Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

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    Rapid fire ideas.

    Imagine walking into a pitch black room, and you can't see anyone's face. Everyone has the same voice. You can't tell one person from another. You all start having a discussion. It's raw ideas, raw thought. That's it, that's all.

    It's a brain dump of the collective. Sort through the ocean of piss and find the pearls.

    Why do politicians and government stink?
    Why does customer service suck?
    Why are CEOs liars?
    Why has CoS succeeded?

    Because it's all based on IMAGE! Image blows. They would rather LOOK good, than to do what's right. The era of image needs to fall, and be replaced with an era of ethics based on TRUTH.
    Anonymous does not care about image. Anonymous cares about information.

    How many times in your life have you held back from calling someone an asshole, when they clearly deserved it? How many times in your life have you not spoken how you really feel, good or bad, because you're afraid of being judged?

    When you strip away identity, you have no idea how many people are speaking. It could be 1, it could be 100. It just becomes a collective.

    Anonymous has fought wars in the past. All of the enemies have something in common. They did something wrong, and when called on it, they defended their IMAGE. The spotlight comes on, and exposure begins.

    Image has it's place, but it's only useful when it's built on truth. Let truth create the image, not image creating "acceptable truths".

    Why a hive mind? One voice?

    Anonymous is Voltron with thousands of parts.

    Programmers, those who understand cryptography. They may know of the term "chinese lottery". Have a code that needs to be cracked? Try every combination, simultaneously. Most are wrong. Most are stupid. But once you get it right, you only need to do it once.

    Do you remember the SETI@Home and Folding@home projects? The folding@home project is designed to calculate how proteins work. How does a group of molecules assemble itself to create proteins? To support life. It can take a millionth of a second for the process to happen. It can take tens of years for a modern computer to figure out how it happened. That is a lot of data that needed to be processed. To process all that data, a supercomputer would be needed working for many years. Supercomputers are expensive. But, you can do the same thing with an array of smaller computers.

    Along comes Distributed Computing. To figure it out, tens of thousands of computers work simultaneously, and report back useful data to a central node. It's very fast, very powerful, and very cheap.
    There are 6.5 billion people on earth.
    How much can you buy with one cent? Not much.
    If everyone in the world spend ONE cent towards something, that would be $65 million dollars. What would you buy if you had 65 million? If everyone in the world gave ONE penny per day for a year, focused on a single goal, you would have $23,725,000,000. Almost 24 Billion in a year! What project could be funded for that much money? That's the power of distributed power toward a single goal.

    Anonymous posting is that distributed computing network, powered by humans, collecting to a single source. When ego and identity get in the way, it creates resistance and inefficency.

    What about hurt feelings? It's not nice to be rude! Well, since no one knows you, no one cares. If your feelings are hurt, no one but you knows. You can't be embarassed, because there's no one to be embarassed to, and no one else knows who you are. It's like getting naked in a pitch black room full of strangers. How is anyone going to know unless you tell them? That's freedom right there.

    But, since I have an identity here, you can judge me. You can think I'm nuts for spewing out all these words. This might discourage me from saying something right in the future. If you called me out in a group, it might discourage others from sharing similar ideas. What does this lead to?
    Pressure to create IMAGE.
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    OOoh, spectaculary sweeet idea is sweet and spectacular.
    The posting of CP or unrelative comments can be countered by a report sistem like on the chans. Alfter all, were not safe from it as it is now, its just harder to do. Offcoure the scilons will try and take advantage of the idea, but everyone with half a brain can see that idiots posting crap online is the idiot's fault and not the mods.
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    Good idea, I support this.
  4. Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    i approve.
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    Get's my vote.
    Personally I think this IS NEEDED. Quite apart from the extra horsepower it will provide, I've noticed an increased lack of hard, critical analysis creeping into enturb.
    It's essential that this board continues to be a welcoming place, but it's vital that some of the more detrimental aspects of OCMB, are nipped in the bud before they fully take root.

    This would be a move in the right direction IMO.
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    Anonymous : Distributed Activism at it's finest :)
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    This idea has my full support. We need a way to remain anonymous. The only problem is that we also need a way to hide our communications from scifags. Anybody have any ideas on that front?
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    Fucking brilliant idea is fucking brilliant.
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    Hiding would be impossible without having some sort of elitistfaggotry. However, I suppose you could keep the elitist shit to a minimum by allowing users to access the chan after, say, 30 posts? I still think it should be completely open to anyone who wishes to post, just because it would be extremely easy to dig up shit on anon even if such a safegaurd were to be put in place.
  10. Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I don't think it would be possible to hide them.

