Bring me cougar thetas!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Ted Kennedy's first wife:
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    I swear to God, In my next life I am doing it rite like these broads. I am going to marry 7+ times like Liz Taylor, with each one a better conquest. AHAHA. love it. IRL soap operas.
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    <former runaway bride>
    don't tell anyone.
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    Ted Kennedy had his challenges, but I liked him.
    I think he really tried to do the right thing by his conscience.
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    Jeez, so many lists of Teddy's women, each list with a few more names than the last:

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    Holy hell, this a cougar thread? Most of the women above are wayyy past their cougar expiration date, plasticized fossils...
    And who gives a fuck about Kennedy's anything?
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    Cougars do not have expiration dates. Also, LRH vagina-tech control of political leaders, past and present, is relevant to my interests.
  13. RightOn Member

    I think there needs to be a title change. Not cougars we are tallking about here and certainly a very interesting thread. I almost didn't bother to read it because if the title.
  14. Anonymous Member

    An accurate title might make some well connected people heretofore flying under our radar a little nervous. So OP was thinking, Thunderdome or patina of drunk posting, and went with the latter.
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  16. From her office:
  17. ArnieLerma Member

    I met Helga at CCNY upper east side - thinking....over thirty years ago, 1976 I think, what I posted re Helga is my recollection of what I was told at that time. What you have dug up may be accurate, I could not say. Perhaps a decade ago I emailed Helga but received no reply, Thanks for pulling the string. Regards Arnie

    Added detail: I was also told this interesting tidbit, that when Sen Ted Kennedy drove off that bridge into the water at Chapaquidick Island in 1969, the first telephone call he made was to Helga. And I was told there may be a tape recording of that call in the FBI's $cientology Raid files from 1977 - perhaps made from $cientology's PI surveillance efforts at the time.
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