Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anon5754, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. AnonNow Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Posting tits while drunk is a fantastic idea though! ;)

    I understand what you are saying about anonymity being a turn-off to those who are new to Anonymous or don't quite understand it yet but...
    For me that's always been the point, the ideal. Anonymous IS more important than the individual users, that's how we are legion, that's why Co$ is having so much trouble fighting us.
    I recognise that a lot of people will not want to post Anonymously though, however if it is an optional sub-forum then it is their choice, there will always still be a place for namefags here.
  2. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I've stayed out of this discussion for a while now because A) it seemed that in a lot of minds this was no longer an open debate - "if you don't agree with me you're wrong" and B) no matter how often I asked, no one could give me a realistic and practical example of how forcing "Absolute Anonymity" on anyone would actually inspire ideas.

    Since this Thread has started there have been literally hundreds of other Threads started, Replies posted and dozens and dozens of actual ideas presented. Some of these ideas were absolute bullocks and were treated as such - they were either ignored, questioned, doubted and/or eventually flushed to the toilet which is the Thunderdome. If the people who presented those ideas felt butthurt that their poorly conceived, poorly presented "idea" was treated as such - it certainly didn't stop them from continuing to post more of them. And subsequent ideas may have actually improved and were better received.

    At the same time, dozens and dozens of other ideas were postulated - and well-recieved. Or at the very least, a dialogue was established that helped the idea get on its feet, stretch its legs and take a jog around the block. "Operation Over the Wall" is a good example of this. An idea that grew from a statement or a question, with other Anons contributing as they could, critisizing where it was necessary and some sanding down of the rough edges.

    And all of this has been happening without "Absolute Anonymity. For all the discussion and theorising about how "powerful" a tool this would be or what a "valuable asset" this would be to the fight against the Abuses of the Scientology Organization, I have yet to actually see this being the case. No practical examples have been given - and as far as the rest of the Enturb Forums are concerned - it really hasn't even been an issue.

    But here's perhaps the simplest answer to this:

    What do you care if other people have Screen Names and Avatars? If you don't want 'em, don't use 'em. To suggest they somehow cripple Enturb OR Anonymous is to be completely ignorant of the activity going on around you.
  3. anon7894 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Simply having an option to turn off your username in the main forum is something we can really do already (just use an anon name instead, non?).
    I can't see how this would really benefit us, (other than saving someone the minor inconvenience of logging back in).

    It needs to be a fully anon bit on the side, to be of use.
  4. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Now that this has been explained thoroughly, if it's possible I'd like to see it happen.

    It is, in essence, the soul of democracy. No one can judge by age, sexual orientation, size, color, religion etc.

    The only thing that matters is the ability to clearly convey thought and implement it into action.

    It is the pure exchange of the ability to generate and sustain ideas.

    For us "newsters" I can see tremendous benefit. We don't speak "memes" but it allows us to blend in to some degree and safely learn how Anonymous came to be, not by written history but by experiencing it.
  5. Tuesday Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    right so Anonymous posting is go.
  6. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Now for the SAGE-ing
  7. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Thanks guys for all this...I hope it gets tons of use.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    oh hi there
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Put quite a few arguments for this ITT so though it would be more appropriate to thank you Anon. Cheers.:flowers:

    Will be good to see how it pans out. Hopefully it will become really useful.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Awesome, nice work mods, great to see this finally implemented.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Thanks, mods.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    this is working, test done
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    It is cool that it's been kind of put in place. But I'm a bit unsure why what's been implemented is so far removed from what was actually suggested, and voted for.

    I don't really see why if you want to trial it honestly and fairly it's been tucked away so that few people will use it or see it.

    I'm also pretty baffled by the fact that in contrast to the think tank that was proposed with a (mod-enforced) requirement that people would have "to stay on topic as per the thread title, with ppl creating a link to a new topic when it was obvious a diversion would be useful." It's been located in the thunderdome with no obvious rules at all save for not posting illegal material.

    Given that the mods in particular were worried that it would become a minichan. It's a bit frustrating that it seems to have been implemented in such a way that it's almost a guarantee that that is what it will turn into.