    It MIGHT be possible(?) to make everyone's name not visible or anonymized to anyone not logged into the forum? that would go a long way towards making specific identifying info and compiling a "whos who" list harder for them.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I approve of this idea
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    I said this before in another thread, but I'll repeat it here. I first joined enturb with a different name that was namefaggy and slightly trappy. After the 3-15 hiccup I switched my user to something more anony. After that switch I feel like my ideas became more accepted. Maybe I had better Ideas or I was more in the mind set, but an anonymous forum, or forced anonymity can be beneficial. Not just because of namefagging, but because good ideas get carried and bad ideas go away.
    When we cut down to the bone, what we are about is Ideas, not image.

    There is a 'chan board for chanology- but it lacks the structure that makes enturb useful and effective. If Tamphex can combine the two then he is a Real American Hero.

    I think that there is still a place for an open forum with user names. Two arrows are harder to break than one. 3rd grade social studies for NYfags will understand that.
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    IIRC admins are getting busy soon with RL stuff. I wouldn't expect a bunch of cute VB mods. Pick a more anon name and post in offtopic all you want.
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    If you want to post Anonymously, make a new account for every post. We don't require email verification anymore so you can make accounts to your hearts content.

    The reason being that if we were to open an Anonymous area we would essentially open ourselves up to the serious possibility of the spamming of illegal things on the site with absolutely no repercussion to the user. A lot of people donated a lot of money to buy the server that we're running. It would be a fucking shame if this server then ended up in the evidence room of some police precinct or, God forbid, the FBI.

    This is not something we need or want or would open ourselves up to.

    If you're so dead set against usernames the chan boards are still open and running and you're more than welcome to head on over and deal with all the CP you could ever want.

    Enturbulation is NOT Anonymous.

    The purpose of Enturbulation is to have a forum for ALL members of the insurrection against the Scientology Organization. That means everyone, not just Anonymous.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Aaah, good old modfaggotry. Is there anything as refreshing in the morning.
    Either way, the gods have spoken, therefore the best thing to do is use /xenu/ boards.
    Post if you know any good ones. Here's where i lurk atm
    315chan- a whole chan for chanologysts, has both blackops and whiteknight boards
    711chan's /xenu/- suffers from constant attacks, bot from mods and trolls, but is still the most popular one ife seen so far.

    Its not that mods are right, its just that they will do whatever they want to.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Given that ppl were suggesting the back-end be tied in to a registered username, I can't really see that there'd be any greater risk of CP, spam and general nonsense than there already is...but more importantly...
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Enturbulation's aim is supposed to be promoting and aiding activism against the Scientology organization.
    Other ppl may disagree, but I think that refusing to have an anonymously posted think-tank will prove to be the single worst decision that's been made in this new campaign against the "church." At the moment the balance is largely on the idea, given time this will change. If you doubt it for one minute, you should look at any other user forum, or group IRL.

    Over time, it's natural that the most respected users will become listened to more and more. This may not sound like a bad thing, but it plays into the "church's" hands. They will no longer fear us, because we'll have become much easier to attack. They'll be able to help create factions and we'll become far more of a group than a herd of cats.

    I've not heard one person in this thread suggest that it should be a wholesale anon board. People are suggesting that there is an anonymous thinktank. If it works, it would likely take a key role in the decision making. A single place where everyone has the chance to air their ideas, with the best ideas probably being taken on by all of us.

    It doesn't sound as though the decision will change, but I really hope that it does because this will help not hurt Scientology.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Right, so in case you weren't aware - posting while drunk is not a good idea. Now that I'm sober...

    I can see the merit in the idea, certainly. But ideas are still cream here. I've yet to see an instance where a stupid idea was accepted wholesale because a specific poster put the idea forward. We haven't reached a point where this is a concern and to be perfectly frank I don't think we'll ever get to a point where it is. Not because it isn't a possibility, but because I think that the members of the Enturbulation community are capable of putting names aside.

    In the end I have to wonder what purpose this would really serve?

    The point stands that Enturbulation is not Anonymous. Things aren't going to function here the same way that they will on *boards. The danger of this idea, in my mind, is that Anonymous then becomes more important than the individual users. Could it get to a point where people who choose not to post Anonymously are then discounted and accused of namefaggotry? This could be a huge turn off to some one who doesn't understand the Anonymous meme. Anonymous, itself, could then before more important than the idea.

