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    Yeah, I had something like that, too, and goggles or something. The drill was handy for all sorts of things, even with projects related to remodeling a historic home I worked on. Used to know everybody down at the hardware store. LOL
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    Seems there were a lot of articles in newspapers in the early 1980s mentioning Helga Wagner, Prince Charles, Ted Kennedy, and the sea shell jewelry. The articles are breezy and come across as a paid public relations effort.
    I wonder what exactly is being sold. Maybe, "Helga Wagner's jewelry is inexpensive yet posh." Or, "Helga Wagner has the ear of several world leaders."
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    I think that Helga probably "gifted" a lot of her jewelry, for very prominent merchandising purposes.
    This is a blast from the past, and i'm laughing at all the retro article pasting, because I remember thinking that her jewelry was pretty in a sort of "down to earth" way. .... pretty seashells.
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    Helga gets a mention on a web page that seems to be a Bill Richardson autobiography:
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    Damn, Helga gets invited to all the cool parties. This is society page bit is from March 11 2011:
    No pics of Helga, sadly. But you can see George Herbert Walker Bush's granddaughter, Lauren Bush, standing next to David Lauren, son of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, seated on the left with his wife Ricky Lauren seated on the right.
    Lauren Bush and David Lauren were married Sep-4-2011, so she's now Mrs. Lauren Lauren, lol.
    This is what the Jamaican Alice in Winter Wonderland party looked like:
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    The Laurens will have the most fabulously stronged jawed children, I predict.
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    Ignatius J. Reilly? Is that you?
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    Maybe a few more details about Helga in the 1970s:
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    There's something I really love about this thread....

    Think she ever stayed at Hotel Tintagel?
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    The Armand Hammer United World College of the American West is just outside Las Vegas, NM (blue dot on the left).

    The blue dot on the right is the Church of Spiritual Technology base. It has an airport:

    NM53 San Miguel Ranch Airport
    Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA



    FAA Identifier: NM53
    Lat/Long: 35-30-46.0000N / 104-34-54.0000W
    35-30.766667N / 104-34.900000W
    35.5127778 / -104.5816667
    Elevation: 6300 ft. / 1920 m (estimated)
    Variation: 11E (1985)
    From city: 60 miles E of LAS VEGAS, NM
    Time zone: UTC -6 (UTC -7 during Standard Time)
    Zip code: 87701
    Airport Operations

    Airport use: Private use. Permission required prior to landing
    Activation date: 03/1991
    Sectional chart: ALBUQUERQUE
    Control tower: no
    Attendance: CONTINUOUS
    Wind indicator: yes
    Segmented circle: no
    Nearby radio navigation aids

    VOR radial/distance VOR name Freq Var
    FTIr095/28.4 FORT UNION VORTAC 117.30 13E
    ACHr031/32.9 ANTON CHICO VORTAC 117.80 12E
    Airport Services

    Runway Information

    Runway 4/22

    Dimensions: 5600 x 100 ft. / 1707 x 30 m
    Surface: asphalt
    Traffic pattern: left left
    Obstructions: 10 ft. trees, 100 ft. from runway none
    Airport Ownership and Management from official FAA records

    Ownership: Privately-owned
    PO BOX 2534
    LAS VEGAS, NM 87701
    Phone 505-641-5340
    Manager: LINDA DUNAGIN
    PO BOX 2534
    LAS VEGAS, NM 87701
    Phone 575-641-5340
    Additional Remarks

    Instrument Procedures

    There are no published instrument procedures at NM53.
    Some nearby airports with instrument procedures:
    KLVS - Las Vegas Municipal Airport (29 nm W)
    KTCC - Tucumcari Municipal Airport (52 nm E)
    KAXX - Angel Fire Airport (64 nm NW)
    KRTN - Raton Municipal Airport/Crews Field (74 nm N)
    KSAF - Santa Fe Municipal Airport (74 nm W)
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    Lord Louis Mountbatten, the founding president of the UWC movement, set his sights on a U.S. campus early on. Without funding, however, the idea stalled. In 1978, HRH Charles, the Prince of Wales, brought it back to life.

    Prince Charles took over the presidency of UWC from Mountbatten and was an ardent supporter of the UWC mission. In those Cold War years, he believed that “if we are ever to have peace in the world, we have to start with the young people.” He knew just the man who could make a U.S. campus happen: Dr. Armand Hammer.