    One thing that was discussed earlier in /td/ was whether it would at least be possible to have the option to create a wholly anonymous thread in the current think tank.

    Personally I'd happily have just this one facility over some kind of little seen pseudo-b.

    Sorry if this sounds like I'm moaning. I am, and I'm not (if you know what I mean :grin:). Maybe I'm missing something, and there are good reasons you've done it in this way, but it is somewhat puzzling.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Okay - you've got "Anonymous" posting.....

    Now let's start seeing all these valuable ideas that are supposed to come from this. Let's go - no more complaining, no more excuses. Start making with the world-changing ideas.

    And be detailed in your thinking, or Anonymous or not, it's going to be treated the same way as if there was a name and face on the left hand side of the screen.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Just as an add-on though, I'll be quite intrigued to see what happens with /td/ I guess.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I think that's an evolving experiment. It needs more people posting in there as you can pretty much guess who the posts are from. Anonymity requires crowds to truely work effectively.

    If it becomes a mixture of the thunderdom angst + some think tank. Even if it's only one thread a week it will be nice.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    This 30 second shit's annoying, I know technical issue just voicing the only flaw that's really hindering this at the moment.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Gunslinger sort of has a point – anon posting isn't going to bring down the CoS in and of itself. From my perspective, it's more of a comfort thing, though:

    1. Some people really are so thin-skinned and srs-bznis that criticizing their ideas publicly pisses them off. Anon posting helps some with this. Although it could be argued that they don't really belong here, that's wildly off target and doesn't help anything.

    2. It helps reduce personal bias. Really. Some people might be pissed at <insertUsernameHere> because they were trolled or something, and therefore biased against his/her future suggestions. Anon posting pretty much kills that (unless you want to be pissed at Anonymous :lol:).

    3. Some people just don't like starting what they perceive to be a circlejerk. Anon posting definitely helps with that.

    Sorry for the tl;dr.
  19. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    You know, that never occurred to me. I had never thought of posting Anonymously as a way of protecting yourself from people who can't stand criticism and would stalk, troll and flame you for questioning them or disagreeing with them. I had always just seen it as a "sheild" behind which assholes could be more effective assholes, without ever being held accountable for their jackassery by the community.

    Thanks Anon. Yours was the very first response in this whole debate/discussion that actually helped me understand this subject. I wish others had taken the time to be so helpful.

    You thought this was too long to read? Shit - I hope you never read any of my posts. :wink:
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Yay for trying new things. Boo for them being underutilized.
  21. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    100%. It's just a tool.

    It's not suddenly going to turn someone into a genius because they're posting anonymously.

    It does make us smarter if it's well implemented, but only collectively because it reduces some of the bullshit that's inherent in large group discussions, meaning overall you get a better discussion.
  22. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Sorry to be nit-picky about this - but I don't believe posting Anonymously makes anyone "smarter". Reading, studying, actively participating and sharing what you're doing with others, as well as careful, critical thinking and more reading and studying on top of that is what makes anyone "smarter."

    Practically speaking, all posting Anonymously does is remove the name and avatar of a poster on Enturb. What is SAID in that post is far more important than who did - or did not - say it.
  23. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    er...that's actually what I said. I pointed out that it's never gonna make any of us smarter individually. Not sure why you're bothering to pointlessly misquote me, because if you read the 3 words that follow your "quote" it's clear that I'm saying that it can only make the group's discussion smarter, i.e. more effective, less distracted by nonsense whilst getting there.

    My point being that no-one's suggesting a cure for HIV's gonna pop out, just because people are posting anon. To think that is to entirely misunderstand the nature of it.
  24. Tuesday Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    To be perfectly honest we'd never planned on forced anonymous for the Think Tank. It was always going to be optional here.
  25. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Here - let me try it again -

    Ok - now all your words are there so you can't say I'm misquoting you.

    And again, I disagree with your words. AND your theory of "collective smartness".

    Forced Anonymous - or even voluntary anonymous posting - on an individual basis or for an entire group - does NOT make anyone "smarter." All it does it make an anonymous post.