    I'm willing to chew on this for a while, bring it to the other mods and see what consensus says. But the long and short of my thoughts on it is that it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. There's no reason that usernames should be such anathema.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Having your name next to an idea means you have more attachment to it, you get butthurt when it gets shot down, you subconciously exbellish it to make it seem more than what it is. Anonymous eats its children, and only the strongest survive - less drama, less circle jerking.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Less. Drama. Are you kidding me? The chans are in a state of perpetual, neverending, drama. The various /b/s in perticular, but also every other board, at some point or other, to some extent or other.
    What coud be, ideally achieved (Now that the gods... i mean mods arent going to kill the idea with fire from the sky) is a anonymous thinktank without the drama... if that is achieved, a winnar of epic proportins is he/she/it/they.

    - The chans have a sistem of moeration, its called the report sistem. You see something illegal- you report it- mods deside if it shoud be gone or not. Simple. the problem i think, is that most mods on the chans dont really give a rats ass, especially about /xenu/ boards. But it coud be implemented, and it coud work. If anyone posting CP or other crap like that was to be repored, b&, etc. etc. and all that done swiftly?
    - what if, you do need to be registered in order to post in the anonymous section, but your nick is simply not shown? Or shown only to the mods? Or youre assigned a random dayly name, like on 420chan?
    - If a person were to have, for example, no more than one post per 5 minutes, it woud make it hard for him to spam, no? It woud also make him think hard on the thing he's posting, much lessening the ''STFU NOOB'' and ''ROFL ZOMG ITS TEH REI'' posts.
    - Scared of people posting CP? Dont allow images. Pure and simple.

    In the end i believe it CAN be done, but there has to be the will to make it work.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    If we were as bad as you seem to like to paint us out to be you'd be banned for mod sass.
  23. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation


    99% I agree.

    A bad idea is always going to be a bad idea, but they are harder to challenge when a name's attached, and over time this difficulty will increase. The smartest and/or most charismatic of us will become leaders in all but name. In the context of Co$ this has to be a bad thing. It makes it much easier to target ppl critical to our decision making process. Because there will be less diversity of opinion, we won't be able to respond as imaginatively and possibly flexibly to new problems. As new ppl come to the board, it will be harder rather than easier for them to put across new ideas, I've already seen this happen myself with ppl who've been here since January signing up with a new ID because of the changeover, and then getting shouted down by others who'd signed up less than a month b4 on the basis that they're new to the board! These kinds of problems are all reduced when the heart of the culture makes idea king.

    Agreed, all these things are not particular problems to date, but we're still operating on a much more impersonal footing, given time, personalities and relationships will become far more entrenched.
    On the 2nd point, I'm not convinced that even the most broad minded of us can totally set aside who said something, from what they said. It's just one of those things that's hard-wired into us.

    Better explanations elsewhere ITT, but in a nutshell: anonymous posting removes any petty personal politics, and creates a marketplace for ideas where each idea is judged solely on merit.

    Named posting is necessary for taking those ideas and doing something with them.

    Both systems working to complement each other would be a very powerful combination.

    With you 110% on this. It would be bad from so many points of view (not just the legal) if this was allowed to change. However, given that the most important decisions for Project Chanology are now taking place in this forum, to have no "hive mind" discussion, means that the one method that's proven to be singularly effective to date in taking down the "church", will have no meaningful place at the heart of the project. Going to other boards doesn't resolve it, because those discussions would not carry the same significance. This is central to what worries me: given enough time, it will fundamentally change the way this project is conducted, and will shift it towards methods that have proven ineffective in the past. At the moment Co$ are still trying to hit smoke with a hammer (whilst we film ;-) ). This shouldn't be allowed to change.

    I don't think that that's at the root of why any of us are pushing for this. Really.
    The ppl still here are pretty committed to making this work. Some ppl may be attracted by the "we are legion" nonsense, but that's a whole different ball of wax.
    This is not about sustaining the Anonymous meme, I can't emphasise that enough, it's about ensuring that a leaderless campaign against the "church" is sustainable.

    Ppl have a seemingly limitless ability to be petty, so this can't be dismissed out of hand, but the nature of the people involved has changed over time, and beneath all the jokes, most of us are committed for surprisingly honourable reasons. ;-)
    It might even have the opposite effect, as it'd mean everyone wanting to take part in an anonymous decision process could easily do so.

    The main difficulty would be ensuring that it doesn't get trolled to hell, though I've seen different mechanisms discussed here and in other threads to counter this.
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    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    There is such a thing as 'cross-pollination.'

