Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Jakomeyu, Sep 5, 2009.

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  2. Why done you just come out and say 'Methinks we should broadcast our youtubes over Iranian wavelengths?'
    Option one: get someone inside to do it.
    Option two: bring the party next time you sneak across the border.

    The technology is mind numbingly simple. But it is not lightweight. At least a 50 lb pack is neccessary, along with an antenna. It screams camping trip, but hasn't that been tried already?

    Let's start by listing channel freqs and figure out the rest later.

  3. Jakomeyu Member

    what's the frequency, kenneth
  4. ok, so they broadcast using analog

    It's still probably easier to go after the digital infrastructure AROUND the antenna than the antenna itself. what's the status on this vector?
  5. If you really want a glimpse of international signal battles happening currently, check out the shortwave blog
    Take a look at and take a look at who is broadcasting to Iran in Persian.
    Several months ago we were getting speculative reports that China is launching satellites which accomplish analog broadcast intrusion from space (firedrake). Iran recently appealed to the international telecommunications union that their signals were being jammed by outsiders. If China can do it to jam legit pro-democracy signals, who's to say we can't beam anti-regime programming into Iran?

    The Green Movement is Everywhere. The green movement best be kicking out Iranian dictators before too long. The light of freedom is starting to get mighty antsy.

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