers they founded, which need the advertisers you scared away. The owners keep Backpages. There's no point attacking an editor, the advertisers. I told you so. Egg after egg after egg ... in your face, right?
  11. Anonymous Member

    I think you intended this for the other thread.
  12. Anonymous Member

    So what did not make it to this threat is that Bruce McMahan hired somebody named Burt Kozloff to run this website called the dailycannibal. This website is quite similar to Scientology black PR sites. On the day that Tony O announced his resignations from the Voice, Kozloff opened a website [not a plesant link]. This link comes up as a sponsored link" if you Google Tony Ortega or Tony Ortega and Scientology.

    I mean freedom of speech and all - but isn't it against Google policy to allow defamatory websites to be advertised?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Poon Google?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Tikk -since you're a lawyer, do you have access to Pacer? Can you get for us the only non-sealed case related to Bruce McMahan sleeping with his daughter? Her name back then was Linda Schut or Schutt. I think she was the defendant and the case may have been federal? [does that make sense?]
  15. Malory Member

    Anyone know what happened to the ex-wife? Did she lose custody of her kids?
  16. Anonymous Member

    According to Kozloff and the dailycannibal, McMahan fucked her bad. Not only did she lose custody of the kids, she was only allowed 4 hour visits with them, only under supervision. She was punished by him for speaking to the VV.
    She was so scared out of her wits, that she then lied under oat saying that she never spoke to the VV, while she is clearly identified as the source of info, such as photographs.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Dox? Want them.
  19. Journal Entry Member

    I'm not sure, but the McMahon family are still trying to wipe the egg off their faces from last Monday night.

  20. Anonymous Member

    It seems thought that Kozloff is lying. This site says something different:
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Sorry...can someone paste/screenshot Daily Cannibal here?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Just go to the link. It's not a Scientology site. It's just as disgusting, but not Scientology nevertheless and hence, I assume is not against the rule. Mods - am I right? Feel free to delete the link if you feel like it shouldn't be here.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. It's right up there with Religious Freedom Watch.
    Complete smear.
    I feel dirty, but that's good- right Bruce? Very, very sick.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    How does a man who sleeps with his biological child retain custody of minor biological children?
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Yes please.

    Doubly so if you are anon in other thread who offered to post dox if we started the thread, pretty please.
  26. Archer Member

    Sup guys

    What's goin on in this thread?


    Well in this case

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  27. Anonymous Member

    If you are a one percenter, you can retain anything.
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  31. grebe Member

    The problem I'm having with this thread is the whole "McMahan" verses "McMahan" thing. I thought for an effective Google bomb you needed the guy's first and last names spelled correctly.
  32. Anonymous Member

    That suit is gold!!!!!

    Holly CRAP!
  33. Anonymous Member

    Agreed- can we ask the mods to correct McMahan to McMahan?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I can't believe what I'm reading, and even more so I can't believe wikipedia took down references to the article, even though there are freaking court records out there!
  35. Anonymous Member

    Famous Billionaire David Bruce McMahan, who is a generous donor of programs to help the disabled and special people all over the world, has turned out to be seducer dad for his daughter, Linda Schutt. After unveiling the forced incestuous relationship, Linda is all set to sue her father.
    Details of the relationship were exposed by Linda herself in a court testimony. In the testimony video, David Bruce McMahan's daughter explains how her father involved her in an intimate relation. The whole David Bruce McMahan-and-daughter incident began in 1998, when David Bruce McMahan was 59, and Linda Schutt was 29, and later in 2004, they were again in bed.
    Due to the weird David Bruce McMahan-and-daughter incident, Linda had left her legal husband, Sargent Schutt, and exchanged the vows with father, David Bruce McMahan, during a London trip.

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Video REMOVED. Link above.

  39. Anonymous Member

    I am curious where is Linda now. She sounds like a very smart woman, if you read the suit. She was doing a post-doctorate in clinical psychology when the asshole McMahan pulled her back into his life and lured her to Fisher Island. It seems that she would have done absolutely great without ever knowing him or having a billionaire dad. The woman was bright. But obviously had daddy issues. I read somewhere that it happens very often that children that were brought up away from their biological parents, are attracted to them later in life, if they meet them as adults.
  40. wolfbane Member

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