    There are Chan boards where Anonymous posts. There are other boards - like Something Awful - where 'well-know and well-respected' minds mingle. And there's Enturb, where everyone starts fresh (when it comes to reputation), but we build our reputation here by posting. There's also IRC, wiki pages, and IRL protests (amongst others). Ideas form and are discussed at all of these places. Most people actively participate in 2 or 3 of these things; I don't think anybody participates in all.

    I think it's essential that we have a chan board. It serves as a check and balance on everything else - if Anonymous really sucks ass, that board will be the first to say so. It's also essential that we have something like Enturb, where everyone is semi-anonymous (we all start with a fresh slate, and we can re-set our slate at any time by registering a new anonymous account). It's also essential that we involve people on Somethingawful and IRC where people still post with screen names they've been using for years, and have an attached reputation.

    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, people. When the internet became sentient, it chose the name 'Anonymous.' Its brain does not have a 'lead' node. It doesn't have a 'Cartesian theater' where some homunculus sees all and makes all the decisions, controlling the rest. It has an id, an ego, a super-ego; it has a shadow-self and persona. Every part is important.

    A chan-style board does help anonymous. I'd encourage Enturb members to participate in such a board. Enturb is not that board. I do think it could sponsor a chan-style board, but I understand the objections the admins have - they don't have experience running that sort of internet board, and there are definite legal problems with doing so.

    But the architecture of the internet's brain has been laid, and it is functioning. Suggestions to improve its function are always welcome, and it's important to point out anything that's 'broken', but Enturb is not broken. Let's not fuss with something that's working, especially when it could potentially break it.
  25. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I'm just personally convinced that as long as enturb is mission-control for Chanology, there needs to be an element of the hive-mind here:
    It seems like such a small thing, but it's implications are really pretty profound.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I can't see any way that an anonymous think-tank executed in the way suggested ITT, could increase the legal consequences from those that already exist for the site.
  26. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Good, bad, it dosent matter. Mods=gods, only on the internet ofcourse, but thats where we are right now. Its easy to be labeled bad when youre all powerfull, but thats not what i meant.
  27. Consensus Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    We have *not* taken on the role of 'mission-control.' If we are the de facto mission control (a claim I'd dispute), it's because people have looked at the options available and decided this is where they want to do most of the work. If at any point we cease to serve their needs, they'll move to a venue that does.

    Enturbulation is not the leader of the movement. This website - like all anonymous websites - is a resource which Anonymous can utilize or discard. If we wish to remain involved in Anonymous, it is necessary that we evolve. But our evolution is not essential to the movement itself - if we become irrelevent, the movement will move to a website that has not.

    And we are far from the only site in this project. The cross-pollination point I made above is critical. Good ideas that arise on one board will spread to others. It will get mulled over on all venues. The cream rises to the top. When one of the venues comes to a consensus, it can either implement the idea itself or attempt to spread the idea further. If the idea spreads to other venues, the idea itself starts off fresh. Just as only very good ideas will have consensus on a single venue, only the absolute best ideas will have a consensus of all the venues.

    Nowhere in that process is it necessary for Enturbulation to emulate the other venues. It is certainly wise to continue the existence of a number of alternative venues in a variety of formats (wikis, chans, forums, irc, etc).
  28. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Cross-pollination is good, the less centralized the movement is the better. If enturb fell out of the sky tomorrow, I've no doubt that ppl would move elsewhere, ultimately successfully. So whilst mission-control may not be the best phrase, it's fair in my mind at least to say that enturb is where the heart of the movement currently gravitates. I know ppl who refuse to post here, who still pay attention to what goes on in these forums.

    Waiting for ppl to vote with their feet and go elsewhere, seems a short-sighted way to decide whether changes should be made. Surely that's the reason it's being talked about.
  29. Consensus Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Would it make you happier if the Mods each had a secret non-mod name with which to post ideas and make arguments, whereby they use their mod account only for moderating purposes (exchanging PMs with concerned forum members, closing and moving threads, banning members, etc)? I've entertained the idea myself.

    In any case, the mods here have tried to be mostly hands-off, but keep in mind most of our mod staff came from SomethingAwful, which has notoriously strong moderation.

