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    This event has been placed on the CoSplay website, which in turn will ink to this thread for discussionybits.
    Here is the info from the CosPlay event:

    There is no CoS branch in Bristol. This "event" comprises of more of a campaign. There are at least 3 or 4 of us [on cosplay within a short distance] in brizzal. This is a poster campaign to get some IRL spam going.

    For the next few weeks running up to and continuing after the pickets on the 15th, I am going to go out at night and stick loads of decent a3 posters all over gloster road, park street, and other high profile areas of the city. These will focus initially on Scientology crimes and abuses but will turn to more of a recruitment drive for picketers and protesters. This needs only a handful of people to work well. Black and white photocopiers in newsagents are your freinds.

    Ideally, each anon will have his or her own area to focus on which we will need to agree between us. Each locale should refelct the targeting of specific types of people. For example, on park street we need to rake in Bristol Uni students and other posh types, so posters should appeal to them. For areas like St Pauls we can snare the interests of the squatter/crustie raver types. I will cover this area, as I'm sure nobody else will want to.

    posters should be shoved up in the wee hours, so that nobody is around to spot them actually going up; part of the effect is that all this stuff appears from nowhere, and when it suddenly arrives, its all over the place.

    Now you can get busted for postering some areas and buildings, so, bearing in mind the substantial CCTV presence I suggest concealing your face with a hat and scarf.

    Target audience for this campaign is going to be young adults, namely

    Rah's. (Clifton posh students)

    These people are more likely to go to a protest and get behind the cause because:
    Students (esp. freshers) like to adopt a cause to appear "ethical." Also, going to protests fits in with all their Che Guevara T-shirts.

    Ravers and hippies always love a good protest. it may not really matter what the protest is, they usually are up for coming. Once they learn about Scientology it may become more of a "fashionable" cause amongst them.

    Its also important to target universities; there are enough reasonably intelligent people waiting to be fed info and get upset about something to really add some weight to the campaign. Get it into student newspapers. We have two mammoth universites with tens of thousands of students. We need them.

    Remember, this is media, this is marketing, this is propoganda. We need to get people on to and get them to read the info. We need to make people feel concerned, and we have to employ the tricks of marketing to do it. Anyone have ideas as to how to attract scpecific groups, lets hear it, then lets stick it all over the walls. The idea is to saturate specific areas to gain the most amount of xenu info exposure to as many target people as possible.

    We can use loads of the premade posters though some may need to be modified. Even black and white, plain, simple impact font, white on black background, would do it. Needs to be very short stuff, like


    London Evening Standard, 9 august 1996: "A man threw himself 200ft to his death after a religious cult refused to let him leave, an inquest heard."

    His name was Richard Collins, and he lived in Bristol.

    He is like Bristols Lisa. I think though, it would be prudent to ask permission of the family perhaps?

    "Dermot Murnaghan: "Even after Richard had died, the harrassment continued. Unaware of the suicide, Tony Clark sent increasingly angry and threatening letters" [Shot of letter 'I'm not the one who will miss out. In ten years time I will not be thinking life is awful and want to kill myself.. so why not be bloody ethical and get yourself sorted. See you soon. Best Regards TC']" ... index.html

    So- there are a handful of Bristol Anons on the CoSplay site, I know for a fact there are a few more who went who didnt register. All this needs is a few people willing to spend a few quid on photocopies each week. Read the announcement about the recent news: Scientology is beginning to crumble. Lets give it a kick.

    Im going to add some info to (now UK lulz)

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