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    May 14 1980

    Duke of Beaufort had a party at his castle with Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Andrea Rabin, Elizabeth Croisset. Everyone wanted to know more about the Prince's American girlfriend, Helga Wagner. HRH said, "OMG she so not American!"
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    WTF? And where and how?
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    Calm yourself else I shall have Princess Michael in here to glower you into submission.
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    Sorry Princess Mike but this chicks not going to be stared down ;)
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    Does this not prick up Anon's ears? Wrinkle Anon's forehead? Tickle Anon's fanny?

    It reads as if Onassis interested Wagner in Even if it is the other way around, Jackie Onassis and Scientology in any form? wow
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    This is just blowing my mind!
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    Interesting blouse covered in floating pottery or vessels of some sort. Flying saucers?

    Late 1950s - early 60s textiles could have printed patterns of flowers, paisleys, and all kinds of cartoon-like images. But at the moment I can't recall silkscreens of similar photorealistic quality from that era.
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    The most detailed biography of Helga Wagner that I've seen so far is the one written by Harold Leighton in the 2009 and appearing in several additions of the Epoch Times from about May to Sept of that year (

    The Epoch times has both Chinese and English language editions and is allegedly very popular with Chinese speakers living outside of mainland China. It is notable for its brazenly anti-communist and pro-religion stance, particularly regarding Falun Gong. So I speculate that the propaganda divisions of our intelligence services have a hand in it somehow.

    The reason I think the Epoch Times is a focus of western intelligence propaganda ops is simple: which other English newspaper is regularly trolling Maoists these days?

    According to Mr. Leighton, Helga Mayerhofer grew up in Tyrol, Austria. Her father was from a wealthy family and her mother was a young adventurous woman from Florence Italy.

    If Helga were born on 1-21-38, her mom and dad were bumping uglies mid-April 1937 someplace near Tyrol, Austria. Brb, map...
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    To summarize:

    1. We have strong evidence that Helga Wagner is or was a celebrity Scientologist since the 1980s.

    2. We have strong evidence that Helga Wagner socializes with powerful people.

    3. We might speculate that Helga Wagner has served as an informant for MI6 and the CIA.

    4. We might pray that Homeland Security has some clever people at the top capable of cordoning off the potential damage a double agent might inflict upon us.
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    Arnie Lerma posted that Helga was FSM for Celebrity Center NYC on East 82nd street in 1976. She also dated the "crown prince" of the Seychelles. But I read the Wikipedia and I don't think so.

    Seychelles history is confusing. Europeans in big boats bumped into it, wrote in awe of its flora and fauna, then forgot about it for decades before bumping into it again. For a time it was a penal colony. Then it was used like a cheap whore by the British, then the French, then both, then the British again --who can keep it all straight.

    After long negotiations with Britain, in 1976 Sir James Mancham became the first President with France-Albert René as Prime Minister. Then Mancham went overseas on vacation and Rene took over. So Mancham ran a Seychelles-in-exile type government for a really long time. He was kinda our guy so I think he was probably in the US and the UK.

    In 1991 after the USSR collapsed the exiles negotiated a return to the Seychelles. Mancham led one of their political parties. But it didn't really matter cuz René won all the elections anyway, until...
    So I dunno. Maybe Arnie meant to say that Helga dated Sir James Mancham?
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    ^ I wonder if that is the same James Mancham than was head of the Seychelles in exile government in the 1970s-90s.

    Of all the places I would NOT like to see a head of state residing, Clearwater would be top of my list.
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    Uh oh willies.

    Hey protip: For $40 per month you can access Veromi's detailed address database. It's useful for separating one John Smith from another.

    Veromi is missing a lot of stuff though. You can sometimes get more from just Googling a name. People can demand their name be removed from Veromi, I think, so expect the site to gradually become less useful.

    I used to find really valuable. But it got bought by some company, Sagewire I think, and it's not as good. You don't see as many concurrent links between people and companies. And more and more often, when I click to see the companies at some address I get error messages like this:
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    Map of UFO sitings in the US. Numbers represent reports per 100,000 people.

    This probably explains why Scientology picked New Mexico for its double circle symbol you can see from space.
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    Sir James Mancham on averse of the Seychellois rupee silver coin, 1977

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    Eh Sir James Mancham is a bloody Moonie.

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    No wonder Helga dumped him then.
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    How do you know James Mancham is a Moonie? Maybe he just went to that conference because he thought it was about world peace.
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    His reality denying Kool-Aide blather appears in several places, including Moon's own web site:
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    Can't you be a Moonie and a Scientologist?
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    Sure, you can even be a Judeo-Christian Moonie Scientologist!
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    The fuck is a "Doc Roland"?
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    "Doc Roland" must be a database glitch. A row of info got added to the table with the person's name accidentally mapped to the course name column.
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    I think these incoherent ramblings aren't going to shed much light on the adventurous Ms. Helga.

    Perhaps we should forget the Moonie former president of an offshore tax haven and move on to some other leads.
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    Prince Charles in Papua New Guinnea in the 1980s.
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    Papua New Guinnea just might be the most fascinating place on planet Earth.

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    From a Joan Kennedy (ex-wife of Ted Kennedy) bio:

    I wonder if Helga is a trained auditor who had Teddy on the cans. Because otherwise Teddy was fucking three women at the same time --Joan, Mary Jo, and Helga (not that there's anything wrong with that). Also celebutards seem to call their auditors when the shit hits the fan.
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    Slightly different set of girlfriends mentioned in this op-ed piece from 1982:

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