    Why - WHY - this insistence that there is a deeper meaning to anonymous posting? For Christ's sake - there are so many other BIGGER issues at stake here than whether or not a HANDFUL of people can hide their already fictitious screen name when making a post on this site.

    And not once - NOT ONCE - has anyone proven that posting absolutely anonymously has EVER facilitated the emergence of a viable, feasible, WORKABLE idea. NOT ONCE.

    And if the next poster who want to argue with me on this does anything but give me a PRECISE example of how Anonymous posting has presented such a viable, feasible and workable idea in these forums, then they are simple jerking their own ego off by insisting they are right without PROVING they are right.

    This is NOT a philosophical debate! Either prove it, or drop it.


    I have to call bullshit on that one. Earlier in this Thread it was CLEARLY stated that there are those whoe believe absolute anonymous posting was a "powerful tool" and a "valuable asset" in this Movement against the CoS. "Powerful tool." "Valuable asset."

    That is the "nature" of the issue that is being presented - I'm NOT misunderstanding these words. And I'm not "misinterpreting" them, either. I'm one of those people who believe that words should be used in proper context. Calling "up" "down" doesn't work with me.

    And I'm NOT talking about a facetious example of a "cure for HIV". I'm talking about an idea for Protesting - IRL - against the Abuses of the Scientology Organization. An idea that could ONLY be made while posting anonymously. Show me THAT. So far - no one has and this argument has fallen FLAT.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I understand the reason for not forcing things on people, and I think that's the right choice tbh.

    Having said that allowing people to make their own thread anon would be a good way to get the best of both worlds.

    It would mean that anyone posting an idea to the think tank would get to make the choice about which way they wanted to have their idea examined.

    There wouldn't be the pointless watering down (in terms of number of eyes on) that you'd get if there were 2 different think tanks.

    People who prefer each particular method, would be able to see them side by side over a decent period of time. I'd be surprised if this didn't persuade a good few people about the merits of each over time.

    It's also easy to forget to press the "Make post anon", even when you meant to respond with it. :grin:

    I'm not there are no benefits as it is now, I've already read a post in /td/ where someone apparently had just had a heated argument on the main board, posted an anon thread to the think tank and the person they'd been arguing with, ended up the first person to respond to their thread; and did so in a constructive and complimentary manner more to the point!

    I accept that alone is a good benefit, but it would be good to have just one moderated place on enturb where ideas can get discussed solely on merit.
  27. anon7894 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    It's crystal clear what he's meaning. I realise you don't "get" the idea, or prefer not to for reasons best known to you; though I really don't understand why you've got such a bee in your bonnet about it. If it's not for you, don't use it. It's that simple.

    Some of us think it's a great idea. Some of the OG are quite intrigued by it and would like to see it in action too. You obviously don't share those views. Cool. This site would be a useless place if we all thought the same way.
  28. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Thank you for trying to "understand" me - but you have failed to answer my genuine question as well as other posters before you.

    This is not a trick question - and I'm literally sick of asking it - can someone PLEASE give me an example of how posting anonymously has given rise to a practical, working, feasible idea that could NOT have been suggested and/or developed WITHOUT posting anonymously?

    I'm not being facetious. I'm not trying to be a douche. I'm not even trying to challenge anyone's stance on the subject. All I'm trying to do is to get someone to actually ANSWER this question with an EXAMPLE.

    I've been here since January. In that time, 100% of the ideas for protests, online activism, RL activism, fliers, "themes", calls to arms - everything - has been without the curtain of anonymous posting. 100% Since the inception of optional anonymous posting in the Think Tank - how many practical, workable ideas have been suggested that HAD to be made anonymously? That's what I'm asking. And I'm asking for examples. That's all.

    Please don't read between the lines. Please don't be so insulting as to suggest that I have some hidden agenda or that I am purposefully being abtuse on the subject. I'm not as stupid as you obviously think. I KNOW why some Anons want FA. I'm not asking "WHY?" I'm asking for PROOF of it's value.