    Enturb Moderators are not leaders of anonymous*. Tamphex and his Admin crew have worked hard to provide this site as a resource to Anonymous. The Moderators are a necessary evil for this style of venue. Anonymous can take or leave this resource. The usefulness of the resource is a function of the software design (administration) and the social design (moderation). If there is a need for an additional resource with a different design (socially or in terms of software), I'm confident some anon will provide that resource. If the design of this cite ceases to be useful, that will be reflected in reduced utilization of the site by Anonymous.

    Some members of Enturbulation have taken issue with things I've done. Thankfully, they e-mailed me with their problems, and we discussed them. Some have brought problems with the layout or design of the site to me, and I've passed that along to the admins. I'm happy to report that every such interaction I've had has satisfied the person that raised the problem, and often times the discussion has resulted in change in how I moderate or how the site is run. It is not helpful, however, for people to actively and publicly attack the moderators. If you bring a problem to us and we do not side with you, then you can consider discussing it publicly. If you then get strong support - if Anonymous comes to a consensus that we are doing something wrong - we will listen to that. The reason we ask you to come to us first via PM is to avoid that sort of situation (which appears to the Co$ and the public to be 'infighting').

    What you are right about is the power difference. When you bring a complaint to the mods, it will always be the case that the mod has 'more power' than you. I myself always welcome criticism and feedback. I absolutely believe in the necessity of devil's advocates. If you can persuade me that your idea is worth discussing, I'll be happy to play devil's advocate with the other mods, where the power-level is even.

    *frankly, the job of admin and the job of moderator are each specialized jobs, which require enough time and effort that those people are largely unavailable to participate in the majority of Anonymous activity).
  30. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    This is geting off topic, and the reason is partially mine. For that sorry. I dont have any problems with te ways mod so their jobs around here, i was just expressing general ideas about moderating... in general :p While most sertanly intrigueing, i suggest we do not discuss them here, but rather stay on target.
  31. RaptorJ Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I stand by my signature
  32. Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    This isn't something people are suggesting becase of Mods. It is not because we think "anonymous" needs to have more focus. It does not have anything to do with chan boards being available or not.

    It's simply a better way to make decisions. Faster, Stronger, More Eloquent, No bias, No drama.. It is a type of collaborative will. It's a method based on a singularity of conciousness. What it needs is alot of eyes looking at the concepts... I think that is why people wanted such a forum/section here on enturb... because we would get the benefit of such a variety of users. More people do tend to visit here frequently.

    I haven't seen "bad" ideas accepted because of a username... true. I have seen people discount things because of a user name though, and people get frustrated with the responses of others and things devolve into uselessness as far as rehashing the idea.

    It is great that we can go do this elsewhere.... we do. BUT... after something is hashed and rehashed there, and then a suggestion is moved here, it is like throwing the idea into a vat of molasses at times. Things get rehashed from the beginning, people make ego posts. Thread is derailed... just kinda frustrating when you are used to clarity and focus of thought.

    I realize alot of people don't seem to understand... thats fine, looks like it won't happen here even for brainstorming.

  33. Znew Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    This has my seal of approval.
  34. Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I think it is a brilliant idea.
  35. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I feel really bad saying this, because so many people seem to be supportive of it - but from what I gather, this is not an idea I can support. Not because I am against people having as much anonymity as they want - but because the reasoning behind it happening here is empty. In fact, it seems pretty shallow to me.

    The analogy of "Imagine walking into a pitch black room, not being able to see anyone's face and when they all start talking, their voices sound just like yours"..... That's a pretty crappy idea, actually. I walk into a pitch black room and start hearing voices that are exactly like mine and they're saying things I don't agree with - we call that Schizophrenia.

    I believe the very core of this idea is based on the belief that I am not going to accept you or your ideas because I've seen your Screen Name, and I've seen your Avatar, and I'm going to make the assumption, "Hey, that's the dick who posted that shit about whatever - I hate them. This idea they're talking about now about curing Cancer is total bullshit. I'm going to ignore it!"

    It doesn't give me any credit or being mature enough to know the difference between the idea and the person presenting it.

    I can't blame you for thinking that about me - after all, you don't know me. Why should I expect you to trust me to listen to you and your thoughtful good intentions and honest attempts to contribute to the cause when you don't even know me?

    Here's an idea - read through my Posts. If you think I'm the kind of person who will disregard what you have to say because I've expressed my opinions strongly in some Threads, just made jokes in other Threads, gone monkeyhouse-crapfight crazy in the Thunderdome Threads and seem all around opinionated in general - well, then, I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

    If you're talking about the OSA finding out "who you are" - somebody else said it already - you're giving them too much credit.