    Prince Charles was right. Hammer signed on and bought the Montezuma property for $1 million. In his book Dreams and Promises: the Story of the Armand Hammer United World College, Founding President Ted Lockwood recalls seeing the site for the first time:

    We walked around the Castle. We did not say much . . . Fortunately the sun was out because it was forlorn. The utility poles wandered around in haphazard fashion; the main field where we entered was a dust bowl; and the terrain was sufficiently rugged that it would make integrating the campus difficult.
    What a difference three decades makes.

    Today, UWC-USA is a vibrant hub of culture and discourse. Students from 80 countries enjoy lively exchanges with prominent activists, artists, and thinkers. The rugged terrain that caused Ted Lockwood’s concern is now an extended classroom where students challenge themselves physically on wilderness excursions. The ideals of world peace that were critical to Lord Mountbatten—himself a survivor of two world wars—are being advanced every day. This year, we celebrate the vision of UWC-USA’s founders, the 50th anniversary of the UWC movement, and everyone—from faculty and students to supporters and friends—who have left their mark on this school and continue to leave their imprint on the world.
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    That ^ text was copied from here


    CST Inmate Identification.

    Tom "Warren" = Tom Vorm ("Alien Return secrets keeper")?

    B. Bolstad, was reassigned from the Tuolumene base about 2008.

    C. Dunigan and his wife were caretakers at New Mexico for many years.

    There are other "missing persons" like CST's Jim Isaacson, M. Wheeler and
    M. Choi, whose whereabouts are not now known.

    More recent question is if Jane McNairn been sent to the RPF,
    as Chuck Beatty claimed she would (after the raid on Twin peaks by AGP)?

    Chuck (Charles E.) & Linda J. Dunagin are still listed as the caretakers in San Miguel County. Their contact info: PO Box 2534, Las Vegas, NM 87701, 505-641-5340.
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    Have you seen New Mexico? It is beautiful in a Martian sort of way. Not a lot of people, on account of desert and sand in your face. So pretty good spot for nuclear testing.

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    There is a striking similarity between the logo for the United World College and the Church of Spiritual Technology a few miles away. Just a coincidence? Or was someone playing copy-cat?

    I am pretty sure the UWC was there first, but I don't know the date when each logo first appeared. I am guessing that Scientology might have taken an interest in HRH's little project out in the middle of nowhere USA, and that interest might have influenced their own design.


    How embarrassing for Prince Charles, eh? If I were in his shoes, I'd be mortified to think that people on the Internet might wonder why my logo and the loony cult's logo are so similar.

    I am told that the imago of two circles overlapping has some significance to people like Alister Crowley. The middle bit means a gateway. Like a vagina. Sorry, magick isn't really my strong suit.
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    Seems like pretty good training for people who might go on to work in the foreign services.
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    Since we're in New Mexico, might as well look around.
    Kim Wagner --hey that name reminds me of my beautiful Helga Wagner!
    Wagner is such a common name there really is no point in trying to find a link.
    I actually tried to look up Helga's ex, Richard. OMG, half the Internet must be about that Hart to Hart guy.
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    I should clarify that Robert Wagner the actor is all over the Internet. However the shipping mogul who moved to 12 different countries while married to Helga, not so much.
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    It's a Venn diagram. The middle part is people who are gullible and have money.
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    Chuck Beatty wrote: Dear Fredric,

    This photo is just SO monumentally revealing, and has attached to it, some true behind the scenes details that DM holds of the utmost confidentiality!

    I am so glad I bothered to read this post, and look at these photos. Particularly this one showing the CST symbol, which is the two circles with the two diamonds inside. That is the CST/Archives symbol

    As a 27 year Sea Org member, and through my years of service, I met some of the people who actually are inhabiting and maintaining and filling this and the other CST (Archives) sites.

    The one photo, the one showing the CST logo, that just blew me away. It just floored me.

    Hardly NO Int Base staff know about this CST logo being put into the ground as a aeriel signpost for the future returning future wholetrack Sea Org members, as it is the future supposed Sea Org members who are to come to earth, in the tens or hundreds of thousands of future years, and retrieve the LRH materials stored in the vault there

    This post is just way more important than you know.

    There are LRH advices, I've skimmed reading, which I read only in passing while looking through the boxes of LRH advices for another project I was on, in 1983-84, and I read several places where LRH spoke about ensuring his own writings were preserved to withstand the potential nucleur disasters that might happen here on earth.