    Why is that so hard for some of you to either understand or accomplish? Stop trying to talk your way around me - if you don't have an answer or an example - leave it for someone who DOES.
  29. Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I vote in favor of an anonymous-posting section of the 'turb. (Not in other areas of the site, though.)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    i am very thankful that you have allowed the collective to live.

    thank you.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    This is a great idea. As a newbie I've been a bit scared of participating in case I get flamed by angry people *ahem*. Much more willing to throw my thoughts in now. Thanks.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I can't be bothered to go searching for examples, because people appear to have patiently explained the benefits numerous times already. Understand those, and together with a modicum of common sense and experience of life, it's easy to imagine a host of examples.

    Whether you're a troll, an idiot, or someone dead set on trying to make the implementation of a good idea difficult, I don't know. But repeatedly asking the wrong question isn't going to enlighten you or anyone else any time soon.

    As has been said repeatedly, it's not the idea produced that's necessarily better, it's the process by which it's produced that's more efficient.

    Nonetheless, two examples where anon posting allows or has allowed better ideas to get through:

    (i) Many businesses and government organisations, recognise that there are occasions where people prefer not to have their name associated with an idea. For years they've had anon suggestion boxes for just this reason. A full-time anon think tank = this x10, it allows anyone to hold detailed discussions about anything, any time, without fear of favour or embarrassment.

    To deny that a very shy guy with a great mind, is going to readily discuss a big mistake being made by one of the "stars of the show" is to deny human nature. More importantly, once it's suggested, other people will be less inclined to simply respond to the argument in defence of the "star," because with the posting being anon, they wouldn't have known that it was (me :grin:) who'd suggested the idea in the first place. You don't have to use much imagination to come up with a million and one such examples, some big some small.

    (ii) Someone who'd just had a big argument on the main board, posted an anon thread to the think-tank. A couple of minutes later the person they'd been arguing with responded sanely, sensibly and with a compliment to the idea. You may like to pretend that this would have happened anyway. But common sense suggests otherwise.

    For me though, the point of anon posting isn't so much these kind of specifics, it's the benefit you get when these and some of the other factors listed elsewhere in this thread, are cumulatively removed from the equation. You'd be surprised how much they weigh down the decision making process, and their removal makes for visible differences over time.

    It's apparent that you're unable to find any legitimate problems with the idea, and seem keen to add only noise to the discussion. As the previous poster suggested. Why not sit it out, see what happens, and focus your energies on something that's actually useful?
  33. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I dont think anon posting makes us smarter or more creative. What i do think is that by virtue of being anonymous, where there are no social consequences to a bad idea it makes people more willing to suggest things outside the box, because even if they fail, they will face no permanent damage to their percieved reputation or future ideas.

    No mistakes are carried forward, every idea and post starts with a clean sheet.

    In the end it is not about the ideas that have happened without anonymity, its about the borderline ideas that people would not suggest if associated with them.

    I think giving the choice of anon posting is fantastic, and thats where it should be left. As a choice.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Anonymous posting alters your own mindset as much as anything, you think in a different manner once you are anonymous. It may seem strange or counterintuitive, but removing your identity from your idea gives it more freedom, people are less concerned about modifying your idea and stepping on your toes, while at the same time, it's not YOUR idea, you don't have ownership of it, the only person who can give you any real kudos for it is you, and that's Only if it's adopted and adapted and you can see that the meme is spreading. and you can only help it do that if you approach it as someone without that emotional investment, once you obviously try pushing a viewpoint you'll get samefagged and you're idea will lose relevence. the number of people with posts were there's an implied tone of entitlement to kudos around here his a tad sickening.

    and if you want an example of something that wouldn't have happened without anonymous posting, I've actually contributed content here in the think tank now there's anon posting, where before I had merely posted the odd comment that meant pretty much nothing.

    and there's too much circle jerking and posting about nothing going on here, i'm still likely to avoid posting in the rest of enturb for that reason.
  35. zhyppers Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Isn't that idea basically a more organized *chan with it's focus primarily on Scientology and project Chanology?
  36. anon0004 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I also vote also at least for one complete anonymous section, since this give us our name and prupose.
    I disagree with beeing smatrer, but personal issues, like, its me, me haz best argument, meee knows better you dont, and all those personal hero things like me is best, me has best argument, me has longest dick, me has nicest tits, me has best idea etc... whorship me, shit is not present.

    ist just another environement, which I like.