    But if you just want the freedom to say anything you want, do anything you want and treat others however you want them - without taking responsibilty for it and facing the consequences of bad behavior - all I can say is grow up. You've got enough anonimity already with the Screen Name you've chosen and the Avatar you've put in place. You don't need more.

    I "own" my thoughts, my ideas, my voice and my identity - here and in the Real World. And I live by them. I would rather people know what to expect when they "see" me, even if they don't like me, than to be some weak little "nobody" hiding in shadows because I don't want anyone to see my zits or that I've peed myself laughing. You don't like me? Fine. Sometimes I don't like myself. But I'm not going to hide from you.

    And you really don't have to hide from me - or any one else.
  36. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    I disagree with your points, but as they've been addressed in the thread, i'll put it another way. If you're confident that your ideas stack up, and you're suggesting them because you genuinely want to help the general effort, then it shouldn't matter at all if your name's not attached to the idea.
  37. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Im very sorry to say this, but your argument is crap. Lets leave analogyes asside, why dont we? We allready said why we think this woud be a good idea, so dont try and quess what our reasons are.

    There are no chanology boards left on the chans, so the time is better than ever to make an anonymous board, not becouse enturbulatin shoud become a chan, and a home for anonymous, but becouse this way, we can capture a valuable asset.

    Why woud posting anonymously be a good idea? let me bring an example. Im involved in the holland protests, but i will never be alowed to contribute to the planing of the event, becouse i dont speak the language, and becouse people know me as ''the guy with the crazy cop ideas'' While its quite allrigh that they maz disagree with me on my stance towards the cops, i think that this thing ''taints'' all my following suggestions, and constitutes to neither of them come into any real consideration, before being tossed out. (NOTE im not blaming ANYONE, im not pointing fingers. In order to use this as a pure example, let us assume mz ideas ARE rubbish, and shoudnt be implemented). That does not mean they shoud not be considered, before being tossed out. In an anonymous enviroment, my ideas woud be seen onlz for their merit, and not for my creations. And disgarted, the PROPER way.
  38. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    Also true.
  39. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    It wasn't my analogy - or don't you read all the posts in a Thread?

    I happen to agree with you - the analogy is crap. And it was given by someone who supports the same idea as you.

    You think people are disregarding your new ideas based on past ideas that weren't accepted? Or you know this is the case?

    Are you saying that you

    A) Came up with an idea that few people liked
    B) Were made fun of, ridiculed or insulted because of that idea
    C) Tried to contribute to another idea
    D) Were made fun of, ridiculed or insulted because of your previous idea without being taken seriously for your new contribution

    Did this actually happen - or do you just think this is happening because you're overly sensitive about rejection? I know how that feels. But it's not a good enough reason to support this idea.

    I'm not being sarcastic. It's easy to think so anytime an "anonymous" poster is replying negatively to something you've said. But that's because you don't KNOW me. See? I'm already "anonymous enough" for you to disagree with me without me having to "hide my personality." And I'm not butthurt by it, because after all - the free exchange of ideas is what we're here for, right?

    It's been said that making a truly "anonymous" board would be a "powerful tool" and a "valuable asset." But I still haven't heard a rational, intelligent, non-analogous, descriptive and practical explanation for HOW it would be either a tool or an asset, let alone powerful or valuable.

    If you want to throw your ideas out there - then do it! You want every one to accept them at "face value"? You have as much chance as the rest of us. Are you afraid someone may not listen to because they think you, yourself, are laughable or they don't respect your input? Tough. Welcome to Life - Internet or Real World, you've got to learn how to cope.

    If we can't learn how to deal with each other without fear or misinformation, we're as bad as the Organization we're trying to take down.
  40. AnonNow Member

    Re: Bringing anonymous to enturbulation

    OK, I'll do what no one else has admitted to...I'll talk about myself.
    There is a guy on these forums, he posts crap, his posts never consist of more that a handful of words and are normally reactionary, unhelpful, comments or jibes.
    I have never met this guy, I don't know who he is...but I think he is a dick!
    If he were ever to post something thoughtful or meaningful or even helpful I would have to seriously overcome a reaction of "not this guy again", in all honesty I probably wouldn't read a thread started by this guy.
    Does that make me ignorant? probably. Is it wrong of me? probably. But I'm also human, we all are and whether we like it (or admit it) or not we all develope these pre-conceptions about people (anyone who says otherwise I would call a liar).
    Anonymity completely removes this part of the equation.
    I would support an Anonymous sub forum for severe bashing around of ideas.

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