    CST (LRH Archives) and these underground vaults which contain all LRH's writings and tape lectures in the imperishable forms they have devised so far (the high tech paper and ink printed works, and the stainless steel plates of LRH's books, and the titanium capsules with the argon gas that house the high tech paper and ink printed LRH writings) are what's in the underground vaults built to withstand nucleur disasters and be around for pickup tens or hundreds of thousands of years in the future.

    While I was on the Int RPF, 96-2000, several times I spoke with a CST staffer who was also on the Int RPF, and chatted about the LRH advices that are the backbone for why this symbol was carved into the earth, and all the related advices and LRH intentions for CST, and the whole confidentiality of CST. The CST staffer told me further about the limited number of Sea Org members who were entrusted to be the ones who are expected to "return" as need be in their future lives, way way way in the future, to retrieve these LRH stored materials in the CST underground vaults. There actually are a couple CST and other Sea Org staffers, who have this super duper confidential job to return in the future lifetimes, to earth, and dig up the LRH materials. I believe Tom Vorm is one of those Sea Org members entrusted to supposedly return in the many many thousands of years in the future.

    This is truly space opera stuff.

  22. Woo Hah Member

    (NOT a Scientology link)

    Scientology Trademark Series 01 INTRODUCTION CORRECTED

    7 October 1984 FIRST USE

    [NOTE: Design is known to have been used as logo on CST invoices.]
    Ser. No. 73507434
    Reg. No. 1339190
    Publications-Namely, Bulletins and Brochures Pertaining to Education, Religion and Philosophy.

    [FILED: 5 November 1984]
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    Freezoners were all into this stuff. To put a time frame on this stuff, it would be the 90's - I think.
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    Helga Wagner is not a femme fatale. However she is an international woman of mystery and intrigue. We will need to be extra careful about our dates and locations if we ever hope to understand the arc of her amazing life story.
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    lol. ok.
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    An introduction to Sir Stirling Moss:
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    Short clip of Sterling Moss in a Lotus as it crashed during a race in 1962, ending his professional career on the track.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Below is a still from a video I cannot embed, with its associated description:

    However the woman described as "sister Pat" is also described as "wife Katie" a color version of the same clip at the same website:

    But here is Katie as she appears in a clip of Sterling playing with some toy cars with his father Alfred Moss the pig farmer of Tring, Hertfordshire. I can't tell if it is the same person or not.

  32. Anonymous Member

    Ok I have it sorted. The bottle blonde next to Helga in the picture above is indeed Pat Moss, Sterling Moss' sister, also a racer.


    Whew, I feel so much better. Because I can't see a wife driving to the races with her husband while husband's blonde bombshell girlfriend also tags along. Helga might be adventurous, but she has a bit more class than that.
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    Above that's Pat Moss and Stirling Moss. Here is their dad, Alfred Moss:
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    Another Prince Charles related logo that reminds me of you-know-who. They probably came up with it before Anonymous when nobody was thinking about Scientology.
    If it was me, I'd make the bottom spike the same length as the tops spike to avoid the association.
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    Oh dear this article allegedly printed in the Daily Mail about nine years ago reads like a fevered conspiracy theory.

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about Armand Hammer. I do like his baking soda product, however.
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    This old bloke says Sterling Moss' place had some VIPs there during the war, including General Montgomery! The person who uploaded the video, Grace Filby, thinks Churchill stayed there as well.

    I'm not sure about the reliability of Ms. Filby, however. I went to her site and saw a lot of anti-vaccine stuff. Plus she's promoting phage therapy, which apparently is big in Russia/Poland. Whatever phage therapy is, I have heard that the former USSR is chock-a-block with quackery. And I know that promoting isn't the way people do science. Science is more, "Add up the numbers and if you get more than 56 you win the prize," or something like that.

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    I Googled up another article about Helga the Viennese Vixen.

    The dinner was given by William Ylvisaker. Prince Charles danced with his pretty young wife, Jayne Ylvisaker, and with Helga, Trevania Dudley (daughter of Ambassador Guilford and Jane Dudley), and Maria Shriver (daughter of Ambassador Sargent and Eunice Shriver and future wife of the Governator).

    Others mentioned: Margot and Albin Holder, Lydia Buhl, Mollie Wilmont, and Mary Sanford the "Queen of Palm Beach."

    Helga is still keeping a lid on what she knows about Ted Kennedy, Mary Jo Kopechne, and that horrible Chappaquiddick car accident.
  39. It looks to me like the American anthem is playing. British would not hold their hands to their hearts as a symbol of allegiance to the American flag in such an instance -- rather, they would stand respectfully.
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    I think you might be too intelligent for this thread.

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