    I don´t know wether its valuable, or its more creative, or its kinda firing lazers, but on a personal basis I´d like to have it.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Wow - you people are totally missing the point.

    gunslinger simply asked for an example. Why is it none of you can give it to him? you seem to be going out of your way to be rude and all the time pretending that you;re giving "really smart" answers.

    the answer to the question is, "There AREN"T any examples of how AP creates better ideas - because AP DOESN"T create better ideas."

    All AP does is help people who are too afraid of being criticised, have the opportunity to share in the discussion without being ashamed or picked on by rude posters. much like most of the anonymous posters here have been hurling insults at gunsinger.

    right now in the think tank, there is only one thread which was started by an AP and the ide they propsed is about faxing false ot info to the Cos. that's it. nobody else seems to think that's important for AP to be able to porpose ideas.

    everyone seems a little too sensitive about having to back up what they say and think.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    It actually seems as though he's deliberately missing the point, and repeatedly asking an irrelevant question doesn't make it any more valid.

    If you follow the whole thread, I'd say people have been unfailingly polite to him for the most part, and given clear, common sense answers wherever possible. If this wasn't the think-tank I know that I'd have been a bit more forthright and told him the score cold by now.
    Disagreement is one thing. Healthy debate and discussion is another. But instead of either of these, he consistently chooses to attack the poster instead of the argument, and when not criticizing the poster, attacks spurious arguments that have only been brought up by him. etc. etc. etc.

    Everything else to be said has already been said numerous times ITT. So I'll leave it at that.
  39. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I've made it clear - time and time again - that I am NOT being deliberately obtuse (or purposely "missing the point") and I resent your insistence that my question is irrelevant. If I don't undertand something - I ask. If you cannot answer it, please refrain from offering your opinion about how stupid I am. All you accomplish is being insulting - which is, again, the only purpose I have seen as of yet for anonymous posting. You get to insult me without running the risk of me attacking back. Where I come from, we call that cowardice.

    My question is valid until I get an answer - and your post is another "non-example" - the exact opposite of what I was seeking.

    You are either using selective reasoning, or are just as guilty of not reading the entire thread. The only Anon to be "polite" has been Anonymous1224 - in your post alone you have accused me of being duplicitous, ignorant, and "irrelevant. Sorry if I'm interfering with "your" Anonymous, but I don't take to being ignored or brushed off too easily. I'm sure you would feel the same if you were in my position.

    Go ahead. You seem to be well-versed in the entire contents of this Thread. So go ahead and find those replies to my posts where I have been given "clear, common sense" answers for my question. Keep in mind what my question, or request, was - a clear, common sense EXAMPLE of the benefits of FA in the fight against the Abuses of the Scientology Organization.

    You mean you would have indulged in insults and rancor, simply because you can't answer my question and are tired of me asking it? Don't hold back, my friend. After all, you're posting "anonymously, aren't you? Feel free to spew whatever useless tangent you want at me. This will only serve to prove that FA is good for only that - picking fights from behind the screen of anonymity.

    You think I'll be intimidated into being quiet, simply because you refuse or are incapable of giving me a straight answer and precise examples of how this works? If I'm not afraid of Scientologists - who do the exact same thing - why would I be afraid of you? Ironic, don't you think?

    Questions aren't attacks. If I seem frustrated, I have ever right to be so - no one seems willing to give me some real world examples, and yet they are willing to take the time to paint me out as a villain, or at the very least a simpleton - rather than take the time to just answer the question. Again, very much like the Organization we're supposed to fighting against.

    And again , I resent your accusation that I've engaged in "attacking" the OP throughout this Thread. Yes, at the beginning of this, I did wrongly indulge in verbal push and shove, but then backed off when I realized how agreesive I sounded. Since then, I've been patiently - REALLY patiently - waiting for someone to prove to me this works. And yes - I DO have the right to insist on proof. After all, it was others who insisted that this would be a powerful tool and a valuable asset. Those same people have no had that chance to come up powerful means of protest and valuable resources for debate against the CoS - and yet no one seems willing to share that. Why?

    Is it because they have become prejudiced against me, based on the recognition of my screen name and avatar? If that's the case, they are as guilty of the crimes they themselves were worried would be committed against them, unless they were allowed to post anonymously. Again, the irony is coming hard and heavy at this point.

    Only one or two people have said somethig of value in this Thread - in regards to my question. One was when it was pointed out that FA does NOT create better ideas, it only allows people to hide behind anonymity. The other was when it was pointed out that the one who REALLY benefits from me. Because of the stubborn unwillingness to answer my question, and the insistence that I just "shut up and go away," I have been singled out as being either dumb, evil or just a trouble maker. All three of these assumptions are very much wrong. Excpet the evil, maybe. I can be pretty evil.

    So - what have I learned from this whole experience?

    First - most people who post anonymously do so out of fear and shame. That makes me feel sorry for them. Sorry that they feel they HAVE to do that (meaning there are too many trolls on this site) and sorry that they are constrained by their fears and easily shamed to begin with. Other's have said it better than I - "Grow skin."

    Second - I've noticed since this debate/issue (not really a debate now, is it? There are two forums for FA) since about April 12th, there has been a growing number of "Anonymous Snobs". People who clearly believe that their opinions are so much more important than any one else's. And the key factor in deciding who gets to be in this Elite Order is whether or not they can string enough pseudo-intellectual words together to make it sound they are actually saying something really important - when in fact they are saying nothing at all. Others have said that it was akin to "intellectual masturbation." And as crass as that sounds, it's pretty spot on.

    So actually, I feel better now. I feel I've gotten my answer and I feel like I understand the New Think Tank a lot better.

    It's a good place for coming up with new ideas, hashing them out and trying to actually get out there in the real world and do something. But it's also a place for some people to come and feel self-important - sort of Anonymous' "Unspoken Leaders". And it is a place for this self-elected Elite to pretend that they are accomplishing something by preaching to the choir, stroking each others egos in the "dark" of FA, and berating others for having the audacity to question them - also from the safety of absolute anonymity.

    So now I can go back to the "real world" of Enturbulation, where things actually get talked about, planned and settled. Fortunately, as Tuesday said, it's not like the site is ever going to be FA throughout. so there really shouldn't be any fear of the Snobs spreading and messing up the entire show for everyone.

    You can have your Thread back now. You've proved a lot of points just by not being able to prove anything at all.

    TL;DR? FA serves no purpose but to allow Anons to post FA. It doesn't make Anons smarter, it doesn't create better ideas, and it doesn't foster any sense of community. But it DOES give people who have nothing important to say - or people who just want to insult others - a place to do so without ruining their "reputations" in other forms.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Okay, well as this thread seems to have become kind of circular, I'll throw in an interesting question.

    Devil's Advocate here :wink:

    What would you say Gunslinger if I was to suggest that you're actually an OSA sock puppet being run under an op called Operation Last Laugh, who's aim is to distract, destroy and dissuade Anonymous primarily through use of humor?
    (don't forget these are based on schema drawn up during the third week of February)

    Distract, by stopping a culture centred around effectiveness against the Church developing, and to otherwise encourage Anonymous to engage in timewasting activities.

    Destroy, by using humor to dead agent ideas or individuals that prove problematic. [If accurate, I'm assuming this tactic was subsequently adapted]

    Divide, by using parody, negative characterization, et al, to help polarize factions within Anonymous.

    Dissuade, by using humor and personal authority to realign key discussions toward outcome favorable to the Church.

    As I say, DA...
    It's pretty obvious that Co$ would dislike the idea of anonymous posting, for a host of reasons. It makes it harder to identify key decision makers and opinion formers. It doesn't favor their normal tactics, because there's no individual to attack. It places added weight to the actual arguments (which they're trained to sidestep). Can't respond to this now, as I'm off out for the day unfortunately. But thought I'd throw this in to get the discussion back to something more useful. [If it's an issue, feel free to de-anonymize this post. I've no problem either way.]

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